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01 August 2012 @ 08:40 pm
Why do we fall?  
Characters: Angel and Barbara
Time: Afternoon
Location: Angel's Mansion
Thread Status: Open to Barbara

"I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt right now angel, but don't think I'm looking the other way. I'm watching you, and if you fuck this up… If you hurt her again… Sam will want to stake you, and I will not have any problem whatsoever in helping to accomplish that. She's been through enough because of you.. you do what I'm guessing you're gonna do again.. there may be no coming back for her. Tread carefully Angel."

The bleached blonde vampires words still echoed in his head, and Angel couldn't help himself from growling deep in his throat.

He knew that the vampire was right in his wording, but that really didn't mean that he had to like what was coming out of his mouth, or like the fact that they were directed completely at him. Hitting him straight in the heart as if it were an actual stake.

But he didn't want to hurt her. He didn't want to become Angelus again, that was one of the things he would always regret.. He would always regret the way that Angelus had treated the beautiful little vampire.

He turned toward her, about to speak, but he felt as if his voice was stuck in his throat.

Now see this here, this was one of the problems when it came down to being Angel. Whenever things got tense with someone that he really truly cared about, he got completely tongue tied. He never knew what to say, and if he spoke, he basically became a stupid bumbling idiot again. He became a drunk teenager that was never good at speaking his heart. Well he was, but, it didn't always bode well for him.

Something always went wrong.

Taking in a deep breath, he moved toward his childe and gently wrapped her up in his arms. He pressed a soft kiss to the top of her head, burying her nose into her hair as he gently ran his fingers through the silky strands.

"He's not wrong about wanting to feel that way about me.." he whispered. "he's anything but wrong, for once in his life, Spike is actually right and it scares me." he admitted. "I hate the fact that Angelus looms over my head, that he could come back at any moment of pure happiness, and I know that somewhere down the line that it's going to hit us square in the face, and I really don't want that to happen for you. You've become… such a strong vampire.. such a strong woman.." he paused again. "And i'm so proud of that."

"I'm so proud of what you've become.. Angelus may not be happy with it, but there isn't a bone in Angel's body that isn't proud. You're beautiful, and you're strong, and you've left that little Kitten behind.." he heard a soft purr and laughed softly, "Okay, maybe not completely, but enough that she's not scared of the life that she lives. And… if Angelus comes out, he's going to destroy you, and I don't think i could handle that."

He pulled away, holding her at arms length and pushed some of her hair from her face, so that he could look at her. "I'm not good for you, Barbara. And it kills me to say that, because for years I have felt completely empty, not knowing what was wrong with me, until now.. until I finally saw your face again, and i knew what i had been missing.. i had been missing you. It'll kill me if he comes out and hurts you.. I wouldn't be able to live with it."
Barbara O'Connor: manage youchaoticxbarbara on August 21st, 2012 10:49 am (UTC)
Barbara’s eyes were wet from emotion and so she was thankful for the fact that Angel wasn’t looking directly at her as he spoke. It made hiding her tears easy, she blinked slower than normal, hoping to wipe them from her obscured view. She wasn’t sure why she was crying - if out of happiness or sadness. This moment seemed to be looming somewhere in between the two emotions. She felt her throat burning, her un-needed breathe caught in the back of her throat. She swallowed slowly, hiccuping only softly between her quivering breathes.

It was times like this that she felt as if the time Angelus spent in her life had taken up much more than it had. His presence felt so heavy in weight for the control she felt she lacked when it came to him. It was hard for her to remember that her time with him was as short lived as it was. Being able to live forever made time seem like such a fickle thing, really he had only been a blink of an eye. He was something she should have been able to shrug off easily - a mere fifteen years in her almost two centuries of existence on this planet. She had been with Sam for almost eighty years - Angel should be nothing in comparison.

So why was he?

She couldn’t tell him - couldn’t let him know the power that he held over her. She was sure he had some semblance of an idea - but she couldn’t tell him. The sound of his voice, the way his words came out in a soft stutter, along-side the gentle quiver of his tone told her different. He was afraid, and she had a feeling it was a fear strong enough to try and drive her away. She couldn’t have that - too much like her sire Angelus, Barbara never went back on her word. It was unthinkable.

Although she was accustomed to being the weaker of the two of them when it came to Angel, she had changed a lot since their last encounter. She had raised a strong, independent childe, but that wasn’t without it’s effort. During Sams first years Barbara had been the dominant of the two of them - in that she had also learned how to care for her, nurture her, care and to comfort her when she needed it.

Sometimes she believed that it had done more for her than it had ever done for Sam.
Barbara O'Connorchaoticxbarbara on August 21st, 2012 10:49 am (UTC)
She tilted her head to the side slightly, eyes wide like a curious puppy as Angel held her at arms length. She was glad her tears had a chance to dry by now, leaving only a slight pinkness to her otherwise clear eyes. There was no fear in her eyes at his words, although she took them in with great consideration. She knew that he wasn’t lying, she was putting herself at great personal risk - he was giving her an out, a chance to walk away from what was considered a binding promise. Her hands went behind her back instinctively, fingers interlacing and placed in the small of her back. Her posture and gaze made her seem child-like and carefree, but she was anything but fragile. It was a trait she had grown to admire about Drusilla - the ability to remain bright and innocent in the face of sin and darkness. Barbara was the combination of everyone she had ever encountered, she took pieces and adapted them into her own personality.

It was why she was so flexible - able to adapt to her surroundings and to thrive in every situation.

“You may be afraid but I’m not,” She spoke slowly, trying to find her voice. Talking back to Angelus was something she been trained not to do, so trying to find her tongue was difficult. She would have to learn how to be in this relationship - just as much as Angel would. She bit her lip a bit as she felt her cheeks and ears warm from her blush, she’d be lying if she said she wasn’t a little bit excited at the thrill of it all. The idea of being so close to him again touched her deep down to her core. “You’re not wrong of course,” she added quickly, “but that doesn’t change it...This is why I was created. I’ve spent over a century by myself - away from him, away from you, but I’ve never been alive until now. It was like a half existence - stuck part-way between awake and dreaming. All my life all I’ve ever done is circle around myself, when all I wanted was to walk right back to this...” Her voice quivered, the truth of her words caused her to tremble, she didn’t like being so vulnerable or raw. She felt naked under his intense gaze. “I need this, and if you tell me you don’t, I’ll know you’re lying. I know the risks, but I just...”

She raised her eyes then, and her breathes came a bit easier. There was a small smile taking over her features now, mischievous and it reached her eyes, as it seldom did. Her smile was infectious, and she found confidence in a strange place. She tilted her head again before she spoke.“I just don’t bloody care.”
angelusdarkness: Permascowlangelusdarkness on August 30th, 2012 09:23 pm (UTC)
Angel sighed as he listened to her words. He held his hand to his face, running it up and down before slipping into the hair that was sticking up ever so slightly with some soft gel. He knew what she was going to say before she even said it. That she was going to be okay with what was going to come along down in the future, because even though, with Angelus locked up with a key and not being able to find that key with this girl, just yet… He would one day.

Angel knew it.

He knew that one day, he was going to fall in love, deeper than he had for Buffy, deeper than he had for Cordelia or hell, even Darla. And that when that day came, and they were to, in a way, consummate their relationship, he would lose. Angelus would find that key, and he would be able to break free. He would come out, and he would break the beautiful being that was in front of him.

The woman that had become who she had to the day, the sire, the vampires, and the damn beautiful devil that made his blood run hot. He would break her, and possibly kill her emotionally and physically. She would leave them here, all alone, leave Sam here, all alone, with Spike.

Although, he had a feeling that those two were going to be good together. He could smell the power radiating off of her, and he could feel the love and lust going between the two of them as if they were freight trains. But he hoped the little bastard of a pest wasn't going to do anything to ruin it. Spike had the tendency to.. ruin some good things.

Oh, he heard the story about him and Buffy. Having sex with Anya in the Magic Box.. Him to get back at Buffy, and her to get back at Xander for leaving her at the altar. It was a huge mess, and he really hoped he knew what he had before he ended up like Angel, and ended up completely and utterly alone.

"I never said, that I don't want this.." he admitted softly. "I would be lying to myself as well, and you and I both know that nothing ever comes out of a situation well when its basically completely based on a lie."

He took in a deep breath, he moved to sit down on the bed, pulling her down onto his lap, he began to play with her hands. Idly moving his fingers over hers, bending down to press soft kisses to the pads beneath the nails. "I know you don't care, and honestly, thats what makes you…well, you." he whispered, letting out a soft laugh, "But don't ever say bloody again, you sound like you went to a concert with Spike, or spent way too much time with him." he shuddered, "Which, is something that i pray that you don't do. I already fear for Sam's safety. She's already spending way too much with him, and you and I both know that he's not a very good influence. He's just a little kid, and he doesn't know how to act like an adult."

He then moved to lay back on the bed, pulling her with him, his arms slipping around her waist. "Barbara.." he started, "There's a big storm coming." he paused, "And I don't want you anywhere near it. When the going gets too tough, you're coming to Los Angeles with me. You can bring Sam if you want, which means Spike will tag along with her but… as long as he stays far enough away from me, everything will be fine."
Barbara O'Connor: all of mechaoticxbarbara on September 5th, 2012 09:42 am (UTC)
Barbara was prepared for many things to come out of Angels mouth - alot of them excuses, alot of them reasons for this not to become something - to change his mind, to say that it had been the heat of the moment...she was prepared for all of that and more. What she wasn’t prepared for however was what actually happened. For Angel to admit that he wanted this just as much as she did, maybe even needed it, just as she knew she did. He admitted how scared he was - which she knew he was, she could feel it as if it was her fear, it made her blood pulse and her insides churn. It was okay that he was scared, thy could be scared together, it would be another first for them.

She had gone through alot of firsts with the vampire that stood before her....if she was to think about the bigger, more important ones now, she’d probably blush.

Her eyes snapped up toward him as he told her that he didn’t want her to stay here - to fight the fight that he felt she had no footing in - no reason to be fighting for. She felt her body tense, an anger building up in her core, whispering violent curses in the back of her mind. She knew that this was going to be a very big part of their relationship - him telling her what he thought was best, and just expecting her to know that his word was law.

“No fucking way.”

He’d also have to come to terms with the fact that they would fight about that alot. Control was not something she gave over lovingly and willingly anymore. Oh no, it was something that she had learned to grip onto for dear life, and if he wanted it - wanted her collared to him as she felt she knew that he did - he’d have to not only fight for that power, he’d have to rip it out of her.

Angel blinked at her for a moment, she had effectively stunned him into silence, no was not something was obviously accustomed to hearing, not from his women anyway. That was always how he liked his women, soul or no soul, small and submissive. Men never change, lucky for Barbara, woman are more adaptable than that.

“I came here for a reason,” She quickly amended her previous tone, the words had just fallen out of her mouth, maybe too much time with Spike. She had developed quite the vocabulary in his absence, as well as a naturally cockiness. She was sure Angel would have a word or two to say toward her peroxide sibling in that retrospect. She almost wished she was would be there to witness it - almost. “Spikes...helped me out a lot in my time.” Alot more than you have, she added subconsciously and silently. “And this...this means something to him. He’s not going to walk away...I came here for a reason - you can call me crazy or whatever, but I feel like this is where we need to be.”

That was a lie of course, this is where Sam needed to be. She had been having dreams - vivid, mind-altering dreams that had led her to the decision of being here - bringing Sam here. It wasn’t something she had admitted to anyone. When she spoke those words, she had broken eye contact. The idea of being away from Sam though...it wasn’t something she could think of without an incredibly broken heart. She couldn’t make sense of her dreams...if this is where Sam needed to be, that meant it was where she needed to be...so why had Angel come here now?

What were the powers trying to tell her?
Barbara O'Connorchaoticxbarbara on September 5th, 2012 09:43 am (UTC)
“I understand your concern really I do, but there’s no way we’re leaving. Not until this is over anyway...I’ll..” She ran her hand through her hair, trying to think, she couldn’t get her thoughts straight. Leaved it to Angel to throw a monkey-wrench it what was a perfectly-planned death wish. Fuck.

“I’ll come to Los Angelos after....once I’m sure..that...everything here is fine...”

She managed a glance at him and she was almost forced into a stand-still at the gaze that sent a chill right down her spine. Right...she’d have to work on that, maybe the time apart would be good...give her a chance to get alot of her rebellion out... yeah...she was sure that was a good idea.... She was also very sure that he did not, in any sense of the word, agree with her. He was boring down at her....right.. he was going to take some well...convincing. After all...it wasn’t everyday a souless pair of vampires show up in hopes to help save the day - or world...or what have you...

“I’m soulless, not a monster...and besides...” and she paused for a moment, and continued with a very Angelus statement. “If the world is going to end, it’s either going to me pulling the trigger, or me trying to stop the jackass whose trying to steal my glory.”

It took all of her strength not to close her eyes or turn away at this point...especially after she heard a small snarl building at the back of Angels throat. Right.

Time to see what the two of them were made of.
angelusdarkness: Defyangelusdarkness on September 6th, 2012 02:20 am (UTC)
All Angel wanted was to keep his girl safe, keep her away from this. Keep her on the second front, because if it got passed Sunnydale, he would be able to protect her in Los Angeles, at least for a little while longer, he would be able to keep her safe. Because LA was his home now, and LA was where he was able to keep things on his turf, and keep things under control. LA was his city.

Sure, he knew the Sunnydale sewers like the back of his hand still, it wasn't something you could forget when you spent three years using them to get around during the daylight. To spy on your girlfriend, and then your ex girlfriend. To make sure all of your friends were safe. To go to the butcher shop while they were still open and getting some pigs blood. But in LA, it was a whole different story, he'd been there for four years now, and, everything was his. No one would be able to take his city away from him, or his girl, if he could just get here there..

'No fucking way.

Angel was snapped away from his thoughts at her words, and her tone, and his eyes went wide as he stared at her. He wasn't exactly… completely angry that she was saying no to him. More so worried at the fact that she was being incredibly stupid and wanting to stay in a place where both her and her childe would most likely die, along with every other slayer here.

Wow, since when did he really think that negatively of Buffy?

A snarl began to erupt at the back of his throat at her rephrasing a comment that he'd stated a long time ago as Angelus. "Listen here, sweetheart.." he started off. "Not one part of me thinks that you're a monster, and i don't give a damn if you want to be the one pulling the trigger or stoping the one that's being a jackass and ending the world.. This is way bigger than you are. Bigger than the both of us, hell, bigger than the four of us put together." he snapped.

"I know why you're really here, and its not just because you owe Spike. you can't leave her here, you know that she has to be here, and i don't know why you think she does. Is it because of Spike? Do you think she has to be here, during this fight, because of Spike?" he asked, shaking his head.

"That kid is nothing but a waste of space.." Okay, Angel was getting mad now. "He's going to be here because of the lust that he's had for Buffy. I can smell them all over each other, well, I guess I could before your childe got her little fingers not him." He took in a deep breath, he needed to calm down.

"I just… I want to keep you safe, Barbara… I don't.. want you in this fight, because it really is too big for the both of us. I want to keep you in a place where i know you'l be safe for at least a little while, if they can't take down this evil.. if you stay here, there is a possibility that you will die, and I don't know about you… But i can't lose you again after I just got you back."
Barbara O'Connor: never endchaoticxbarbara on September 7th, 2012 05:57 am (UTC)
She chewed on her lip as Angel saw right through her, how could he possibly know that's how he felt about Sam. She shook her head, willing away his words as she turned away from him. She didn't want to believe him - and couldn't believe the disgusting things she was saying about Spike, and about her childe. She felt her body tense, the core of her body tightening with the anger she had just never managed to get a very good grasp on.

She supposed it was what gave her part of her charm...in less than normal social rings anyway.

Barbara cocked her head to the side as she turned toward him, he certainly had some pent up emotions about the Slayer now didn't he? She raised an eyebrow as she looked at him as he tried to explain himself as best as possible. It was kind of cute really, seeing how much he cared, he was giving into something Angelus never did - talking. She smirked a bit, this was certainly something new.

Something she had always secretly dreamed about.

She crossed her arms slowly as she took him in...he was sweet, that's for sure. He knew all the right words to say, she'd be melting inside if she was about a century younger. The years had not been kind to Barbara as far as her mental state - she had grown inverted and guarded, she seemed to be wary of everything - everyone. She felt each year weigh on her as if it was a thousand pounds, no matter how hard she tried, she couldn't let anyone in, couldn't get close to anyone. Even Sam - there was a distance there that she just had never been able to shake, a wall she put between the two of them.

She had trained her childe not to need her for a reason, because she couldn't be what Sam needed, wanted. She couldn't get close to anyone, there was just...too many walls.

So when the dreams started and the voices kept telling her about where Sam needed to be, she had thought...well, this is it. She more or less knew she was going to die...and a large part of her was afraid...

She guessed she just doesn't mind much.

She was tired....tired of looking for something that didn't exist. The way she was living...it just wasn't doing it for her. She felt flawed...broken..At least this way she could go out doing something - something important. She could be part of something amazing...she didn't reckon she deserved it much but something told her Sam was gonna wind up here no matter what she had done. She was just the kind of girl to just roll with the punches.

She stared blankly at Angel and felt a familiar chill run to her un-beating heart. Words were nice, sweet and sugar coated. Angelus had always been good at talkin' when he took to it. Didn't take much, it was always the one thing he did that hit Barbara harder than anything else he had done. She'd rather take a punch over one of his ever-so charming lines that make her dead heart want to race only to turn out to be a lie in the end. That was a dangerous skill.

To bathe your lies in such sweet sugar.

Words were nice, actions you could believe....but she so wanted to believe his words. She glanced toward the boards in which sunlight was shining through only hours before. It seemed to be setting, a warm sunset wafting through the ply-boards. Where had the time gone?

"You dated a girl named ....'Buffy'?" She finally said, making Angel give her a kind of confused look for a moment that that was the first thing to fall out of her mouth. "I mean I knew she was a slayer and that was bad enough but to have her be named something so...cheerleader-e..really Angel." She looked at him for a moment. "She's not...blonde is she?"

A moment of silence and a slightly guilty look in her eyes told Barbara all she needed to know.

Oh Angel Baby...that's a new kind of low.
Barbara O'Connorchaoticxbarbara on September 7th, 2012 05:58 am (UTC)
"I stand by what I said Angel." She whispered, shaking off the previous awkward moment, her voice unsure, quivering. There was a small smile on her lips, just a shadow of one as she glanced toward the door. Inspiration struck. "I'm staying here, and if you really believe I shoudn't be here you're just going to have tie me up and drag me to whatever seemingly safe place you have in mind because there's no way in hell I'm coming willingly."

Time to see if Angel had lost any of his sharpened skills in their absence...she had always been able to give Angelus a paticularly good chase if she wanted too. This wasn't going to be one of their cross country hunts, but still...

It was always one of their favorite games.

It'd been awhile since she played it, Sam was too well behaved. She grinned to herself, and wondered if she'd pick up the game with Spike.... There really wasn't anything quite like Vampiric love.

She was out of the door before her Sire could blink and was gone into the shadows within a matter of moments.
angelusdarkness: hot!!angelusdarkness on September 9th, 2012 12:31 am (UTC)
"You dated a girl named… Buffy?"

Angel was completely taken aback by her question. He expected everything else, anything else, but a question focusing on his ex-ex-ex-ex girlfriend. it completely came out from the far left field and shocked the hell out of him. It had to take him a few minutes to actually let it register in his thick head that the question was actually said outlaid, and rather not inside his head like he had hoped it would have been. Because, really, he did not want to be having this conversation with his new girl. Well, his new-old-girl.

God, his love-life was pathetic.

And rather… really confusing.

"She's not… blonde… is she?" Another question that had him floored, and he couldn't stop the guilty look from flashing across his face and his eyes. He couldn't admit to her that honestly, his ex was not just the Vampire Slayer, but she was an ex-cheerleader and she was in fact… extremely blonde. He really didn't want her to find out that she was one of the most popular girls in highschool before she became a cheerlead. She was one of those girls who everyone loved, and loved to hate. She always had a sucker in her mouth, and she really played up the stereotypical blonde type very well.

"I stand by what I said Angel. I'm staying here, and if you really believe i Shouldn't be here, you're just going to have to tie me up and drag me to whatever seemingly safe place you have in mind because there's no way in hell im coming willingly."

Angel stared at her, and his brow began to instantly rise. Well, now that, he expected to come out of her mouth a lot more than the whole Buffy thing. He knew that she wasn't going to come willingly, and the Angelus inside of him was rattling his cage again, screaming at him to take her over his knee, spank her, and tie her to him with anything that he could find, and drag her back to Los Angeles with him, but before Angel could even make a move, he could smell that the sun had set… and he knew that she had too.

He was just about to open his mouth, his hand reaching out for her and then she was gone.

She had run out the front of the mansion door, and out into the city streets of Sunnydale. He was stunned completely for a few long seconds before he pulled himself back into place and ran to the front door. He swung it open, closed his eyes, and tried to catch her sent over the wind that seemed to be relentless.

It was making tons of different scents covering her own. He could smell garbage, and the lake, lots of blood, grass, dirt… rain. It was going to rain… And then… Ah, there it was. Opening his eyes, a feral grin began to form on his lips, and his lips curled as a low growl began to form at the base of his throat.

Kitten wanted to play…

Daddy would play…

And he would play very well.

Run while you can, my playful kitten...

He gave her a few seconds more, before making sure he still had her scent, and then he took off in the direction it had come from.

…Because daddy's coming.
Barbara O'Connor: sublimechaoticxbarbara on September 11th, 2012 09:38 am (UTC)
Her legs moved underneath her as if guided by something other than herself, the smallest smirk pulled at her lips as otherwise she took on a very focused and concentrated look on her face. She was acting as if this was all business - she knew she had too, otherwise she'd lose the game.

It'd been a long time since she had played this game with him, but it had only been a few short months since she had been on the run. He had his work cut out for him for this time she told herself, she was faster than she was before, smarter and stronger. She had done nothing but hone her skills for the past century. If he was looking for an easy win - this wasn't going to be it.

Once she had put a good distance between herself and her chaser she was able to pull herself to a slow run. She paused as she glanced around and she looked at a tree over-looking a crypt. She pulled herself up on top of a tombstone, and she jumped and grabbed a tree branch, pulling herself onto it and then dropping down on top of the flat surface of the crypt building. She let her fangs slip down and let her face transfer into it's demonic half, and bit into her palm, not deep, just enough to let the blood drip slowly down from the palm of her hand. Not much - not enough to be noticed, just enough to leave her scent among the dirt of the cement tomb. When she moved across the roof, it felt like there was a thin layer of sand underneath her boots. Good, he wouldn't be able to realize what she was doing.

Until it was too late.

She moved quickly, a blur despite the fact that each move she made was calculated, thought through. She was giving him a trail - but not in the direction that he might like. The blood would put enough scent in the air to drive him into a frenzy - thinking she was close, but really by the time he reached the end of it, she would be miles away. She moved across the roof tops with ease, letting one drop spill here, then another, and another. She zig-zagged, cutting across the ground at some points, through trees at others. She finally came to a stop at a crypt that was well known to have sewer access. She moved through it quickly, down to the bottom floor and moved the wooden door protecting the entrance. With a grin she untied a bandana she had tied around her upper-arm and held it in her hand, letting the blood seep into the cloth. She let it fall and then kicked the entrance closed. She backed out of the crypt the same way she went on, moving backwards so there was only one set of foot-steps. Once she was able to turn around she paused, thinking carefully before she tore a piece of fabric off of her shirt and tied it around her hand, stopping the blood from reaching the floor.

She had to get her scent off the ground but using the roofs now would be a dead give-away. No. She chewed on her lip and took a deep breathe. Lets just hope she could keep her balance. She pulled herself to the top of a tomb stone and for the next few moments she hopped from one to another, moving as quickly and effectively as she could. She grinned as she remembered all the times Samantha and herself had done this, racing each other to see who could keep their balance the longest, and reach the end of the cementary first. Sam usually won - she had incredible balance, but all the practice had made Barbara quite good.

She threw herself over the gate and landed on the other side of the street outside of the gates. She grinned as she looked back only once before she was gone again.

Back in the day, her main goal would be to outrun Angelus, it wasn't hard, her speed had always been on her side. He had surpassed her in strength of course, but she was quick - a whole hell of a lot quicker than he was, and she was small. She could wedge herself through places he couldn't even begin to fit. She'd use those skills now - plus all the ones she had collected through the years she had spent without him. Samantha had Barbaras childhood problem - she liked pissing off entire towns and causing them to go on the run, she picked the wrong fights with the wrong demons. Just like Barbara once had. It drove her up the wall and feel like a hypocrite all at once.
Barbara O'Connor: let it burnchaoticxbarbara on September 11th, 2012 09:38 am (UTC)
She could easily distract him by using people as props - setting up different people he had to save in order to get to her, but something in her stomach told her not too. She was making her way down an alley when the idea had first hit her - as she saw a vampire drinking from a girl. She had taken a stake off her belt and dusted the vampire without really thinking about it. She let herself into a local bar establishment through the back after-ward, but the girl wasn't far behind her, grabbing her with one hand while she held her hand over her throat with the other. Barbara turned toward her, annoyed and unamused.

"You...you saved me!" The girl squeaked as blood fell from in between her fingertips. "Is there...anything...anything I can do for you? Let me buy you a drink?" Barbara tilted her head to the side and grinned.

"Yeah there's something you can do for me." She whispered as she untied the bandana from around her hand and moved to tied it securely around her neck. At least the vampire blood would keep away anyone on her way home.

She smiled as the girl met her eyes with confusion.

She exited the bar ten minutes later, her outfit, and therefore a large part of her scent had been switched into the one the girl had been wearing. She had switched outfits with the girl as a smile crossed her face.

This night was just getting started.
angelusdarkness: Angel smirkangelusdarkness on September 12th, 2012 12:27 am (UTC)
Angel had to admit that he had missed this. It was one of the games that he and Angelus both enjoyed when it came to the kitten he loved. It was really rather rare that they had so much in common when it came to every day life, but this.. this was definitely one of them.

They both enjoyed the chase that sent their adrenaline rush level extremely high. They both loved the fear that they could smell radiating off of her with the rest of her scent.

He followed her scent down to the t until he got to a cemetery and he closed his eyes. He could smell her.. smell her blood…she was close.. she was.. his eyes opened and turned toward a crypt and he grinned before heading toward it, he pulled himself up onto it immediately and found that she was nowhere to be found.

Her scent was so strong, she had to have just been there.

He followed it to the next crypt, and then the next, and the next until he reached the one with sewer access and he pulled himself down into the crypt. Following her scent down through the sewer access and headed through it. Halfway down the tunnel he realized that he'd lost her scent and he began to frown. He backed up a few paces, catching it again, and then following it back to the ladder.

It was then that he noticed the little bandana on the ground, and it was covered in her blood. He bent down and picked it up, sniffing it softly. So she'd cut herself, and moved it everywhere in this cemetery to keep him busy and preoccupied while she continued to run like a dog with its tail between her legs.

Little bitch.

He grinned.

But she was such a good girl.. It wasn't fun to have the game end so early..

He took the bandana and stuck it in his pocket before pulling himself out of the crypt. He followed her scent, and lost it for a few moments. It wasn't until a few minutes later when the wind brought it toward him again, and he closed his eyes, breathing it in and let out a moan that could be mistaken as pleasurable. Oh, who the fuck was he kidding? It was nothing but pleasurable.

Her scent drove him wild, and it would always drive him wild.

He took off after the scent, and made it half way through town until he finally spotted a body heading through a dark alleyway. Normally, with his vampiric eyes he would be able to pick it up immediately, but, with the blood and just pure lust he had for the girl, it was clouding his judgement.

He headed toward her, following her scent completely until he wrapped her up in his arms. He felt her stiffen and he grinned, bending down to press a soft, chaste kiss to her cloth covered neck and he ran his hands up and down her body, running up to cup her breasts.

"Oh, my little kitten.." he purred in her ear.. "You tried to get away from me.. But i'm better at this game then you are.."

It was then that he heard the heartbeat pounding in the girls chest. Wait… heart beat? Oh…


She was breathing. And he could now feel the heartbeat on his hand.

Double fuck.

He immediately let go of the woman, and without another word, he disappeared into the night, climbing up onto the building and looking down at her. He took in a few, calming, unneeded breaths as he looked down at the woman as she was looking absolutely terrified, before finally looking around to se that there was no man behind her. Maybe she'd been dreaming it.. because with the way she was looking, that was how she was feeling.

He noticed the cloth on her neck, and he could see the blood attached to it and realized that she'd been fed on earlier. He froze, and instantly thought it may have been his kitten, but then he realized that it couldn't have. She wouldn't do something like that.. not during their game at least. She wouldn't give into her hunger while he was coming for her.. it would give him more of an advantage then she would actually want him to have.

He let out a soft laugh after the shock that he'd just felt up a total and complete stranger washed away, he was able to think about what she'd done. She'd become quite the prey to catch.. He couldn't have been more proud of her. Pulling himself into a standing position, he began to leap across buildings, trying to find her real sent this time.
Barbara O'Connorchaoticxbarbara on September 12th, 2012 11:12 am (UTC)
Barbara wasn’t stupid, she knew that half the thrill of this game for her partner was the idea behind it. The chase, hunting her down until she was too tired to run, or made a wrong move and fell into one of his traps. She thought that each time she was running scared, but there was something he didn’t know, something his soulless partner didn’t know. It was that Barbara never ran because of fear. She never ran scared. It was why panicking was never a problem with her unless it was drawn upon her with frustrations of running out of options. No, no.

Barbara ran out of the pure joy of running. This was all part of the fun for her....as she whipped and weaved through the towns streets, ducking down alleys and through businesses. She jumped into a fountain in the center of the town and then swung herself onto a near-by street lamp and into a near-by lawn. She knew that he would be following her trail like a blood-hound on a fugitives scent, nose to the ground, any lapse in her second, even small almost insignificant gaps would cause him to spin himself around in circles. She grinned when she hit the ground and kept moving, the only thing that could make this better was being able to watch him falling over his over feet trying to catch one single little girl vampire.

Oh yes. She’d pay to see that.

She ran her hand through her hair as she stopped dead suddenly, nose in the air. She couldn’t smell him, she’d be able to smell him thundering down on her like the flames of hell, he had abandoned this town, he only had one track, him coming in, and him coming to her. She however, had spent the last few nights here. She was everywhere. It was just a matter of weeding out the old scent, and the new, fresh scent, so it wasn’t his scent that had stopped her. The scent was so rough and powerful though that the second it hit her nose, she was doing cart-wheels in her frenzy. It burned her nostrils and made her eyes water.

Only one thing could make a vampire stop dead in their tracks like that, and Barbara had smelt it before.

“Slayer.” She whispered out loud, her eyes suddenly scanning the darkness for where the trail started. She took a few steps backward to where it had first hit her. She tilted her head to the side, she felt her mouth water at the very idea of being so close to a stripper, she felt her stomach sick at the thought that Sam was in the same town as one. She took a deep breathe. Now was not the time to go introducing herself to the Slayer. She’d need Spike for that, but she could....

She glanced back the way she had come and smiled slowly. She followed after the Slayer’s trail, moving to blend in with the shadows. She circled the slayers house, keeping a safe enough distance not to be noticed. She heard voices from within the house, she was asking where Spike was. She heard over a dozen hearts beating, pumping sweet, succulent blood through a dozen warm, inviting bodies. She swallowed the saliva that formed in her mouth. How did Angel live like this?

She smirked a bit and shook her head. She’d have to learn. Fast. She knew having her scent so close to those he cared about would have him go into a frenzy, he’d have to waste time making sure she wasn’t still here. For their safety. For hers. He’d be so conflicted. She smiled slowly to herself, and took off in the opposite direction and into the back-waters of the town.

She found herself in a demon bar on the opposite end of town, knowing she had bought herself enough time to take a breather. She was sitting at the bar with a drink in front of her, she was spinning the cherry around in the liquored beverage before moving the small, juicy fruit in between her teeth. She pulled it off her stem and turned her attention to a male vampire that had taken an interest in her. She wasn’t paying him much attention but he would serve his purpose, she even tolerated as he draped his arm over her shoulders. She knew that any demon, vampire or otherwise non human that he smelt her on would be dead in an instant.
Barbara O'Connorchaoticxbarbara on September 12th, 2012 11:13 am (UTC)
Killing takes time. Time she’d spend moving. Getting further and further ahead of him. She was having a blast, Angel was predictable, soul or no soul, and jealousy was just one of his many weaknesses. She finished her drink in one long drink and looked at her watch. Time to get on the road again. She moved the vampires arm from over her shoulders and moved to stand up.

“Where do you think you’re going little one?” The male had purred to her as she turned to face him with a bored look, that was before she noticed the three vampires that were suddenly behind her, each of them had their hands on her arms and she noticed the other inhabitants of the bar were suddenly surrounding her, moving out of their seats to get closer to her. Some of them had weapons. She swallowed slowly, great, just what she needed. She knew that three drinks was too many. Dammit.

The male moved her head to the side to examine the bite marks on her neck and grinned. “Now now, I knew there was something special about you, the second you walked in. That’s a fresh mark you got there....you’re new to us aren’t you? Well...why don’t we show you how us big boys play huh? It’s better to get into the big leagues early, or else you’ll find yourselves among the bench warmers...and don’t try to fool us...I can smell it all over you. That adrenaline...that lust....you’re dying for this aren’t you?”

She glanced around at the grins on everyones faces and growled, oh just what she needed...a bunch of guys on a hyped up ego trip talking themselves into thinking this was right. Right for them at least. Not that it mattered if it was wrong, hell, that was really probably the core reasoning behind alot of them.

Angel was going to be pissed if he walked in on this. She’d just have to be faster than that wouldn’t she. “You’re right about my smell...” She purred back, looking longingly up at the two who held her arms. “I’m a mess of all kinds of needs and wants...just dying to be hunted down and pulled kicking and screaming into worlds unknown...” Ca-ching, the boys had released her as she moved closer to the leaders grasp, his fingers on her cheek, staring into her eyes.

“You’re just wrong on a few things.” She whispered, her lips just inches from his. She moved up so she was whispering right into his ear. “I’m not new, not even close, and that scent you’re going cart-wheels over. It’s not meant for you.” She looked him square in the eye and smiled before she thew the first punch and before the bar erupted into a fight.

She walked out of it only a few moments later, she had only managed to dust a few vampires and down a demon or two but she left behind a crowd of mangled, broken bodies. Some would be fine in a few moments, others a few hours. They would live. She glanced over her shoulder as she stood in the door-frame of the bar. Until Angel got here at least. She smiled slowly and looked up toward the sky. The moon was over half-way across the sky. It was around three in the morning and Angel hadn’t even been so much as close to coming in on her heels. She put her hands in her pocket, and instead of running, she walked.

Right back to the mansion. The very place that he’d never think she’d return too. She had to see Sam. She knew it wouldn’t go well, Sam would accept her decision of course, that was the kind of girl she was, but Angel would break in eventually. He’d find her, and he’d take her. Probably in front of Sam. He’d drag her kicking and screaming out and it’d be the lowest Sam would ever see her, and that’s why he would do it, but that didn’t matter. Not now. What mattered was seeing Sam no matter what. She had too. One last time.
angelusdarkness: Evil is thy natureangelusdarkness on September 13th, 2012 01:08 am (UTC)
Angel had followed his girls scent all over Sunnydale. She was really getting good at this game, and he could not help but wonder, if her ant her little new favourite, Sam, had been playing this game.

A grin began to form on his lips as he thought about it.. He could just picture it now.. Sam misbehaving, and then Barbara chasing her all around town, using the tricks that Barbara seemed to be using in that exact moment. Using her blood to throw off his scent, back track and go another way. Putting bloody clothing on a human and making her scent the strongest there, as the blood has accumulated and seeped deep into the cloth.

He also couldn't, and wouldn't for the life of him, stop the image of Barbara taking her over her knee and spanking her until her ass, or her hand, went completely as red as a beet. She sounds that her skin would make on the other vampire's skin made a shiver go up Angel's spine, and he almost wondered how Spike and her relationship was going to be. Was he going to be all timid yet a love sick puppy like he was with Drusilla? Was he going to be in it a lot more than watch her disappear into the darkness with another vampire who could satisfy her needs? Was he going to tie her to a bed and beat her senseless until she screamed out her orgasm before he even touched her?

Everything was up in the air with that vampire. He also didn't really know Sam, just enough to know that she wasn't anything like his own Childe. So he doubted that she would let him beat her into a sexual submission. He almost had a feeling he would be the one, but it would be nice to finally see Spike grow a backbone, it had been a long time sine he was first changed. It was time to grow the backbone and a pair of balls.

Angel was closer than his little Kitten thought he was. He had made it to the bar a good half an hour after his Kitten had destroyed the place and turned it into an all out brawl.

He knew what she had done before he even entered the bar. He could hear the shouting, the yelling, the glass breaking, and he knew he would regret it, because he knew that she wasn't in there, her scent was fading, but he was unable to help himself. He opened the door, letting it swing until it hit the wall on the other side and he looked around at all the demons and vampires who were going at each others throats. They were slamming glass bottles of booze on tables and stabbing at other demons, sticking it in them and Angel couldn't help but sigh.

He was turning away, leaving the bar when he felt something wet, hard, and sharp hit the back of his head. He let his right hand slip up into his hair, he could feel the wetness of alcohol, and then he could feel stinging and he realized that he was bleeding. He slowly turned around just in time to be tackled to the ground by an overgrown lizard like demon, halfway across the alley.

Angel didn't want trouble. He didn't go there to kill demons or vampires, all the wanted to do was take his Kitten back to LA and keep her safe. But no, of course nothing would go to plan. Nothing ever went to plan when Angel was well… planning it.

He let out a groan as he situated his leg underneath the lizard and flipped him up and over, sending him flying into the wall behind them. He flipped up immediately onto his feet, and when he turned to face the demon, he had his vampire visage to the fore and he was growing, barring his fanged teeth. Just.. just daring the stupid demon to come clawing its way toward him and wanting a fight.

And that is exactly what the idiot did.

He came barreling toward him, and Angel was ready, he braced for the impact, and the rushing lizard sent them back into the bar, in the middle of the fight and it left Angel right dead centre. In the glass. The fists. The grunting. If it were him and his family.. it would be a moment he would treasure and Angelus would probably get off on.. but this.. this was far from pleasurable. They were keeping him from his kitten… and he would not stand this.

He was going to fight his way through all these idiots, and then he would find her.

He would find her.

He would punish her.

And he would take her to Los Angeles kicking and screaming.
Barbara O'Connorchaoticxbarbara on September 19th, 2012 06:33 pm (UTC)
Barbara would be lying if she tried to tell anyone that her walk back to the mansion wasn't one of the best, most relaxing walks she had had in a long time. Now usually such a walk would the perfect ending to a hunt - and of course, a nice warm meal, but somehow the days events had led her to the same satisfied ending. Well, slightly satisfied anyway.

She had burned a lot of energy today, and hadn't eaten when she had sent Sam off with Spike. She tried to remember the last time she had, and her fingers ran over her stomach as she did so. It growled in response and she remembered faintly the times Angelus had scolded her for letting play get in the way of taking care of herself. There were times when she wouldn't eat for days, sometimes weeks at a time because she was just too preoccupied to remember to do so. It a was a habit that even now she had trouble breaking. She was glad she was heading home then, her mind focused on things other than the fact that she could swear her stomach was screaming at her to sink her teeth into the closest available meat-bag and drain them of their delicious life-force.

She reminded herself of who she had allowed herself to be bound too - he came with a whole new set of rules that had nothing to do with orgasms, or clothing or posture. Though she was sure these things still had their time and place. She had decided to give up her thrill of causing death to those Spike now deemed so innocent and worth protecting when she had vowed to bring Sam here. The decision was the same, the idea behind it was just different.

She'd have to control herself, at least until she got home and was able to sink her teeth into one of those bags of human blood Spike had been so kind of to fill their fridge up with. It wouldn't be easy of course, not having a soul or a leash in your mind can make that self control thing just...such a hard thing to overcome. It was like when she had to force herself to start flossing, or when she tried to quit smoking. As she thought about it all she had lit up a cigarette without really thinking about it. Angelus had always hated her smoking, she remembered fondly the times he had put her cigarettes out on her delicate little flesh, she remembered the burns like kisses and her whimper and soft-screaming like laughter.

She exhaled the smoke slowly, and she felt a twinge that reached all the way down to her core, straight to her clit and hold her tightly. Her breathing quickened as her pace did, her urge to go home driving her faster and faster down her way. There was a certain peacefulness to this night now, and a skip in her step. Maybe she was just happy to be winning the game she had forever lost against Angelus. She couldn't wait to be able to tell Angel he had lost his touch and she had gained leverage over the years.

He'd make her pay for that, and for so much more. She could only hope.

She climbed a tall oak tree outside of the mansion instead of just strutting in the front door because that would have been too easy now wouldn't it? She swung herself into the third floor of the house, the balcony that connected to the room she had chosen for herself. The room that had smelt strongly of Angel when she had chosen it, stale, but Angel. She didn't enter the house just yet, she sat on the ledge of the balcony for a long time, just looking up at the stars and smoking her cigarette. Her leg dangled over the side, swinging along with the soft breeze. She was hoping to see Angel coming up across the grave-yard, following her trail back home, but an entire cigarette later and he was no where to be found. She put out her cigarette on the sole of her boot and swung her legs around to the balcony.

Such a shame, how far behind her he was, but she had to admit, it made her a little proud. At least it would give her time to say...whatever it was she was going to say to Sam. Was it goodbye? Was it I love you? Was it anything other than she knew that this is where Sam needed to be, and that it was not where she needed to be?

She supposed she'd figure that out when she got there. All the while as she moved to enter her home, that same cocky smile lay splayed across her features for all the world to see.