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01 August 2012 @ 08:40 pm
Why do we fall?  
Characters: Angel and Barbara
Time: Afternoon
Location: Angel's Mansion
Thread Status: Open to Barbara

"I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt right now angel, but don't think I'm looking the other way. I'm watching you, and if you fuck this up… If you hurt her again… Sam will want to stake you, and I will not have any problem whatsoever in helping to accomplish that. She's been through enough because of you.. you do what I'm guessing you're gonna do again.. there may be no coming back for her. Tread carefully Angel."

The bleached blonde vampires words still echoed in his head, and Angel couldn't help himself from growling deep in his throat.

He knew that the vampire was right in his wording, but that really didn't mean that he had to like what was coming out of his mouth, or like the fact that they were directed completely at him. Hitting him straight in the heart as if it were an actual stake.

But he didn't want to hurt her. He didn't want to become Angelus again, that was one of the things he would always regret.. He would always regret the way that Angelus had treated the beautiful little vampire.

He turned toward her, about to speak, but he felt as if his voice was stuck in his throat.

Now see this here, this was one of the problems when it came down to being Angel. Whenever things got tense with someone that he really truly cared about, he got completely tongue tied. He never knew what to say, and if he spoke, he basically became a stupid bumbling idiot again. He became a drunk teenager that was never good at speaking his heart. Well he was, but, it didn't always bode well for him.

Something always went wrong.

Taking in a deep breath, he moved toward his childe and gently wrapped her up in his arms. He pressed a soft kiss to the top of her head, burying her nose into her hair as he gently ran his fingers through the silky strands.

"He's not wrong about wanting to feel that way about me.." he whispered. "he's anything but wrong, for once in his life, Spike is actually right and it scares me." he admitted. "I hate the fact that Angelus looms over my head, that he could come back at any moment of pure happiness, and I know that somewhere down the line that it's going to hit us square in the face, and I really don't want that to happen for you. You've become… such a strong vampire.. such a strong woman.." he paused again. "And i'm so proud of that."

"I'm so proud of what you've become.. Angelus may not be happy with it, but there isn't a bone in Angel's body that isn't proud. You're beautiful, and you're strong, and you've left that little Kitten behind.." he heard a soft purr and laughed softly, "Okay, maybe not completely, but enough that she's not scared of the life that she lives. And… if Angelus comes out, he's going to destroy you, and I don't think i could handle that."

He pulled away, holding her at arms length and pushed some of her hair from her face, so that he could look at her. "I'm not good for you, Barbara. And it kills me to say that, because for years I have felt completely empty, not knowing what was wrong with me, until now.. until I finally saw your face again, and i knew what i had been missing.. i had been missing you. It'll kill me if he comes out and hurts you.. I wouldn't be able to live with it."
angelusdarkness: hot!!angelusdarkness on September 9th, 2012 12:31 am (UTC)
"You dated a girl named… Buffy?"

Angel was completely taken aback by her question. He expected everything else, anything else, but a question focusing on his ex-ex-ex-ex girlfriend. it completely came out from the far left field and shocked the hell out of him. It had to take him a few minutes to actually let it register in his thick head that the question was actually said outlaid, and rather not inside his head like he had hoped it would have been. Because, really, he did not want to be having this conversation with his new girl. Well, his new-old-girl.

God, his love-life was pathetic.

And rather… really confusing.

"She's not… blonde… is she?" Another question that had him floored, and he couldn't stop the guilty look from flashing across his face and his eyes. He couldn't admit to her that honestly, his ex was not just the Vampire Slayer, but she was an ex-cheerleader and she was in fact… extremely blonde. He really didn't want her to find out that she was one of the most popular girls in highschool before she became a cheerlead. She was one of those girls who everyone loved, and loved to hate. She always had a sucker in her mouth, and she really played up the stereotypical blonde type very well.

"I stand by what I said Angel. I'm staying here, and if you really believe i Shouldn't be here, you're just going to have to tie me up and drag me to whatever seemingly safe place you have in mind because there's no way in hell im coming willingly."

Angel stared at her, and his brow began to instantly rise. Well, now that, he expected to come out of her mouth a lot more than the whole Buffy thing. He knew that she wasn't going to come willingly, and the Angelus inside of him was rattling his cage again, screaming at him to take her over his knee, spank her, and tie her to him with anything that he could find, and drag her back to Los Angeles with him, but before Angel could even make a move, he could smell that the sun had set… and he knew that she had too.

He was just about to open his mouth, his hand reaching out for her and then she was gone.

She had run out the front of the mansion door, and out into the city streets of Sunnydale. He was stunned completely for a few long seconds before he pulled himself back into place and ran to the front door. He swung it open, closed his eyes, and tried to catch her sent over the wind that seemed to be relentless.

It was making tons of different scents covering her own. He could smell garbage, and the lake, lots of blood, grass, dirt… rain. It was going to rain… And then… Ah, there it was. Opening his eyes, a feral grin began to form on his lips, and his lips curled as a low growl began to form at the base of his throat.

Kitten wanted to play…

Daddy would play…

And he would play very well.

Run while you can, my playful kitten...

He gave her a few seconds more, before making sure he still had her scent, and then he took off in the direction it had come from.

…Because daddy's coming.
Barbara O'Connor: sublimechaoticxbarbara on September 11th, 2012 09:38 am (UTC)
Her legs moved underneath her as if guided by something other than herself, the smallest smirk pulled at her lips as otherwise she took on a very focused and concentrated look on her face. She was acting as if this was all business - she knew she had too, otherwise she'd lose the game.

It'd been a long time since she had played this game with him, but it had only been a few short months since she had been on the run. He had his work cut out for him for this time she told herself, she was faster than she was before, smarter and stronger. She had done nothing but hone her skills for the past century. If he was looking for an easy win - this wasn't going to be it.

Once she had put a good distance between herself and her chaser she was able to pull herself to a slow run. She paused as she glanced around and she looked at a tree over-looking a crypt. She pulled herself up on top of a tombstone, and she jumped and grabbed a tree branch, pulling herself onto it and then dropping down on top of the flat surface of the crypt building. She let her fangs slip down and let her face transfer into it's demonic half, and bit into her palm, not deep, just enough to let the blood drip slowly down from the palm of her hand. Not much - not enough to be noticed, just enough to leave her scent among the dirt of the cement tomb. When she moved across the roof, it felt like there was a thin layer of sand underneath her boots. Good, he wouldn't be able to realize what she was doing.

Until it was too late.

She moved quickly, a blur despite the fact that each move she made was calculated, thought through. She was giving him a trail - but not in the direction that he might like. The blood would put enough scent in the air to drive him into a frenzy - thinking she was close, but really by the time he reached the end of it, she would be miles away. She moved across the roof tops with ease, letting one drop spill here, then another, and another. She zig-zagged, cutting across the ground at some points, through trees at others. She finally came to a stop at a crypt that was well known to have sewer access. She moved through it quickly, down to the bottom floor and moved the wooden door protecting the entrance. With a grin she untied a bandana she had tied around her upper-arm and held it in her hand, letting the blood seep into the cloth. She let it fall and then kicked the entrance closed. She backed out of the crypt the same way she went on, moving backwards so there was only one set of foot-steps. Once she was able to turn around she paused, thinking carefully before she tore a piece of fabric off of her shirt and tied it around her hand, stopping the blood from reaching the floor.

She had to get her scent off the ground but using the roofs now would be a dead give-away. No. She chewed on her lip and took a deep breathe. Lets just hope she could keep her balance. She pulled herself to the top of a tomb stone and for the next few moments she hopped from one to another, moving as quickly and effectively as she could. She grinned as she remembered all the times Samantha and herself had done this, racing each other to see who could keep their balance the longest, and reach the end of the cementary first. Sam usually won - she had incredible balance, but all the practice had made Barbara quite good.

She threw herself over the gate and landed on the other side of the street outside of the gates. She grinned as she looked back only once before she was gone again.

Back in the day, her main goal would be to outrun Angelus, it wasn't hard, her speed had always been on her side. He had surpassed her in strength of course, but she was quick - a whole hell of a lot quicker than he was, and she was small. She could wedge herself through places he couldn't even begin to fit. She'd use those skills now - plus all the ones she had collected through the years she had spent without him. Samantha had Barbaras childhood problem - she liked pissing off entire towns and causing them to go on the run, she picked the wrong fights with the wrong demons. Just like Barbara once had. It drove her up the wall and feel like a hypocrite all at once.
Barbara O'Connor: let it burnchaoticxbarbara on September 11th, 2012 09:38 am (UTC)
She could easily distract him by using people as props - setting up different people he had to save in order to get to her, but something in her stomach told her not too. She was making her way down an alley when the idea had first hit her - as she saw a vampire drinking from a girl. She had taken a stake off her belt and dusted the vampire without really thinking about it. She let herself into a local bar establishment through the back after-ward, but the girl wasn't far behind her, grabbing her with one hand while she held her hand over her throat with the other. Barbara turned toward her, annoyed and unamused.

"You...you saved me!" The girl squeaked as blood fell from in between her fingertips. "Is there...anything...anything I can do for you? Let me buy you a drink?" Barbara tilted her head to the side and grinned.

"Yeah there's something you can do for me." She whispered as she untied the bandana from around her hand and moved to tied it securely around her neck. At least the vampire blood would keep away anyone on her way home.

She smiled as the girl met her eyes with confusion.

She exited the bar ten minutes later, her outfit, and therefore a large part of her scent had been switched into the one the girl had been wearing. She had switched outfits with the girl as a smile crossed her face.

This night was just getting started.