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22 September 2012 @ 11:38 pm
Time to say goodbye.  
Characters: Samantha, Barbara. Then Spike and Angel.
Time: 3 AM
Location: Angel's Mansion.
Thread Status: Open to Barbara at first. Followed by Spike, and then Angel.

Sam sat there for the next hour, her eyes searching her lovers as he spoke to her about … everything that had happened between him and Buffy the vampire Slayer. Some of the things.. she never could imagine him doing, but others.. she was unable to repress the growl of jealousy that erupted through her clenched lips. But, she had to keep her calm, she promised him that she would.

He told her about how the dream had started with him being obsessed with always wanting to kill her. To get another slayer in his notch of kills in his bedpost.. but it turned into something else. The obsession changed and he became.. in love with her. The dream… it had changed everything. His heart. His mind. his body. His .. well, mini-him. He had tried to get her to be with him, but nothing had ever happened.

She turned him down at every turn and every corner. That was.. until she had died.

Buffy died saving the world - ugh - for the second time, and Spike had been utterly devastated. Her heart admittedly hurt at the idea of Spike being so heart broken, and she had curled up into his side, trying to be comforting as he talked. She felt better when he had wrapped her up in his arms, holding her close to him as he continued to talk. He told her of how Buffy just wanted to feel.

During a very… very terrible little couple of days where everyone was singing. Although, Sam admitted that she would have loved to be there.. she would have loved to hear him sing.. She was sure that it was.. heavenly and sinful at the same time. His voice just did that to her regularly.. she couldn't wait to hear him sing to her one day. But anyway. After all the singing.. they had kissed. And their relationship began.

She, of course, was ashamed of being with him. She kept their relationship a secret, and he continued to sleep with her whenever he wanted to, and whenever she wanted to as well. They brought down buildings, literally.. and it made Sam want to destroy an even bigger building then an already condemned house.. Just to one up the slayer.

The relationship had ended sourly.

But for some reason, she kept him in her heart. So close to it that she would let him be apart of the good fight, and Sam was a little upset by that. She couldn't shake the feeling that Buffy was still in love with Spike, and that she would do anything to get him back. Well, maybe not anything, but that she wouldn't mind the vampire to be so close to her again.

The conversation had turned to her, but she was unable to tell him anything, because there were footsteps in the mansion, and they had belonged to her sire. There was only one set, and she took in a deep breath. She could feel the sorrow, and the pride, and the.. just pain… she didn't know what else was there, but she knew what this was going to be.


She turned to Spike and pressed a soft kiss to his mouth, her fingers gently tracing the skin over his cheekbones, down his cheek and chin before she was up and out of the bedroom before he even had a chance to blink. She moved down the hallway, and down the main staircase to see Barbara sitting by the fire. She took in a deep, unneeded breathe again and crossed her arms over her chest.

"How long are you staying?" she asked softly.

She knew that her sire brought her here for a reason. She knew, that that reason was either the fight.. or Spike. She also knew, that even though they loved each other dearly, and that they were family.. and best friends.. Sometimes when one had a different path than another.. they had to let them go. Because if you truly love something.. or someone.. you must let them go.
Barbara O'Connorchaoticxbarbara on September 25th, 2012 04:40 pm (UTC)
“You’re a real bitch Barbara,” Spike snapped, causing a grin to spread her way across her face. “Have your time with her...it’s not going to stop Daddy from having his way with you either way." She fidgeted uncomfortably at that statement, but kept her stance none the less. He came in close to her then, and whispered softly, meanly. “He’s going to eat you alive you know....and if he doesn’t....your real Daddy will.”

“I’m counting on it.” Barbara chirped back honestly, and the words caught even her off guard. Well, that was unexpected. Maybe she really was crazy.

“And they said Dru was the crazy one...” He mumbled as he stepped back and cast a look at Sam before nodding and disappearing upstairs. Barbara watched him go with her head tilted for a moment and turned back toward Sam.

“Not my cup of tea but I’ve always been one for coffee. To each their own I guess. You do know that Angels is way bi-”

Sam captured her mouth with her own then, desperately, frantically. Barbara knew time was running out and she wanted to spend every last moment she could doing this...so she gave into the kiss, deepening it. She let her hands wander up her body, the body she had owned for so long. The body she had given up the second she had pledged herself to Angelus. She wasn’t sure what Sam knew about binding, that every time Barbara owned was now his, it went so much deeper than just herself. She gripped at Sams flesh, her breasts, her nipples as she pushed her against a couch and let body drape over hers. Her leg was between Sams and she rubbed her knee hard against Sams pussy, relishing in the sound of her moan as he fell from her lips. She gripped her harder, and let her mouth move from hers to her neck, she let her fangs slip down, her vampire features falling into place, and she let her teeth sink into her neck.

She was a right-biter, while both Angel and Spike were lefts, that meant that even though Spikes fresh teeth marks were in the right side of Sams neck, Barbara’s would always be on the left. Her blood tasted magnificent...and her cries drowned out everything else that could possibly matter.