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01 August 2012 @ 08:09 pm
Imagine the fire.  
Characters: Sam and Spike
Time: Afternoon
Location: Sunnydale Sewers - Magic Box
Thread Status: Closed.

Sam slipped silently through the sewers of Sunnydale California. The scent was overwhelming at first, but she was used to using the sewers during the day. But with her speed and agility, she was able to avoid stepping on all the rats, and all the actual.. sewage. She hoped from side to side, letting her nose take her to where it wanted to go.

She was trying to focus on the smell, but her mind kept drifting back to what she'd just witnessed. She would never understand why her loving sire would set herself up to get hurt once more. After everything that she'd been through, after all the years it took for Sam to bring her back.. to bring her into her own.. As they taught each other over the years.

It was so much work.. So much.. to get her to believe in herself. So much work to get her to even attempt to forget about the prick of a vampire who had broken her heart. Who had turned her into a complete lap dog, made her fall so madly in love with him and then just.. leave her. like the snap of a finger.

It was pathetic.

And it was killing her.

She went down a left side, and then a right, and then another left, until she had to pause, a scent immediately hitting her nose. All thoughts of her sire, breaking her own heart, fled her mind. It was a scent that she knew very well. Sage. Cinnamon. Different scents of wax. Butterfly wings. Dusty old books. And blood. Lots of blood.

It was a scent that had been so heavenly to her over the years.

Immediately rushing off toward the scent, she crawled herself up the ladder and looked through the manhole cover. It was sunny in that area, but only just that she could make it up and out and into the shade without much damage.

Taking in a deep, unneeded breath, she pushed open the cover and hoped out. She let out a gasp. She was wrong, so very wrong! There was lots of sun! And it was burning! She could smell her skin sizzling as she hip hoped out of the manhole, covered it, and made a beeline to the shade that was just big enough for her body to stand in.

Taking in a few, calming breaths, she let her skin begin to immediately heal over and she slipped through the back door of the best shop that Sunnydale was most likely to ever have.

The Magic Box.

And the only reason she knew that, was she'd heard of a witch here in Sunnydale, about a year ago, tearing the place to absolute shreds. Bringing down the beams, knocking over everything, setting things on fire. And the only reason she actually knew that this was the place, was it still smelt of fresh paint, and she figured that there was no other magic store in Sunnydale, so it had to be the shop.

It was completely empty though. Just like the rest of Sunnydale. There was stuff strewn around, windows shattered, glass vials and books absolutely destroyed. She should have figured that this was what she was going to walk into when she'd seen the rest of the ghost town. But it was still.. absolutely heart breaking.

Slipping further into the store, she ran her fingers gently over the glass counter, before bending over and peering inside. There was a stand there, but the item was missing, and she bent down to read it. It was a hammer. From a Troll named Olaf.

She couldn't help but laugh.

Turning around, she looked up and saw that there was a second floor. Moving toward it, and instead of jumping up, she climbed the ladder and crouched down toward the bookshelves, picking off one of the books and moving to sit down in the corner, her brown eyes scanning the pages, her fingers gently caressing the words.

She'd gotten so wrapped up that she never heard the sound of the back door opening and then closing. Signalling that she wasn't the only customer that the Magic Box currently had.
William Prattrailroadxspike on August 21st, 2012 03:10 pm (UTC)
Spike hoped the walk would help clear his mind, his body was tense like a coiled spring ready to spring forward. His hands clenched into fists so hard that his black nails bit into the flesh of his palms and caused small drops of blood to fall from his broken skin. He was following Sams trail without really thinking about it, already this was something he could do without much effort. All he kept picturing was all the times he had watched as Angelus had smacked Barbara from room to room, everytime she had laughed when blood spilling from her nose and mouth. The insane look in her eyes as the hysterical laughter took over and shook her body. He shuddered a bit, the sound had always chilled him to the bone.

Drusilla had always said she was such a good little kitten, she had been the one to name her, mewling softly to her as she tended to her wounds after Angelus was through with her. The two of them shared a connection that sickened Spike, an infaution with that prick that tormented his very existance. Why people were attracted to him was beyond him.
Spike glanced down at his hands as the strong smell of his blood finally hit his nose and cursed under his breathe. He wiped his hands on his pants and sighed, his trembling fingers found his cigarettes in the pocket of his trench coat and fished on out. The smoke filled his lungs and he sighed slowly as he exhaled, his raw nerve endings softened a bit and his mind was able to clear, leaving the hundreds of bad memories he had of Barbara's stupidity scattered in the back of his mind.

He glanced up at the manhole which he knew Sam had climbed through and pulled himself up the ladder two rungs at a time. He half wondered what brought her here - to the magic box, and then remembered the letters Barbara had written to him before coming here to stay. Sam was exceptional he had remembered her proudly boasting - a vampire that had maintained the wiccan powers she had obtained in life. Immortality had done nothing to wither them - only allow them to flourish and grow. It was rare that such a thing could happen, but he was not surprised in the least that it had happened with Barbaras childe.

Nothing was ever ordinary when it came to her.

He crept into the sales floor of the store slowly, not wanting to make his presence known just yet. He watched from the back of the store as she sat in the center of the floor, legs folded surrounding by all kinds of materials - she seemed absorbed in whatever it was that she was reading. His eyes scanned his surroundings and he felt a pang in his heart he wasn't expecting. He had hoped that Giles would open this place back up - but it seemed to have too many bad memories. Besides, with most of the town on their way out it seemed useless.
William Pratt: boredrailroadxspike on August 21st, 2012 03:10 pm (UTC)

Spike wasn't sure how much longer Sunnydale would even still be here, hell, he wasn't sure how long any of them would still be here. He knew the darkness that was barreling toward them like a stampede, he found it odd that it felt only a calm serenity in that knowledge. He was probably going to die - and yet he couldn't imagine being anywhere else. Spike had found something in Sunnydale he had not found anywhere else in all of his years on this planet - a purpose.

"My mates used to run this place..." He spoke slowly as he pushed himself off the wall and crept closer to her, his fingers out-streched and catching dust and cobwebs off the items he past. "One of my girls...a witch, like you only less fangy...She went through a tough bit, got addicted to this stuff, and ended up losing her lover...She went mad after that - got driven to the darkest of the dark arts...almost ended the world in the process. A good bit of trying to save her from herself happened here...the war-zone." He glanced around himself again.

"Guess everyone just finds it too painful to try and restore....too many bad memories." His eyes glanced to the table, where Anya had ended her relationship with Xander, and where he had betrayed Buffy in a way that caused her to end things with him. His heart usaully burst with emotion at the thought of her, but now it was only a dull ache.

"So. Slayer central moved across town - and this place...just stayed to the ruin it fell too. It's a shame really..." He sat down across from her, and was silent for a moment as he watched her. "Some people find strength in returning once more to places that represented ruin....some hope that they can undo whats been doing by doing it right a second time." He knew his words had a double meaning, and Sams eyes raised to his finally, and there was anger there, although Spike knew it wasn't directed at him. Not that it would have mattered, he was the kind of guy that was used to his girls always being mad at him. It was the type of woman he always seemed to attract.

"What are you reading?"
wildlyinnocent: Teach me to livewildlyinnocent on August 30th, 2012 09:37 pm (UTC)
Shortly after speed reading through a few books, flipping them with the tips of her fingers, she moved down the ladder which was on a 60 degree angle, resting against the floor that had nearly completely collapsed due to some battle that had happened. She almost wished that she were around for it.. To see what could have caused such a beautiful paradise to turn into a dusty, raggedy old hell.

With her arms filled to her head with books, she moved to the middle of the floor, next to a bunch of rubble and a tipped over, half broken round table. She surrounded herself with two of her loves; magic and books. She reached out to the nearest one, her painted tipped nails gripped at the books and pulled them toward her lap, opening it to the first page, she began to read The Complete Book of Spells, Ceremonies & Magic.

It was quite the thick book, possibly about 330 pages. It was also in small print, and about 11 inches high, and 8.5 inches wide. The pages weren't typed in, they were hand written, and positively beautiful. Sam had to stop to admire the beauty of it, her hands moved on their own accord and gently ran across the page. She could almost feel the bumps of the written script as if they were written yesterday.

Shortly after she'd gotten herself situated, she heard the voice of her lover coming from behind her, although she never turned to face him. The sound in his voice was strangely… hurt, and it caused her to have sympathy for him and the past that he'd been through.

An eyebrow quirked up slightly as he spoke about who had done this. A witch huh? She should have known. The place was radiating with magical energy. Not just with what the place used to be, but she could sense the power that destroyed it. She should have known that it was a witch with exceptional power. Or, someone who was extremely addicted to the black arts, either one, or both, could create a bomb that was going to be set off with just the smallest rift. And apparently that rift was losing someone they loved.

But finally, he was in front of her, and she was doing her very best not to look at him. She knew, that if she did, she would lose all of her concentration that she had while reading.

'Some people find strength in returning once more to places that represented ruin.. some hope that they can undo whats been done by doing it right a second time.'

Her brown eyes flashed up toward him, narrowing at him with an angry that she had yet to show him personally. She knew, that he also knew, that it wasn't directed at him, but the words that he was saying was striking home to her. She knew that it was dealing with the situation that had been in the past, but also, the situation that was currently going on between the four vampires.

Snapping the book closed, this had cast a dust cloud that - if she were breathing - would have caused her to cough as she breathed in, but since she didn't have to, it didn't bother her.

her eyes continue to narrow at him, before placing the book down next to her. She brought her hands together, clasped into her lap as she continued to stare. "That, may be true." she said, "But some people don't deserve a second chance to try and make it right. The ones that hurt the ones they love for fun. Both emotionally and physically.. Don't deserve to have a second chance to make it right." she repeated.

"They screwed up their first chance. They made their bed, and now, they have to live with the consequences for the rest of their lives… which, in our case, is a lifetime, beyond lifetimes, unless you get dusted. Which, as the time passes, more and more of the urge to do so to Angel is making my hand twitch, wishing it had a stake in it.. or a fireball."

She shook her head, taking in a deep breath as she ran her fingers through her hair, "It's not fair to her. He absolutely ruined her… she shouldn't be giving him another chance. He does not.. deserve it.." she whimpered out.
William Pratt: one of those daysrailroadxspike on September 5th, 2012 10:48 am (UTC)
Spike knew the best thing he could do for Sam in this moment was to listen to her, and so he did. He listened as she ranted and she broke the metaphor and just flat out said she wanted to stake Angel. Not that he blamed her of course - in fact that little knowledge right there made him even more drawn to her. At least he knew that his prick of a sire didn’t stand a chance with her. He was always trying to steal his girls away from him - if he hadn’t left his stink all over them before Spike even had a chance.

He crotched down in front of her, weight resting on his toes, arms resting on his knees. “You’re right Sam,” He whispered softly, reaching out to tuck a strand of her soft dark hair behind her eye. He had always liked darker haired girls - ever since he was human. Buffy had just been a fluke...maybe it was just the victory of stealing her away from Angel....

Maybe it was just some sick demented part of him that thought that if he couldn’t kill a slayer, he could at least lay her. He did feel a sense of victory from it...he just wished he didn’t care so bloody much for the girl, or for her clan. How had the soulless vampire ended up with a very human family? It was what was kept him from walking away...or running, as fast and as far as his legs would take him. That and this God-damned chip in his head...maybe he felt that he needed them, just as much as they needed him now.

It was hard tellin’ the fact that Buffy had been spending so much time with him, training, hunting...treating him like he was more than the monster he swore she saw him as. Someone of worth...someone worth fighting along-side. It meant alot to Spike...even if he knew he had blown his chance with her, it really didn’t matter to him now. It was a dull ache, but he felt no real sense of loss. He knew the two of them were never in this for the long run. She needed someone else....not Angel. He had always thought he just needed to be more like Angel, a hero, a champion and maybe she would see him in the right light, but he had been wrong.

Wrong this whole time.

It wasn’t Angel either, the way things were shaping up...the way Angel had looked at Barbara...he had never looked at Buffy like that. He couldn’t have. Only time would tell if Spike was right, or if he was even on the right track on this one.

“You’re right..” He continued, “Angelus destroyed Barbara, I’m not going to lie to you because it wouldn’t do any good. He tied her up, he tossed her around like she was nothing, beat her senselessly at times...sometimes not even because she had done anything wrong. Sometimes....sometimes he just liked to hear her scream, he always said she had the most perfect scream. He said her sobs were pure poetry. So sometimes, he just did what he did to her for the hell of it. He raped her, in way conceivable way you can possibly think of...several I’m sure she’d taught you how to do perfectly without even knowing where she learned it. Sam...she’s probably taught you how to do everything that was ever done to her...because Sam...” He sighed, glancing around the room, trying to think.

“You were raised...very different...than Barbara was...but it is because of she was raised that she knew how to raise you. She was very careful in picking you...and there is a very real reason in why you are not dust right now...Sam...You’re not...you’re not her first..” Sam raised her eyes again then, and Spike knew he was telling her something she did not know. “You’re not her first childe...You’re her...let me think...fourth.....the other four....she was clumsy...stupid...Angelus...he staked the first three...and the fourth...” He bit his lip, this wasn't a story he ever wanted to tell.
William Pratt: spangel : familyrailroadxspike on September 5th, 2012 10:48 am (UTC)
“It was after Angel had gotten his soul - it was coincidence really that they were in the same time. His name was Brian or Brandon..something like that..... He was a witch..or...warlock I don’t know what the politically correct term is, but he was like you. All full of vampire blood and dark magic...only she couldn’t control him. She was going to die...it was that simple. He was going to kill her. He had been wailing on her...” He felt his words catch in his throat this wasn’t something he liked to talk about...Drusilla had told him about it, seen it in one of her visions. It was rare that Dru made sense, but her eyes had turned black and she had sobbed and then told him what she saw...in perfect sentences...Spike knew doing anything would be futile, they were in another country, and the way Dru spoke, it was as if this was happening on another side of the planet...for all he knew....it could have been.

“Times were different back then you know...women...not thought of so highly, and for one to be out that late at night? They probably thought she was a prostitute or something..so her screams...they...just went unnoticed. She never told me what happened...maybe because I never asked, but he had stopped using his fists..after he had broken his knuckles on her bones...he used a crowbar after that...and it just seemed...endless... it went on for awhile by the time anyone had noticed, broken her jaw, her eye sockets, one of her knee-caps so she couldn’t run, even if she wanted too...he had...tied her wrists with barbed wire and then her throat...so...she couldn’t scream without it..ripping into her windpipe. You’d be surprised at just how much blood a vampire can bleed...we can’t die of blood loss as you know...so it just keeps coming...Angel...he must have....smelt her from miles away...he didn’t have to do anything you know....and facing down a vampire thats hopped up on dark magic is not something you want to tango with...nearly died doing it but he brought him down....and he...” Spike stopped for a moment, shaking his head. “I don’t know why, but he took her in...and he.....he contacted us. Dru and I...but it took awhile for us to get word and for two for us to get out to her. A week and a half, maybe more before we got there....he had been taking care of her. He could barely take care of himself at this point, smelt like the sewer and the creatures that infested such a place but....somehow he had been able to take...really good care of her. She didn’t want to leave but he made her...probably for the best....that was one of the last times she saw him..until today....”

He lit a cigarette and then offered one to Sam. “Maybe he doesn’t deserve a second chance, and trust me I am one of those people that is more than willing to get on the ‘fuck you Angel’ train but...I can’t promise you that he wont hurt her...but..I can promise you that that little girl means more to him than probably anybody else, and this isn’t like when he loved the Slayer....because Sam. Angelus loves her too....even if he doesn’t want too. She is the only one that Angelus has ever really cared about...We don’t have to agree with it, and we can prepare for the worst...but we have to let her make her own decisions..just like you know...that she is going to you make yours...” He leaned forward then and captured her mouth, for only a moment.

“She doesn’t like us together Sam...but do you think she’ll try and stop you? Or do you think she trusts you - loves you enough to keep her thoughts to herself?”
wildlyinnocent: Teach me to livewildlyinnocent on September 6th, 2012 01:35 am (UTC)
Sam could not believe what she was hearing. Not only had her sire created children before her, but the last one.. the last one before her was just like her. Except, he was a male, and he was… beyond an evil that none of them would ever touch. He was crazy, and he ripped her apart, and just hearing the story was killing Sam. She felt like she couldn't breathe, even though she couldn't already, but she could feel her eyes welling up with slight tears as she imagined her sire, her best friend, laying bloody on the ground, covered in barbed wire, completely beaten to the point where if she were human she would have been dead already.

It was heart breaking to picture.

Although she still hated Angel and Angelus with complete passion, she was glad that he had enough of a heart to go and save her sire, or she wouldn't be there today, she wouldn't be sitting with William The Bloody in an abandoned, destroyed Magic Box, talking about the day where her sire almost died.

'Wd don't have to agree with it, and we can prepare for the worst… but we have to let her make her own decisions… just like you know.. that she is going to let you make yours..'

Sam had begun to open her mouth, questioning his words when she suddenly felt his cool lips against her own. She felt her eyes slipping closed and she was just getting into the soft kiss when he was pulling away, causing her eyes to flutter open, and pull her bottom lip in between her teeth as she listened to him continue his speech.

'She doesn't like us together Sam… but do you thinks he'll try and stop you? Or do you think she trusts you - loves you enough to keep her thoughts to herself?'

"I don't think she doesn't like us together. She practically taught me everything I know about you, as if she were hoping that we'd be perfect for each other.." she trailed off with the look in his eyes and she closed her own, waiting to figure out how to speak to him.

It was true though. Everything she knew about him, her sire had taught her. She was even sure with the way that Spike had been acting earlier during her blowjob, that her sire had taught her the perfect way to get only Spike off, as if she were really trying to keep the two of them together for the rest of their undead lives. And.. if that were true, she would be on that side completely. Because, she was falling in love with the bleached, blonde, badass vampire that sat in front of her.

But she couldn't let him know either statement.

Not yet at least.

Sam sighed, concentrating on his words. "It's not.. that she doesn't like us together.." she paused, "Okay, so maybe she doesn't, but I know she trusts me, and I know she loves me enough.. but… you're not him. You don't have the past like he does, yeah.. okay.. you killed slayers, which, hello, good thing for us vampires, but you never tortured Drusilla for your own pleasure." she whispered.

Moving to get up on her knees, she moved to push him back so he was sitting on his ass, and she crawled into his lap, her arms draping around his neck and shoulders. "Maybe you did during sex, because it was something she enjoyed immensely, but you never did it to see her cry, to cry out in pain rather than anything but pleasure, and that's exactly what he did to her. And.. its not fair."

Taking in an unneeded breath, she sighed. "I trust her, i just.. I don't trust him."

Moving to lean in and capture his lips with hers, in a way to stop the topic, as she didn't want to talk about it anymore. She knew that he was right, but she didn't have to like it. She pulled away, gently running her fingers across his beautiful lips. "Tell me about what's here in Sunnydale.." she whispered. "I know that me and Barbara are here for a reason, but I don't know the whole reason. What's underneath the surface in the hell mouth?" she asked softly.
William Pratt: Forever Yoursrailroadxspike on September 7th, 2012 06:32 am (UTC)
Spike looked at her with an exhausted look and a weak smile as she ran his finger over his lip affectionately. He didn't want her here he realized...didn't want her in this fight.

"We call it The First. The first evil. It's making a plan to bring..pretty much a hell on earth. We aren't sure exactly what we're looking at yet - but we believe...we believe it's building an army." He paused, running his hand through his hair and sighing as she shook his head. "We believe that...because it told us. It has a little right hand man you see - and a impressive hobby of taking the form of anyone it pleases....we've only seen a few of what the first has in planned for us, new type of creature....well old actually. Our uh.." He cleared his throat. "Maid I guess...hostage. It's hard to tell these days..." Another pause. "He learned how to make the most amazing bloomin' onions...I don't even have to go to outback anymore.." He trailed off for a moment as he thought about what he just said and shook his head. "He coined the phrase 'Uber-vamp' - There's like your average vampire...me being what you would refer to as an 'well above average' vampire....and you add in a lot more animal.." He looked Sam in the eyes, a look of something resembling anger and fear. A sad acceptance. "and about zero human. They got skin like armor and it takes one hell of a nasty fight to bring down even one of these...you don't wanna be finding yourself alone when you do neither."

Spike sighed as he fished around for a cigarette and lit it, allowing his hands to shake as he attempted to do so. The first few inhales were calming and he shivered through them only slightly before continuing.

"Now I'm not quite sure why your Sire brought you here...she just out of the blue got ahold of me one day and asked what was going on, I told her, and she told me she was on her way. I told her about a billion times that was a bad idea - that the slayer wasn't gonna trust anybody that didn't have a metaphoric leash hangin' 'round." He tapped his temple as he spoke slowly, as if gesturing to his chip. "She told me she wouldn't kill - not on the slayers territory. Told me she'd keep her distance but she was willing to sign a blood oath with the slayer to do nothin' but be a part of the cause. You and her both."

He bit his lip a bit as if he was considering something for the first time. "You know she never seemed to mention what she would do if you got here and didn't want to fight....I just assumed that you knew...knew everything that was going on." He look toward you. "Don't you find that a bit strange?"
wildlyinnocent: Destinywildlyinnocent on September 9th, 2012 12:08 am (UTC)
Sam tilted her head, she knew that he was having an extreme difficulty in talking to her about this, and she couldn't help but wonder why. He had a weak, almost depressed smile on his face and it caused her brows to furrow slightly as she ran her fingers gently, and affectionately over her vampire lovers lips. She didn't like seeing that look on his face. He looked so… tired.

It was actually quite heart breaking.

She sat back on his legs slightly, letting him be comfortable in his spot on the floor enough to tell her about what was going down. She tilted her head as he spoke.. The First? She'd heard of that before.. She wasn't quite sure on where she had heard it, but it had to be in one of the books that she'd been reading over the 70ish years.

She tried to wrack her brain, trying to find the phrases that she'd found over the years, but nothing was coming to her. So, she decided to shut her brain down completely - for now - and listen to the blonde vampire beneath her, which was difficult with that english accent. Then again, everything he said to her with that english accent would have her completely weak in the knees.. He could be telling her that he was breaking up with her.. or that he was dying of some.. weird.. vampire disease and she would be a complete goner.


She was sick.

Maybe it would die down after a few.. centuries.

She realized that he was getting to a very, very important stage in his story, the Uber Vamps and she frowned at the name. "They're like your average vampire.. me being what you would refer to as a 'well above average' vampire.. and you add in a lot more animal.. and about zero human. They've got skin like armour and it takes one hell of a nasty fight to bring down even one of these.. you don't wanna be finding yourself alone when you do neither." Frowning once more, Sam could have sworn she detected anger and fear in the back of that english accent of his, and she was confirmed when his hands were shaking as he went to grab his cigarettes. She wanted to help him, but she knew that he had to do this all on his own.

She could tell that the smoking was helping him, so she decided to do something to help him as well, she began to gently trace the hairs on the back of his neck, in a soft, soothing pattern. Trying to get him to calm down, and relax, and not be so shaken up. Because honesty, it was a little weird to see William The Bloody this shaken up - it worried her. She had opened her mouth to speak, but he didn't seem to be done talking, so she closed it and let him continue to serenade her as it were.

"Now I'm not quite sure why you're Sire brought you here.. she just out of the blue got a hold of me one day and asked what was going on, I dolt her, and she told me she was on her way. I told her about a billion times that was a bad idea - that the slayer wasn't gonna trust anybody that didn't have a metaphoric leash hangin' round'. She told me she wouldn't kill - not on the slayers territory. Told me she'd keep her distance but she was willing to sign a blood oath with the slayer to do nothing' but be a part of the cause. You and her both."

Sam thought back to that, Barbara had come to her, telling her that she'd spoken to someone in Sunnydale and that they were needed there nearly immediately. She never asked why, because Sam, even though curious, was never really one to pry into her sire's business, because after she learned partly about Angelus, she never wanted to hear another story like that, or see the pain flash through her best friends eyes as she retold the story of a love long lost and broken.

"You know she never seemed to mention what she would do if you got here and din't want to fight.. I just assumed that you knew.. knew everything that was going on… Don't you find that a bit strange?"

Truth be told, she did find it a little bit strange. On some levels at least… She knew that Barbara knew that she wouldn't back down in a fight if she were challenged, hell, even if the world was about to end, Sam wouldn't back down. She liked to face things head on, and sometime, she knew that that was going to get her killed, or worse.
wildlyinnocent: Destinywildlyinnocent on September 9th, 2012 12:08 am (UTC)
But then again, what was worse than being dead? Well.. more… dead.. in their case. But what did bother her the most about his words… was she never really filled her in on what was going on. She had told her that…

She frowned, "Well… I mean, you know her, she likes to work in mysterious, creepy ways.. I mean, she's always got something up her sleeve.. and she did tell me that.. I, myself, was needed here. She didn't tell me why, and I didn't exactly want to dig deep inside her inner soul and find out why she thought i was needed here. Because, honestly, there could be lots of different reasons.. It could be.. i'm meant to be in this war, help out with a little hardcore black magic… Fight some uber-vamps and the first of all evil.. Hell, you could even be the reason I'm meant to be here."

Shaking her head, she bent her head back before looking at him again, "Even if she didn't tell me what exactly the reasoning was behind me and her coming here.. I'm here now.. I'm going to help in any way I can…" she saw a look of fear flash his eyes and she couldn't stop the smile from forming on her lips. "I'm going to help, Spike. You can't expect me to be in LA, or any other part of the world and wonder if you survive this battle. I'm yours. I'm here.. and I'm going to fight next to you… and if I die here… Then… so be it. At least I met you."
William Pratt: redemptionrailroadxspike on September 11th, 2012 09:59 am (UTC)
Spike knew everything Samantha was saying she true, and something inside of himself was telling him that he wasn't going to be talk her into believing anything else. Doing so would only piss her off, but he wanted too, oh God, he wanted too more than he had ever wanted to convince anyone of anything. He didn't want this burden for her...He had to try, he would....it would destroy him if he didn't.

"This isn't your war Sam." His hands were on his hips as he spoke to her, his eyes staring down into hers, trying to see to her very core. To her soul - if he thought for a second that either of them had one. "Hell Sam...you...Barbara. You guys aren't even supposed to be on this side of things. You're not white hats - not really...I don't know why I am most of the time, it's against my nature. Back in the day...when I was doing it..." For her...he told himself, when he was doing it for Buffy. "When I was doing it not for myself - but to impress someone else, to make them trust me....when I was doing it only to save my own skin, it helped me deal with it, but now.. Now I can't walk away. I'm not doing it for anyone else anymore - I'm doing it for me, because this is what feels right for me..."

Ever so gently, he pulled himself out from underneath Sam and moved to rise, his legs shaking only slightly as he put his weight on them. "But that doesn't mean it's right for you. It doesn't mean you have to die just because you fancy me. Sam...Sam you can walk away - you've only had me for one day - I can't let you risk yourself for something that might end in a few weeks, a few months when we get bored of each other." He wasn't convinced that what he was saying was true, but he knew he had to say it - he had to hurt her, in order to save her.

"Why should you have to fight this when you don't even have a soul of your own to save? You walk away now...and this thing gets past us - you'll be fine. You're slate is clean, you'll just be another demon, just like them. Me...well I've already had too many points against me....they'll tear me to shreds even if I don't fight. Angel too. But you. You're still clean."

He moved close to her then, moving her hair out of her face, tucking it behind her ear. There was just the slightest amount of tears building up in his eyes. He hated having to do this to her...but he knew he didn't have a choice.

When he spoke again, his voice was dark, venomous.

"Besides...do you really think you're going to be able to stay here after Angel drags your precious little sire kicking and screaming back to Los Angelos to do God knows what to her." He knew that was going to happen - he had spent too many years watching them. He could have told Sam that it was all part of the fun for Barbara, told her it was what she wanted. He could have told her the whole truth. Instead, he withheld the most important parts. It felt as if he had just staked himself. Maybe he had. Time would tell.

He could only hope it happened here - if he knew Barbara he knew that this is where she would end up. She wouldn't be able to go, not without trying to explain to Sam, not without seeing her one last time. If everything Sam was saying was right - Barbara would go with Angel, if he could pass her test, and if Sam could pass hers as well.

He knew if Sam was able to stay here after that - if she could will herself not to chase down her sire then he wouldn't be able to fight her any longer. He wouldn't be able to force her out.
wildlyinnocent: Don't be sadwildlyinnocent on September 11th, 2012 01:09 pm (UTC)
The words that were filtering out of her new lovers mouth… she knew what he was doing. She knew that he was trying to send her away, and she knew deep down in her heart that it wasn't what he wanted to do. She could see it in his eyes, she could see the sadness that lingered in the blue depths.

She wanted to reach out and touch him, take the hands that rest on her hips and bring them to her lips, telling him that she wasn't going anywhere, if he was going to stay in this fight - wether she was a white hat or not - she would fight by his side. No big ass bad ass nasty was going to take down a world - or attempt to - while she was still undead and so was he. She felt his hand lingering to long on her cheek, as he brushed back some of her hair and she could see the tears. The tears that she knew he was trying not to show her, the tears that meant… he didn't mean what he was saying to her.

She wanted to tell him once more that she was not leaving him here alone to die, when his next set of words…. didn't do anything but piss her the fuck off. It wasn't fair to bring Babrara into this… her sire brought her here for a reason. This fight. This vampire in front of her. They were her reasons to be here. And as much as it sickened her, Angel was Babrara's reason to be here.

She knew that she was losing her sire. She knew that any day now, he would take her away from this fight and take her away safely.. She knew that her sire wouldn't want to go anywhere without her, but Kai would not be leaving Sunnydale, she would be staying here, and really if it happened, she would die here.

When he was finally done talking, she placed her hands on her hips and looked up at him as he stood in front of her. She tilted her head to the side, watching as he regarded her, trying to figure out what emotions she was having and she had to shake her head.

"Are you done, William?" she asked, watching as his eyes narrowed slightly. Clearly, he did like being called Spike more than William. There was probably a lot of sore subjects that linked onto that name more than Spike had. Spike had some lovely memories.. William had a life he used to live. Well, good. At least she hit a sore spot. He deserved it.

"As you said it just a few minutes ago. I'm not a white hat.." She figured that that meant the good guys in town. "And every other demon can smell it on me, I'm sure you could the moment i stepped into this town, and every other demon can too. Which brings us to something that can work to our advantage… At least for a little while."

She paused, beginning to pace slightly as a plan formed in her mind.

"I'm sure your Slayer and her little friends are coming up with a plan to get down into the Hellmouth and take them down, why don't i just help a little bit? I mean, I'll stay as far away from Buffy, maybe except once or twice to let her know that I'm not a threat - for now - and that I can be of some use. That way, the Uber Vamps cannot smell any humanity on me and they will think i am on their side. But once they breach the surface… They will be in for a surprise, because i'm not as weak as I look.. I'm a good fighter, and my magic behind me will surprise the hell out of them. It will for for the first wave, but once they notice that I am killing them.. They will come full force, but i can take them on."

She turned to face him then, "Trust me, Spike… I can help."
William Prattrailroadxspike on September 11th, 2012 05:14 pm (UTC)
Spike regarded Sam with careful eyes as he paced back and forth in front of her. He had calmly tried to continue to reason with Sam as she tried to convince him to let her stay - that she wanted to stay. He just couldn’t be convinced, he was really ignorant in that aspect - he didn’t like to lose any argument. It had always been his weak spot. One of them anyway. His heart was always going to be his biggest, not exactly the best idea in the world when you’re a vampire but he dealt.

Most of the time.

The talk had turned into an argument, and suddenly they were shouting at each other, circling each other as they spat out yell after yell after yell. Sam had started to cry at one point, then Spike had, then they were snarling with their words, their bodies tightening as the tension rose between them. Spike wasn’t positive exactly when exactly things escalated to a dangerous level and had sunk a pretty mean right hook and knocked Spike almost off balance. He immediately felt his lip break and a tooth to be jarred loose in the side of his jaw. He spit up a mouthful of blood and looked at her with insane, crazed eyes. She only smiled at him. Fuck.

She had Angelus’s smirk.

He came after her with a force that he knew would be hard for her to match, only to find her side-stepping him and throwing him into the nearest wall. He scrambled to his feet once more as she was spinning to light him, a certain playful grace to her deadly moves. She smirked at him him again and then tilted her chin up at him, a playful look in her eyes.

She had Barbara’s spirit.

He took in a deep breathe and cracked his neck. Okay. Now he’d be ready.

They traded blows for what seemed like forever, their words becoming less and less as their blows continued on and on. Well it seemed that Sam wasn’t as above all of this as she seemed to think she was. When it got down to it, she was just as much of an animal as her sire was. How she couldn’t understand why something as exact as giving into that primal need to be used, abused and submissive as wholey as Barbara craved it was beyond him. She needed the animal inside of her just as much as the next vampire. They weren’t human - that was what Barbara understood. They were something else, dark and sinister and this was a part of it. The awful parts, the dark parts, that's what vampires reveled in. The feel of skin breaking, the rush of bones crunching, skin against skin, indulgence.

It was sweeter than love.

It was richer than sympathy.

It made you feel more alive than anything vanilla could ever be.

Maybe there was still hope for Sam yet. Maybe she’d come to respect that - as he had. When he had doned his trench coat after it had been gone so long. When he had connected back with himself after so long of being away from himself, depressed over losing something he felt he had changed himself entirely for. It had been such a long way to get to the mental state he was at now. Ready to die for the cause, for himself. In order to save the world he had to be the animal who would rip apart the first thing he had seen. He had to be the animal. Sam would too. If she wanted to live through this.

She not only had to accept that fact, she had to fucking revel in it.

This was a test, and she was passing it so far so good.
William Prattrailroadxspike on September 11th, 2012 05:14 pm (UTC)

It had ended bloody, with both of them bleeding, and after Sam had been tossed through a table and broken it. She was bruised, beaten and winded. He was just as winded and....he thought his jaw might be broke, his fingers touched his ribs and he winced, oh yeah, couple of broken ribs, yep that hurt. Damn. She hit a lot harder than he thought she would.

“Okay Sam. If we do this. We do this my way.” She went to open up her mouth and he held up her hand. She was angry, they had just beaten the crap out of him she probably didn’t exactly feeling like reasoning with him. He got that. “Just hear me out here Sam. I know how things work here. You don’t. I’ve been here, I know the trails. You. Are an amuater. You think you’re going to just go up against something like this solo? I don’t think so. You’re going to need to train - you’re soft, you and your sire both. She knows it and I know it. That’s why she came here. Too much time sleeping in soft beds, having it easy. You’re going to go through the shakes getting you off fresh blood for one.” He noticed the look she gave him and he shook his head. “You really think the slayers going to let you anywhere near her with warm blood on your breathe? Hell no. You’re going to dry out. I used to drink pigs blood but...” He sighed. “Time calls for desperate measures....Buffy, she put me back on human blood a few months ago. Makes me stronger. I can’t get it fresh of course, just bagged from the hospital but it’ll be an easier transaction for you. That’s our second issue - you’re going to have to meet the Slayer and you’re not going to know how to act or what to say to gain her trust but you’re going to need it. Like it or not, if you’re in this army, she’s your commander and chief. Ain’t no if, ands, or buts about it. She’s the slayer. That's her job.”

He walked toward her. “You do everything I say, without question when it comes down to this stuff, and I’ll let you stay...hell I’ll even be a little happy about it. It’s up to you.” He held out his hand and looked her in the eye. “What you say kid?”
wildlyinnocent: Destinywildlyinnocent on September 11th, 2012 11:24 pm (UTC)
The way things had continued after her words, was definitely not where she expected them to go. Sure, she expected him to be a spoiled little brat and yell at her, and treat her like a little child - which she was far from. But Samantha was hardly prepared for what it escalated into. She'd only had these types of arguments with her sire maybe two - three times growing up, so to have her new boyfriend, within… a day or two of getting together with him.. to have this type of fight.. she couldn't help but wonder how things would turn out in the end.

They weren't fighting with their mouths anymore, they were using their fists. And their feet. And basically any part of their bodies to hurt the other one. If she didn't know why he was doing what he was doing, she probably would have ran away like the little girl he was - had been - treating her earlier that night. But she knew what he was doing, he was trying to see if she was going to be able to be in this fight.

And she matched him with every forceful punch. Every kick. Every grunt, groan and yelp of pain until the both of them seemed to be completely bloody, beaten and broken. She was gasping as she placed her hand on her stomach. She had a few cracked ribs, just like she knew he had. Her arm was also broken, her bottom lip had been split, as did her right eyebrow.

Cute. They could match.

Just like him, after he was done talking to her, telling her that basically it was his way or the highway. That she was going to have to give up fresh blood, she didn't think that was going to be too difficult. As long as it was still human blood, she would be able to deal with it. She'd heard of vampires nuking it in a microwave to get it the perfect temperature, and even with most power outages, with her magic, she would be able to get it at the perfect body temperature. She wouldn't notice a difference at all.. except for her teeth slipping into the fleshy neck of a human like a warm knife through butter.

She had to keep a groan at bay and not let him know what she was thinking, because he was right. If she was going to stay around here and fight next to him and the Slayer, she couldn't do it with human blood staining the outer rims of her lips, or her breath completely stinking of it.

Although she wasn't sure if she was going to be okay with her being her commander and chief. That was a fucked up story to tell. 'Oh yes, hi. I'm a vampire and I run underneath the Slayer, the Slayer that my boyfriend used to fuck.'

Yeah, that was great to tell the rest of the vampires around town.

She watched with curious brown eyes as he came toward her, "You do everything I say, without question when it comes down to this stuff, and I'll let you stay… hell i'll even be a little happy about it. It's up to you. What do you say kid?"

Sam quirked a curious brow at him as he offered his hand out to her. After a few long moments, making him regret what he was saying to her, she reached out and took his hand, pulling herself into a standing position. "First off.." she started, but then turned her head to spit out the blood like he had a few moments before. "Don't call me, kid. Okay? Even if we don't date through this whole thing.. It's just fucking creepy to call me kid. Especially when you've fucked the living daylights out of me.. twice." she nodded.

She let go of his hand and brushed the dirt and dust off of her clothing before shaking it out of her hair. "Alright. I accept.. No more fresh human blood. I'll behave around your ex girlfriend. Maybe we'll have something to talk about." She tried to think of what else he told her. "If i have to be trained, I want you to do it. I don't want to be alone in a room with the Vampire Slayer as she's teaching me how to behead an uber vamp. Because if my back is turned and you're not watching out for me and neither am I, she's going to kill me, and you and I both know this. She doesn't know me.. All i am to her is another little vampire who is having sex with her ex honey."
William Pratt: Forever Yoursrailroadxspike on September 12th, 2012 12:18 pm (UTC)
Spike had his arms at his sides as he looked at her, as she stated her terms and she let them absorb into his mind. About half-way through her little speech he had to lean against the wall, because well, he was pretty sure his lungs were bleeding and each movement caused him to want to scream. He stared at her for a long moment after she had gotten done talking before he finally nodded.

“You’re right. The slayers not going to trust you, you won’t be able to be left alone with her, but you will have to learn to train under her, even if you don’t want too. There’s only so much I can teach you. I hate to say it Sam...trust me I really hate to say it but..." He looked down at his shoes for a moment as he took out a cigarette and lit it. Oh God. Inhaling hurt. Inhaling hurt a lot. Don’t show it. Don’t show it. Just be cool Spike. Be cool. "She’s better than me.” He exhaled, he began coughing like mad.

Nicely done William. Smooth.

He smiled up at Sam. “As much as I...would love to ravish you to commemorate this night, but I don’t think...I can move, and by the way you haven’t let go of your rib neither have you, so why don’t we just...lay down for a bit? At least until both of our dumb ass sires make their way back here?” He helped Sam to her bed and told her he’d be back.

After a painful walk downstairs to the mini-fridge he had brought here from his old crypt he opened it and pulled out two bags of blood. Positive A for himself, and Negative B for the lady. He set a pot on the stove and turned it on, he set two thick glasses in the water and poured the blood into each one. This was better than micro waving, it heated the blood all the way through. No need to worry about hot or cold spots while you were drinking. Surprisingly, it had been Xander who had told him the idea, while they were, ahem, living together.

He returned to the bedroom and handed Sam her glass. “It’s not fresh, but it’s human. It’ll help you heal. Don’t want you looking like I put you through a meat grinder for any reason before you meet the Slayer. It’s all about first impressions.” He managed a thin smile toward her as he moved to sit on top of the covers next to her, his dirty boots on her bed-spread as he leaned back, making himself comfortable and taking a sip of his cup.

It was then he felt Sam glaring at him despite the fact that he hadn’t done anything and he wasn’t looking at her. He looked over at her, and saw her staring not at him, but at his boots. He had to look down at his boots, then her, then his boots several times before something finally clicked in his head. “Oh c’mon really?”

Barbara never really cared about cleaning-Ness, in fact she was just as fine living in filth as he was. It was Angelus who had always been the one obsessed with everything being neat and perfect, Angel was just the same - only worse. He wondered if Sam knew just how many of her grand-sires traits she had inherited through that vein of blood she had crunched into all those many years ago.

She was still glaring, unwavering...and...a little...bit creepy....

Spike moved his feet off the bed.
wildlyinnocent: Let me feel youwildlyinnocent on September 12th, 2012 08:21 pm (UTC)
Sam hadn't realized how she had gotten back home with Spike until she was laying painfully in the bed - after Spike's cover up. They had been fighting in the Magic Shop, and then they were yelling at each other, but it wasn't until they had left the sewers and entered the safety of the mansion that they came to blows. He had grabbed her wrist, and she turned around and clocked him extremely hard in his nose. He came at her then... and it didn't end until she had gone through a wooden table.

She knew that he was in a lot of pain, she could see it imbedded in his bright blue eyes. And he knew, just like he had said, that she was in just the same amount of pain. But at that moment she didn't want to be ravaged by him.

Of course it was going to be on her daily plan for the rest of her life, but, she couldn't do that now. Not when she was going to be around the Slayer. She didn't want that bitch to think something was going on with her and Spike, because if she did, it might bring their chances to live... well.. happily down to a complete bare minimum.

She had a feeling that the woman could be a very jealous human being, and if her and Spike had a past, she didn't want to step on it. Not right now at least, not when she really needed the Vampire Slayer to trust her as much as a Vampire Slayer could just a vampire that they didn't even know existed. She couldn't mention who she was related to either, that would have ruined everything else as well.

She watched with slightly hurt eyes as he left her side and went downstairs to get them a blood, she could smell that it was human before he even came back into the room with her, but it wasn't fresh. She could tell that as much as he got closer, but at the moment, any blood would have been better than anything. She needed to heal, and she knew that he needed it to.

He came to lay next to her with the blood, and put up his dirty boots on the bed. Normally, she really didn't give a rats ass if someone was dirty or clean... That was how they lived. All she wanted was something a least slightly tidy, and she didn't like the idea of his mud covered, sewer smelling boots to be on her new bedspread. That... was unaccceptable. Even if they had been fucking. Just.. no.

She raised an eyebrow at him, letting him catch her staring before she stared at his boots. She waited until he finally realized what she wanted and took his nasty ass boots off of her sheets. If he wanted to he could just take them off and put his feet back up - that she didn't care about. She just didn't want to have to do the laundry so soon and ruin such beautiful sheets.

Laying next to him, as she gently sipped the blood that he'd given her, her mind went on what they were going to have to do. What she was going to have to do. She was going to have to look presentable before they met up with the Slayer. No cuts, no bruises, no broken ribs. Nothing. And she was going to have to put a considerable space between them, but before she did, she had to know everything about how the two of them worked.

Taking in an unneeded, yet painful, breath, she turned her head to look toward him. "You're going to have to tell me everything, you know." She started, licking her bottom lip to clean up a little bit of blood that had lingered there from her sips. "About you, and her."
wildlyinnocent: Never Perfectwildlyinnocent on September 12th, 2012 08:21 pm (UTC)
She saw the look on his face and she gave him a soft smile. "Every time you talk to me about her, you get this look in your eye. As if she was the one that got away.. At first, really... I didn't like it.. But I understand. You loved her.. You're probably still in love with her and no one would be able to take her place. I'm just the next vampire to come along and keep your bed warm.. figuratively speaking of course."

She took his hand in her own, "But I need to know everything that's happened between the two of you. I need to know, so I know what she knows.. so that nothing is a surprise if she tries to use you against me. Which, I actually have a feeling she might."

She was also going to have to deal with the fact that he wouldn't be training her. Buffy would be. And she would probably be surrounded by all her little slayers in training. She had to grimace at that thought, inwardly of course. She didn't think she would be able to handle being around all that fresh blood, but for him.. she's learn. Even if they wouldn't be together anymore. She had a feeling that she would lose him to the Slayer.


Before she really even had a chance to have him.

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William Pratt: seducerailroadxspike on September 19th, 2012 06:49 pm (UTC)
Spike was not sure why Sams words affected him so much. Most of what she was saying made sense. She wasn't saying what she was saying to be mean, she was being logical and reasonable. It wasn't often that vampires got so wrapped up in emotion - and she knew that better than anyone it seemed. Spike stared at her for a long moment as she spoke, and he felt a pulling at his heart as he wondered bitterly if it had been Barbara, who had taught her to be so guarded.

That would make a painful amount of sense, and that made Spike both very angry, and very sad. He really hoped he was wrong about Angel, but he had a feeling before this was over that he'd have to have a stake shoved through his chest in order to back off the girl he had broken over and over again. He just wasn't sure what would be left to save. He didn't want to live to see the day that Barbara just gave up, the light in her eyes gone in a way that could never be brought back. Drusillas lunacity had been a gift, Spike understood that now. Without it she would have broken.

Barbaras sanity - and being forced to live on with the broken, bleeding parts of her inner being so abused and ravished. That was the curse. That had been the real torture. It would be obvious why she would teach her childe to be stronger than she was, to not let anyone in. Spike knew he couldn't fight that type of will power. He couldn't begin to break down the walls she had built up around herself at the knee of her sire. Not just yet.

Only time. Sam would have to grow to trust him first before he could even think about beginning that task. It was a task that Spike wanted to take on, and he promised himself that he would one day, if he didn't die before he was given the chance.

"You're right." He spoke softly this time, settling back into the bed. "Now about everything of course, you're far from what I would consider one-night-stand material." He only glimpsed in her eyes for a moment after saying this before moving on, "But I need to tell you everything, and not because I'm afraid the slayer will use it against you, which she might, but because you need to know. Because I want you to know....There's so much we have to tell one another...I'm dying to hear stories of your sire and you together. The adventures, and then there's parts that I don't want to hear, like the first guy you fucked, and the first time you fell in love, but you'll tell me anyway because that's the thing to do....It's a two way street..so we'll start with me."

He lit up a cigarette and looked up at the ceiling, trying to think of the best place to start. "This isn't going to be the best story in the world, not because you're going to hear about me romping with a slayer but because it's not the best story for me. You see...I was quite pathetic for most of this story...and it's going to pain me to tell you this part...just be sure to remember that after Angelus left it was me who took up control over Barbara for a long time after that." He looked at Sam then, who seemed confused, and he just smiled nice and slow and somewhat mischievous. "What I am trying to say is that I know a thing or two about punishing naughty little girls and fully intend to use that knowledge against dark haired little smart mouth vampires that find it acceptable to laugh at things that I do not find funny. Namely me. Just...keep that in mind."

His eyes raised back to the ceiling then, and he felt a swelling of....was that confidence? Part confidence, part erection, punishing Sam....oh. That was a nice thought, and the fact that he could smell her lust and her fear mixing in an unbelievably erotic scent coming off of her in waves. Well...that was only helping matters.

"So it all started about two years ago....and trust me when I say I was none to happy when it did....It started...with a dream."
wildlyinnocent: Paint a shadow on my heartwildlyinnocent on September 20th, 2012 02:45 am (UTC)
"You're right…" Sam couldn't stop the feeling that her heart was sinking deep in her chest at his words. She didn't want to be right. She knew that he was going to have to tell her everything, but deep down, she really didn't want to know. She didn't want to hear about how he had fallen madly in love with the Vampire Slayer, who was sworn to kill - hello - Vampires.

"Not about everything of course.." She lifted her eyes to look at him, and a small smile began to fall on her beautiful lips. What was she not right about? "You're far from what I would consider one-night-stand material." His words honestly caused her heart to swell and rise up in her chest, and she wanted to reach out and link their fingers together, but now was not the time.

Now was the time to listen.

To learn.

And to be prepared for the future that she was going to be a part of.

A future that they were going to make together.

At least she hoped, as long as they both survived this.

Although, Sam, honestly, was a little worried to tell him about her past with her sire, and with other men that she'd been with. Okay, so he didn't want to know about the first guy she fucked, and he really wasn't all that great either.. she just did it because it was her first week being a childe, and her sire was teaching her things. She had brought the man into their little hum.. celebration on the dance floor that night, and he enjoyed every second of it.

He had commented how her breasts had felt in his hand, how she was so wet and tight, and it didn't even hurt to have him inside of her for the first time. For having a man inside of her for the first time ever. It was probably either the fact that she was dead.. or the fact that she was a helluva lot more tolerant when it came to pain now…

If she were to admit it though, she would love to see the reaction on Spike's face, and his body, as she told him that story. He would probably get rigid with jealousy. Followed by extremely turned on and he would get nuts and probably fuck her into the bed, before he was able to continue to listen to her story, just like he earlier before they were interrupted by the other couple.

She was going to have to keep that in the back of her mind…
Which her sire definitely made sure she tried out on her for the past… 80 some odd years. Oh.. they were lovely nights.. the blood.. the screams… the ropes.. the riding crops… the knives.. She had to shiver at the thought, and she was glad that he never noticed, because he was smoking, trying to figure out how he was going to explain hat caused him to fuck a Slayer.

"…You see… I was quite pathetic for most of this story.. and its' going to pain me to tell you this part.. just be sure to remember that after Angelus left it was me who took up control over Barbara for a long time after that. What I am trying to say is.. that I know a thing or two about punishing naughty little girls and fully intend to use that knowledge against dark haired little smart mouth vampire that find it acceptable to laugh at things that I do not find fun. Namely me. Just.. keep that in mind."

A shiver of pleasure passed through her at his words, but she she was extremely curious on the fact that he had just admitted to her that he had taken control over Barbara as if he were her own Sire, and for the first time, she felt jealously toward that fact. she felt her blood boil a little bit that her best friend had gotten to bed the vampire before her.

Moving to lay back in the bed, she tilted her head at him, her fingers gently running up and down his arm, letting him talk to her, tell her everything that he seemed fit to tell her.