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22 September 2012 @ 11:38 pm
Time to say goodbye.  
Characters: Samantha, Barbara. Then Spike and Angel.
Time: 3 AM
Location: Angel's Mansion.
Thread Status: Open to Barbara at first. Followed by Spike, and then Angel.

Sam sat there for the next hour, her eyes searching her lovers as he spoke to her about … everything that had happened between him and Buffy the vampire Slayer. Some of the things.. she never could imagine him doing, but others.. she was unable to repress the growl of jealousy that erupted through her clenched lips. But, she had to keep her calm, she promised him that she would.

He told her about how the dream had started with him being obsessed with always wanting to kill her. To get another slayer in his notch of kills in his bedpost.. but it turned into something else. The obsession changed and he became.. in love with her. The dream… it had changed everything. His heart. His mind. his body. His .. well, mini-him. He had tried to get her to be with him, but nothing had ever happened.

She turned him down at every turn and every corner. That was.. until she had died.

Buffy died saving the world - ugh - for the second time, and Spike had been utterly devastated. Her heart admittedly hurt at the idea of Spike being so heart broken, and she had curled up into his side, trying to be comforting as he talked. She felt better when he had wrapped her up in his arms, holding her close to him as he continued to talk. He told her of how Buffy just wanted to feel.

During a very… very terrible little couple of days where everyone was singing. Although, Sam admitted that she would have loved to be there.. she would have loved to hear him sing.. She was sure that it was.. heavenly and sinful at the same time. His voice just did that to her regularly.. she couldn't wait to hear him sing to her one day. But anyway. After all the singing.. they had kissed. And their relationship began.

She, of course, was ashamed of being with him. She kept their relationship a secret, and he continued to sleep with her whenever he wanted to, and whenever she wanted to as well. They brought down buildings, literally.. and it made Sam want to destroy an even bigger building then an already condemned house.. Just to one up the slayer.

The relationship had ended sourly.

But for some reason, she kept him in her heart. So close to it that she would let him be apart of the good fight, and Sam was a little upset by that. She couldn't shake the feeling that Buffy was still in love with Spike, and that she would do anything to get him back. Well, maybe not anything, but that she wouldn't mind the vampire to be so close to her again.

The conversation had turned to her, but she was unable to tell him anything, because there were footsteps in the mansion, and they had belonged to her sire. There was only one set, and she took in a deep breath. She could feel the sorrow, and the pride, and the.. just pain… she didn't know what else was there, but she knew what this was going to be.


She turned to Spike and pressed a soft kiss to his mouth, her fingers gently tracing the skin over his cheekbones, down his cheek and chin before she was up and out of the bedroom before he even had a chance to blink. She moved down the hallway, and down the main staircase to see Barbara sitting by the fire. She took in a deep, unneeded breathe again and crossed her arms over her chest.

"How long are you staying?" she asked softly.

She knew that her sire brought her here for a reason. She knew, that that reason was either the fight.. or Spike. She also knew, that even though they loved each other dearly, and that they were family.. and best friends.. Sometimes when one had a different path than another.. they had to let them go. Because if you truly love something.. or someone.. you must let them go.
Barbara O'Connor: manage youchaoticxbarbara on September 23rd, 2012 02:09 pm (UTC)
Barbara was surprised at how hard this was, as she had made her way through her bed-room she felt a bitter-sweetness as her eyes fall upon the room. She wondered the memories she could have made here, if she had been given the chance. It tugged at her heart, she felt tears prick at the corners of her eyes and she shook her head, willing them away. She wiped them before they could fall and when she did, her hands shook.

It had been so long, since she had cried at anything that was not physical pain.

She looked at her bed where her bags sat and she was glad she had been lazy about unpacking. She remembered Sam’s repeated complaints about the fact that she had gone through the hassle of decorating most of the house and Barbara hadn’t so much as unpacked her clothes yet. It wasn’t like she had alot of things, they moved too much for such a thing, but Sam had always been the kind of girl that craved a place to plant her roots. Barbara always felt like the next place would be better....she didn’t know what she was looking for but she knew she had never found it.

Maybe she wasn’t meant too.

She raised her head at the sounds of voices and the smell of Sam and Spike hit her nose. She paused outside of Sams door, her head tilted to the side. She held her hand raised in front of her for a few long moments before she let it fall. She knew...she knew she didn’t have much time left, and Sam would hate her...for cutting it so short. For making it entirely impossible for her to have a proper goodbye but she knew it would be better this way. No loose ends and forcing Sam to detach herself from Barbara, by making herself someone Sam could hate instead of worry about. It would let her move on. To her new destiny.

She still couldn’t believe that destiny was Spike, but her dreams had never lied to her before.

Even knowing that her clock was ticking, she couldn’t interrupt whatever it was they were talking about, their hushed and quick whispered muffled behind the heavy oak door. She wondered if they would move into the grand-master bedroom. Sam would like the balcony, and the view. She wondered if Sam would paint, would they be here long enough for that?

She heart pulled at the thought of Sam fighting here, without her to protect her. Could she trust Spike to do it? Everything was happening so fast but the fact of the matter was that Sam might die here....and Barbara wouldn’t be here to die along side of her. She was abandoning her childe, just as her Sire had abandoned her. She stepped back from Sams door - and walked down the hall.

She started a fire in the fireplace and found herself a cozy spot in an arm-chair that felt broken in and...familiar. She had a short crystal glass with a very expensive aged scotch in it. The bottle was on the side-table, for easy access. She guessed good alcohol was just something she had gained a liking for from her sire. The sound of ice in the golden liquid sounded nice against the crackle of the fire. She drank slowly, well, for a vampire. Before she knew it half the bottle was down, she wasn’t drunk but she certainly felt warm, maybe the fact that the alcohol burned on the way down in a good way helped in that aspect.

She heard Sam a long time before she talked, sensed her before she had even left her bedroom. “How long are you staying?” She stared into the flames for a moment longer before responding, “Not sure."
Barbara O'Connorchaoticxbarbara on September 23rd, 2012 02:09 pm (UTC)

“Whenever he finds me I guess.” She laughed a bit at the words, but nothing was funny. Not really.

“Sit down Sam.” She whispered. “We need to talk.”

She moved her eyes up toward her childe and felt as if her dead heart was racing. It was absurd of course, but the feeling was there all the same. “I really am sorry Sam.” She whispered before looking down at the ground. “I wish I could explain it to you so you would understand....but maybe it’s better that I don’t. Maybe it’ll be easier if you hate me. Hate....” She seemed lost in her own world as she spoke, as if she was in a distant place, a distant time. “Hate makes these kind of things easier. They did for me.” She raised her eyes again. Sometimes not having a soul make things easier. Especially when you had to hurt people you loved. She was more logical than she would have been, not so tied down with the things human were. That’s what she tried to tell herself.

“When I was abandoned.”