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01 August 2012 @ 08:40 pm
Why do we fall?  
Characters: Angel and Barbara
Time: Afternoon
Location: Angel's Mansion
Thread Status: Open to Barbara

"I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt right now angel, but don't think I'm looking the other way. I'm watching you, and if you fuck this up… If you hurt her again… Sam will want to stake you, and I will not have any problem whatsoever in helping to accomplish that. She's been through enough because of you.. you do what I'm guessing you're gonna do again.. there may be no coming back for her. Tread carefully Angel."

The bleached blonde vampires words still echoed in his head, and Angel couldn't help himself from growling deep in his throat.

He knew that the vampire was right in his wording, but that really didn't mean that he had to like what was coming out of his mouth, or like the fact that they were directed completely at him. Hitting him straight in the heart as if it were an actual stake.

But he didn't want to hurt her. He didn't want to become Angelus again, that was one of the things he would always regret.. He would always regret the way that Angelus had treated the beautiful little vampire.

He turned toward her, about to speak, but he felt as if his voice was stuck in his throat.

Now see this here, this was one of the problems when it came down to being Angel. Whenever things got tense with someone that he really truly cared about, he got completely tongue tied. He never knew what to say, and if he spoke, he basically became a stupid bumbling idiot again. He became a drunk teenager that was never good at speaking his heart. Well he was, but, it didn't always bode well for him.

Something always went wrong.

Taking in a deep breath, he moved toward his childe and gently wrapped her up in his arms. He pressed a soft kiss to the top of her head, burying her nose into her hair as he gently ran his fingers through the silky strands.

"He's not wrong about wanting to feel that way about me.." he whispered. "he's anything but wrong, for once in his life, Spike is actually right and it scares me." he admitted. "I hate the fact that Angelus looms over my head, that he could come back at any moment of pure happiness, and I know that somewhere down the line that it's going to hit us square in the face, and I really don't want that to happen for you. You've become… such a strong vampire.. such a strong woman.." he paused again. "And i'm so proud of that."

"I'm so proud of what you've become.. Angelus may not be happy with it, but there isn't a bone in Angel's body that isn't proud. You're beautiful, and you're strong, and you've left that little Kitten behind.." he heard a soft purr and laughed softly, "Okay, maybe not completely, but enough that she's not scared of the life that she lives. And… if Angelus comes out, he's going to destroy you, and I don't think i could handle that."

He pulled away, holding her at arms length and pushed some of her hair from her face, so that he could look at her. "I'm not good for you, Barbara. And it kills me to say that, because for years I have felt completely empty, not knowing what was wrong with me, until now.. until I finally saw your face again, and i knew what i had been missing.. i had been missing you. It'll kill me if he comes out and hurts you.. I wouldn't be able to live with it."
Barbara O'Connorchaoticxbarbara on September 12th, 2012 11:12 am (UTC)
Barbara wasn’t stupid, she knew that half the thrill of this game for her partner was the idea behind it. The chase, hunting her down until she was too tired to run, or made a wrong move and fell into one of his traps. She thought that each time she was running scared, but there was something he didn’t know, something his soulless partner didn’t know. It was that Barbara never ran because of fear. She never ran scared. It was why panicking was never a problem with her unless it was drawn upon her with frustrations of running out of options. No, no.

Barbara ran out of the pure joy of running. This was all part of the fun for her....as she whipped and weaved through the towns streets, ducking down alleys and through businesses. She jumped into a fountain in the center of the town and then swung herself onto a near-by street lamp and into a near-by lawn. She knew that he would be following her trail like a blood-hound on a fugitives scent, nose to the ground, any lapse in her second, even small almost insignificant gaps would cause him to spin himself around in circles. She grinned when she hit the ground and kept moving, the only thing that could make this better was being able to watch him falling over his over feet trying to catch one single little girl vampire.

Oh yes. She’d pay to see that.

She ran her hand through her hair as she stopped dead suddenly, nose in the air. She couldn’t smell him, she’d be able to smell him thundering down on her like the flames of hell, he had abandoned this town, he only had one track, him coming in, and him coming to her. She however, had spent the last few nights here. She was everywhere. It was just a matter of weeding out the old scent, and the new, fresh scent, so it wasn’t his scent that had stopped her. The scent was so rough and powerful though that the second it hit her nose, she was doing cart-wheels in her frenzy. It burned her nostrils and made her eyes water.

Only one thing could make a vampire stop dead in their tracks like that, and Barbara had smelt it before.

“Slayer.” She whispered out loud, her eyes suddenly scanning the darkness for where the trail started. She took a few steps backward to where it had first hit her. She tilted her head to the side, she felt her mouth water at the very idea of being so close to a stripper, she felt her stomach sick at the thought that Sam was in the same town as one. She took a deep breathe. Now was not the time to go introducing herself to the Slayer. She’d need Spike for that, but she could....

She glanced back the way she had come and smiled slowly. She followed after the Slayer’s trail, moving to blend in with the shadows. She circled the slayers house, keeping a safe enough distance not to be noticed. She heard voices from within the house, she was asking where Spike was. She heard over a dozen hearts beating, pumping sweet, succulent blood through a dozen warm, inviting bodies. She swallowed the saliva that formed in her mouth. How did Angel live like this?

She smirked a bit and shook her head. She’d have to learn. Fast. She knew having her scent so close to those he cared about would have him go into a frenzy, he’d have to waste time making sure she wasn’t still here. For their safety. For hers. He’d be so conflicted. She smiled slowly to herself, and took off in the opposite direction and into the back-waters of the town.

She found herself in a demon bar on the opposite end of town, knowing she had bought herself enough time to take a breather. She was sitting at the bar with a drink in front of her, she was spinning the cherry around in the liquored beverage before moving the small, juicy fruit in between her teeth. She pulled it off her stem and turned her attention to a male vampire that had taken an interest in her. She wasn’t paying him much attention but he would serve his purpose, she even tolerated as he draped his arm over her shoulders. She knew that any demon, vampire or otherwise non human that he smelt her on would be dead in an instant.
Barbara O'Connorchaoticxbarbara on September 12th, 2012 11:13 am (UTC)
Killing takes time. Time she’d spend moving. Getting further and further ahead of him. She was having a blast, Angel was predictable, soul or no soul, and jealousy was just one of his many weaknesses. She finished her drink in one long drink and looked at her watch. Time to get on the road again. She moved the vampires arm from over her shoulders and moved to stand up.

“Where do you think you’re going little one?” The male had purred to her as she turned to face him with a bored look, that was before she noticed the three vampires that were suddenly behind her, each of them had their hands on her arms and she noticed the other inhabitants of the bar were suddenly surrounding her, moving out of their seats to get closer to her. Some of them had weapons. She swallowed slowly, great, just what she needed. She knew that three drinks was too many. Dammit.

The male moved her head to the side to examine the bite marks on her neck and grinned. “Now now, I knew there was something special about you, the second you walked in. That’s a fresh mark you got there....you’re new to us aren’t you? Well...why don’t we show you how us big boys play huh? It’s better to get into the big leagues early, or else you’ll find yourselves among the bench warmers...and don’t try to fool us...I can smell it all over you. That adrenaline...that lust....you’re dying for this aren’t you?”

She glanced around at the grins on everyones faces and growled, oh just what she needed...a bunch of guys on a hyped up ego trip talking themselves into thinking this was right. Right for them at least. Not that it mattered if it was wrong, hell, that was really probably the core reasoning behind alot of them.

Angel was going to be pissed if he walked in on this. She’d just have to be faster than that wouldn’t she. “You’re right about my smell...” She purred back, looking longingly up at the two who held her arms. “I’m a mess of all kinds of needs and wants...just dying to be hunted down and pulled kicking and screaming into worlds unknown...” Ca-ching, the boys had released her as she moved closer to the leaders grasp, his fingers on her cheek, staring into her eyes.

“You’re just wrong on a few things.” She whispered, her lips just inches from his. She moved up so she was whispering right into his ear. “I’m not new, not even close, and that scent you’re going cart-wheels over. It’s not meant for you.” She looked him square in the eye and smiled before she thew the first punch and before the bar erupted into a fight.

She walked out of it only a few moments later, she had only managed to dust a few vampires and down a demon or two but she left behind a crowd of mangled, broken bodies. Some would be fine in a few moments, others a few hours. They would live. She glanced over her shoulder as she stood in the door-frame of the bar. Until Angel got here at least. She smiled slowly and looked up toward the sky. The moon was over half-way across the sky. It was around three in the morning and Angel hadn’t even been so much as close to coming in on her heels. She put her hands in her pocket, and instead of running, she walked.

Right back to the mansion. The very place that he’d never think she’d return too. She had to see Sam. She knew it wouldn’t go well, Sam would accept her decision of course, that was the kind of girl she was, but Angel would break in eventually. He’d find her, and he’d take her. Probably in front of Sam. He’d drag her kicking and screaming out and it’d be the lowest Sam would ever see her, and that’s why he would do it, but that didn’t matter. Not now. What mattered was seeing Sam no matter what. She had too. One last time.