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29 December 2015 @ 06:01 pm
The vineyard  
Characters: The Scoobies
Time: Night
Location: The Vineyard to begin
Thread Status: Open to Faith, Spike, Samantha, Xander, Willow, Oz

It's dark by the time Buffy leaves her house. The home that she once knew as her safe place, her only zone away from the vampires and her calling has now become the centralized zone for just that. Gone are the days where she could be both girl and slayer. Behind her are the excitement of dances, boys, and staying out with her best friends. Once upon a time she had time to worry about things like finals, homework and what the principal thought of her. She doesn't have that luxury anymore.

She had tried so hard to keep those things for herself, and then, again, she tried and failed to keep those things for Dawn. She wanted so much for this calling to affect only her. As it rightfully should. She knows now why slayers work alone.
If they don't. People get hurt. People die. Peoples lives get turned upside down all because they happen to be in the general vicinity of the slayer.

Fate calls her chosen. The books call her sacred. She calls herself cursed. She wonders these days if there is a difference.

She never asked for this. Now she is not sure she could ever be anything but this. What is she if not the muscles under her skin and the fire in her gut? Even if you took away all the fates had bestowed upon her, she would still be the slayer.

This knowledge is what makes her know in her core that they have a shot at this. If she really, honestly thought that they were going to lose, she isn't sure if she would still be here. If she would let these girls still be here. She knows they need to stay together, the bringers made sure of that. When she thinks of all the potentials that she will never meet because their blood-line has been wiped off the earth her heart aches. She blames herself, but doesn't fully understand why.

They are killing potentials because they are scared, because the slayer is the only thing standing between this world and the next. Slayers have the power. Everyone wants it.  The council has spent it's entire existence trying to control it. It was Buffy who stood up to that council, only to watch it burn in her absence. All things connected to the slayers were in danger.
The slayer is meant to fight to save the world, now she finds herself fighting to save herself and what would be her replacements. It feels wrong somehow, but she doesn't know what else to do. She can't let these girls die.
She is entering the dragons mouth tonight. Caleb is hiding something. She wants to know what. She needs to know. Anything that can help her fight back this darkness is desperately needed.

She is fighting blind, for once, there is nothing in her future but ash and smoke. It's unclear. She's terrified. She can't tell anyone this of course. She has to be strong. That's her job.

She finds herself standing in the vineyard. She's stalling she knows, but she isn't sure what lays ahead of her, and for the first time in years she's nervous. Her palms are sweaty. She swallows slowly, flicks her wrists out beside her and cracks her neck, limbering up, though she's not sure what good it will do.

She lets out a slow breathe.

It's time.

Faith: buffy/faith : sexual tensionleathercladslay on December 30th, 2015 04:58 am (UTC)

Faith never planned on letting Buffy go on this mission alone. She appreciated the whole 'she has to change for the better' speel she gave off, but the whole thing was a load of shit Faith wasn't about to deal with. She didn't break out of prison just to watch B walk off to her death because she feels like she has some righteous mission to do so.

Okay, so she didn't break out of prison for Buffy at all, more for her ex-boyfriend but those are just details. Her whole lives fucked; thats the point: but she's here. She knows if she makes it through this thing, she's gonna spend the rest of her days with a big ol' bullseye on her back. She had just a few years left, she was raking up good behavior points and was looking at parole soon.

That's gone now.

If she gets caught, if she goes back, she won't be coming out. She'll die behind those bars if she doesn't break out again. She'll never be a free woman. Not really. She'll be a prisoner one way or another. Either in bright orange or constantly havin' to look over her shoulder, having to drop a fake name and pretend that she never really existed. That's it for her.

She knew that when she told Wesley to step back from the glass.

Angel was worth it - only guy in the world that seemed to think she was worth savin', take one look at the girl he's got now and you know that's just the kind of guy he is. He saves the unsaveable, he thinks the unredeemable can be redeemed. She wishes he thought that way 'bout himself, but he knows how hard that is.

She'll never forget the names of every life she took. She'll never be redeemed in her heart.

She'll die with blood on her hands.

If there's a hell, and enough time on this hunk of earth have told her that there is, she'll be burnin'.

All she can hope for now is that she goes down swingin'; she sure as hell ain't gonna let B go down alone. She can go ahead and think that she's flying this ship solo, but she's not the only slayer, much as she wants to think she is. So when she dips out of the house Faith is right there on her heels. She's going on getting by unnoticed - just as good as she is when she wants to be noticed - kind of her thing.

Either she's really as good as she thinks she is, or Buffy is too in her head because she jumps; only slightly; when Faith comes up beside her when she's staring down at the vineyard. "Couldn't let you have all the fun." She claims, tilting her head a bit as she took in the area before her. She isn't sure what lies beyond her, but if it's important, they're looking at one hell of a fight.

"You ain't alone B, must as you want to think you are. I know what alone really means, and trust me girl, you ain't it."

Her heart aches in a way she isn't really into deciphering, because it's Buffy and it's always Buffy and half the time she doesn't know if she wants to be her or be on her or end her. It's a constant merry-go-round of Faith is just a fucked up weird kid whose had too much time to think while trying not to go stir-crazy behind LAs finest womans correctional institution.

"You ready for this?" She asks, and she doesn't have to look, she knows. There's something strange between the two slayers - always have been. Maybe 'cause they aren't supposed to exist together, maybe because they're it. The chosen two, as it were.

It's hard to say. Doesn't really matter Faith guesses. They're probably gonna die before they really have to get their hands dirty on that whole thing.

Maybe in this war. Maybe tonight.

"Round and round we go," She says as she follows Buffys leads into the vineyard. She glances up at the sky just before they duck in. "where they stop nobody knows.." She whispers a bit quieter.