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28 February 2013 @ 07:00 am
Reckonings at hand  
Characters: Spike, Buffy, Samantha, Willow, Oz, and Xander
Location: Sunnydale, Slayer headquarters :: Buffy's house
Thread Status: Open to Sam, Buffy, Xander, Oz and Willow

Two months had past since Samantha Wild had come into Spikes life. Two months since her sire, Barbara had allowed herself to be whisked away to Los Angelos. They kept in touch, as promised, mostly Angel calling Spike more than anything else. It seems that Barbara was doing a good job of keeping him on his toes, much to Sam and Spikes delight. As such most of the time she wasn’t able to come to the phone to call herself. It had taken Sam some time to get used to how things were with her sire now, it was hard for her to accept that her sire was okay, that she wasn’t being hurt or traumatized in a way that she didn’t fully want.

So five weeks ago, three weeks after she had left, Spike had filled up the Chevy Impala Barbara had left for Sam, and bought a GPS for it. On a sunday night he had then put Sam in the car and told her to hit start on the GPS, she should be in Los Angelos within a matter of hours. Sam hadn’t wanted to go of course, at least not without Spike, but he had knelt by the car as she sat in the drivers seat and told her that he wasn’t letting her go, not by a long shot.

“You just need to visit.” Spike had explained, “I fully expect you back here by Wednesday night. No exceptions, or I’ll come hunt you down and make you regret not being more timely. You need to see for yourself that she’s okay. I need you here Sam, but you’re never going to be here if half of you is always with her. Go.”

"Can't you come with me?" Sam had whispered, hands gripping the steering wheel so hard her knuckles turned white.

“You know the slayer can’t spare both of us, not right now, and I can’t go for you. This is the only way...Trust me.”

He had stood there on the side of the road, leaned up against a tree as Sam eased her way back out of the drive-way and took off toward Los Angelos. Oz and Xander had been hanging about, part of Oz’s pack had just gotten back from a recent patrol, or hunt as they liked to call it. He had walked up to Spike then as he gazed out into the distance. Off toward fading tail-lights.

"You gonna be okay man?" Xander had asked after the dogs had decided to turn in for the night and Spike had turned toward him, eyebrow raised. Xander didn't care about Spike. At least not much. He had been the reason why his marriage had gone south, or well, sort of marriage, he had left Anya at the alter before Spike had done anything. That probably hadn't exactly helped the relationship. "Is she gonna be?"

“You know you’re the first person to really seem like they gave a damn about her,” Spike admitted, pulling a cigarette out of the inside pocket of his coat and lighting it. “Save for Red of course...”

Xander shrugged, “Wills understands that almost all of us are more monster than man, but that doesn’t make the man, or woman part in this particular situation any less relevant.”

“That’s very insightful whelp, did you come up with that all by yourself?” Spike had to admit, Xander’s sudden friendship with Samantha was unnerving and not something Spike supported. Xander hated all things vampire - well, all the vampires he had met thus far, then Sam comes bouncing in and suddenly Xander was all buddy-buddy after only two weeks of her going cold blood...errr no blood, as it were? Yeah. Spike wasn’t buying it.

Xander shrugged again. “When’s she gonna be back?”

Spike finally turned toward him, “When she’s done seeing that her sire being viciously fucked by Angel isn’t a bad thing. Just a bloody gross thing.” He had pushed past him then, his shoulder bumping into Xanders as he did. He might have put a little too much oomph behind that because Xander had lost his footing and fallen to the ground. He looked over his shoulder and thought for a moment of walking back and helping the boy to his feet but Buffy was standing at the door-way, arms crossed and he just didn’t feel like being the nice guy. Not today. He walked inside.

Sam had come back of course, right on time because she was the kind of girl that was smart enough to obey orders when directly given. Spike would be lying if he had said he wasn’t just a tiny bit disappointed, he had spent his time apart of her imagining what he might do if he indeed had to hunt her down. He had a few...delicious ideas up his sleeve, but they had scattered when she had walked in Tuesday morning just before the sun came up. Actually, just as the sun was coming up. He hadn’t been expecting her and the video game’s he was currently playing with Xander and Oz proved that.

She had raised her eyebrow at them for a moment, then glanced at the television. “Halo 4?” She had asked meekly before grabbing the last controller and squeezing between Xander and Spike on the couch. Oz had been sitting in a recliner and had just smirked quietly to himself. "Buffy gave us the night off..." Xander had mumbled, "...Guy time and what have you."

"But you’re pretty much a guy," Oz had added. Nothing was said about her absence that night.

Things had changed drastically since Sam had come, Oz being one of the changes of course. Followed behind him were a dedicated and loyal pack of wolves with just as much control over their inner-beasties as Oz himself had. At first Spike had been worried that now the house was going to smell like dog all the time, but Oz’s pack had helped out with that. It also helped that most of Sunnydale had been swallowing abandoning their homes and emptying the city, a foreshadowing of bad things to come was obvious even to the common-folk of the town. Oz had a few trust fund pups under his belt it seemed and they bought out three houses directly connected to Buffys. One next door, and then the two that shared a back-yard. Xander had knocked down the fences that separated the houses and put up a large privacy fence around the four of them to create one large yard.

He was currently building an obstacle course. Buffys home had become home for what were referred to as the Alphas. Buffy, Xander, Giles, Dawn, Willow and Himself. This was main head-quarters as it were. One of the home went to the wolves, and the other two went to the potentials who just kept showing up. Xander had offered to live with the potentials but the motion had been denied, Oz had been spending more and more time in Buffys house lately, as had two of the stronger wolves who preferred Oz’s company to the rest of their pack.

Things had been tense with Buffy and Samantha, Spike had had to put his reputation and life on the line saying that Sam could be trusted. He had waited to introduce her, a week and a half for the human blood to get out of her system, for her to gain some semblance of control of herself. He had wanted to give her more time, but time was something they were running out of and Spike knew if he was caught with her before he gave up the knowledge on his own it would only make matters worse. Sam still was not invited into head-quarters, nor the two potentials homes. Buffy had threatened Spike with inviting her himself with a stake through the heart, and he hadn’t doubted her.

As such, Spike had moved out the basement and into the wolves home with Sam, who had happily accepted her. They understood the monsters within the man, or woman, was it were and wanted to give Sam a chance to prove herself. The dog smell took some getting used too, but at least Buffy had decided to give Sam some benefit of the doubt, a chance to prove herself. As much as both of them seemed to hate every moment of kissing the slayers ass, ever since Sam had turned up, that had been their main mission, to get in good graces with her.
Willow Rosenburg: Magicmajik_willow on July 13th, 2013 03:34 am (UTC)
When Willow had been thinking about having another magically inclined friend around to help her with the project at hand, she was only half kidding when it came to the vampire, Spike's girlfriend Sam. Sure, she'd esen how powerful the vampire actually was, especially when she would do little tricks for the slayerettes of Oz's pack of wolves. She was almost... as powerful as Willow herself, maybe even more.

But to hear it coming from Buffy's mouth, it almost made her feel guilty for thinking about it. She knew of the past between Buffy and Spike, and knew that there was going to be bad blood between her and the new girl in his life, but she knew that she would come around, she was just shocked that it came tihs fast, and it iddn't stop hre from feeling guilty about liking the girl.

She'd been noticing, along with Oz apparently, that they were good together. Spike needed this, he needed someone that would care for him, but would also let him dote on her hand and foot. He seemed happy to her, even happier than she'd ever seen him befor,e even with Drusilla and all evil..

He seemed to smile, and the smile seemed to light up his blue eyes.. it was a very good thing, because Spike had a rought life, although she would never.. ever condon really becoming a vampire.. he had a soul now, and she cared for him as a friend. Kind of always had since he first got the chip in his head and he became useless.

For the first few days, working with Sam was a little awkward, especially with Spike breathing down their necks every chance he got.. it was almost like he didn't fully trust what was going on. As if Willow was given some secret order from Buffy to take the vampire out when Spike wasn't looking, but soon enough he began to back down and her and Sam were really able to get their magic synced and under control.

It wasn't all that hard actually, they made a good team, and that was when Sam had come up with an idea.

"I.. can't be the one to tell Buffy this, but I have a feeling that this preacher asshole is guarding something.. something that belongs to us.. I mean, to the Slayers... If we could just get our hands on it.. and harness the power.. could you imagine what we could do? We could figur eout a way to stop this bitch in its non-corporial ass.."

Willow had then mentioned it to Buffy, Faith and Giles.. Faith wasn't sure if they should go after it, especially since the Slayerettes were still healing from their last little surpries visit, but Buffy knew that Willow, and thus Sam, was right. And if no one was going to go with her.. Buffy was just goig to have to do it herself.

Willow hated that idea, and wanted to go with her.. but the Slayer wouldn't let her.. it broke her heart to see Buffy going on a possible suicide mission.. but thats what Buffy did, and all she had to do was have faith that she would come back to them in one piece, breathing, and alive.

Then they could take down The First, Caleb, the nastyass Uber-Vamps and the bringers.

They could do this.

They could win.
William Pratt: goth lookrailroadxspike on July 16th, 2013 07:34 pm (UTC)
Things seemed to be getting better..Hope was a flame that had been flickering more and more these days. The odds had been so stacked against them, against Buffy and the scoobies and still Spike had felt involved in this whole mess. It would have been easy to walk away. especially now. He could take Samantha with him and start a life somewhere new. It would be so easy...but...he couldn’t. His place was here, his purpose was this fight. He had always assumed the reason why he stuck around in Sunnydale was Buffy, but it had become perfectly clear that was only part of the case.

He still cared for her, he always would, that was just the way Spike was; that was how he was programmed. Despite time and effort, he still cared for even Drusilla... They had been very important to Spike once upon a time, and they had helped him reach the place that he was today.....and while most people may hate their exes especially when looking down the barrel of a very loaded gun that is demon war all he had to do was look at Sam. He just had to look at her from across the room, or yard, or watch her fighting or dancing and moving...anything...and...he couldn’t lie to himself. This was the best he had ever felt.

With Drusilla it had always been evil, evil, evil, and she had only seen him as a second place replacement for her precious Daddy. She had always yearned for him to be more like Angelus, and that just something even the evilest of Spikes was capable of. He had taken...such precise pleasure in torture and hurting and manipulating everyone around them. Twisting their minds and bodies and breaking them down. Drusilla had been a work of art to Angelus, even if her fragile mind was so shattered she’d never hope to live a normal life again.

and Barbara...Barbara he had been more careful with, because while he adored what he had done to Drusilla he hadn’t liked how much looking after she tended to need. Besides, he was never one for repeating the same act twice. She was a different project, and it was bizzare to watch because she was very much sane in comparision to his dark princess but she was insane in the most cruel ways. She pined for her Sire in a very unhealthy way, he had seen that girl bloodied and bruised and barely able to drag herself across the floor to find some where to squirrel away and heal herself. Drusilla had always babied her in these moments, and Spike had done his best to guard them until she was well enough to be able to at least make coherent thoughts. Drusilla would bring her pretty little boys and girls to feed off of, bind her wounds, reset her broken bones and clean her with loving, caring hands. They had a connection Spike just couldn’t understand...that connection was the same flaw every girl Spike had some connection too had. Angelus.

That brought him to Buffy. Buffy and Spike....God they had been volatile, but it was such a rush being with her. Such passion and intense feelings. She made him feel alive, and then the next moment, she made him wish he was dead. He knew that she saw him as something was beneath her, she was settling for him because she needed that darkness....She needed Angel but Angel wasn’t here, so Spike would have to do. She’d never love him, never care for him...he very much doubt that she’d ever love anyone besides Angel...and it hurt him even now to see her begin to realize that maybe Angel didn’t care for her in the exact same way. Things had fallen apart with Soldier boy because of Angel, and really Riley had been Buffys only chance thus far at something healthy and reliable in this life...and she just couldn’t make him stay.

Now Angel was off with his precious little design and Buffy had been slowly losing it. Spike didn’t have the heart to tell her that it was probably better because Barbara could give Angel what Buffy couldn’t. Spike honestly believed that Barbara could give Angel satisfaction and purpose and someone to care for and someone to worship him and someone to take his aggression and still need him, but she wouldn’t be able to give him perfect happiness. She was safe, and Angel was too self-sacrificing.
William Pratt: remember?railroadxspike on July 16th, 2013 07:35 pm (UTC)

Barbara would never know, Angel was too kind for that. He’d never tell her that he was in a way, settling for her, and Spike would never let Samantha know any of that either. There was just somethings that didn’t need to be said....

Then there were things that needed to be, like how Sam was so different....so refreshing and new. Angel had never touched her; she was clean and when she looked at Spike, she saw only him. He had never realized how much this was something that he craved and needed deep down, but maybe that was because it had never happened to him. Well...there was Harmony but..that was not something he really liked to uhm, discuss or remember, or admit ever happened. Ever.

Despite the fact that Buffy should be well, thrilled that Spike had moved past her, it was all she had ever wanted she claimed, he had known there would be trouble. At first, Spike had taken alot of greedy comfort in how upset she was, losing Angel, and losing him, all in one random hot vampire girl go, but the novelty had slowly began to wear off. He knew how it felt to be the odd man out, and she was surrounded now, by couples who were so happy together... She was forced into the spotlight where all that bruising pain and damaged egos were pulled into focus. He had started to feel, well, bad for her, which was...strange.

After that he had just started to get frustrated and annoyed with her, this is what she had bloody wanted but she was fighting it tooth and nail. She just couldn’t take not being the center of attention.

Then, just like that...she had changed. Sam was suddenly a part of a group and things seemed to be picking up...Spike couldn’t complain. There was just one problem.

This was usually the time when something came along to ruin everything.