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22 September 2012 @ 11:38 pm
Time to say goodbye.  
Characters: Samantha, Barbara. Then Spike and Angel.
Time: 3 AM
Location: Angel's Mansion.
Thread Status: Open to Barbara at first. Followed by Spike, and then Angel.

Sam sat there for the next hour, her eyes searching her lovers as he spoke to her about … everything that had happened between him and Buffy the vampire Slayer. Some of the things.. she never could imagine him doing, but others.. she was unable to repress the growl of jealousy that erupted through her clenched lips. But, she had to keep her calm, she promised him that she would.

He told her about how the dream had started with him being obsessed with always wanting to kill her. To get another slayer in his notch of kills in his bedpost.. but it turned into something else. The obsession changed and he became.. in love with her. The dream… it had changed everything. His heart. His mind. his body. His .. well, mini-him. He had tried to get her to be with him, but nothing had ever happened.

She turned him down at every turn and every corner. That was.. until she had died.

Buffy died saving the world - ugh - for the second time, and Spike had been utterly devastated. Her heart admittedly hurt at the idea of Spike being so heart broken, and she had curled up into his side, trying to be comforting as he talked. She felt better when he had wrapped her up in his arms, holding her close to him as he continued to talk. He told her of how Buffy just wanted to feel.

During a very… very terrible little couple of days where everyone was singing. Although, Sam admitted that she would have loved to be there.. she would have loved to hear him sing.. She was sure that it was.. heavenly and sinful at the same time. His voice just did that to her regularly.. she couldn't wait to hear him sing to her one day. But anyway. After all the singing.. they had kissed. And their relationship began.

She, of course, was ashamed of being with him. She kept their relationship a secret, and he continued to sleep with her whenever he wanted to, and whenever she wanted to as well. They brought down buildings, literally.. and it made Sam want to destroy an even bigger building then an already condemned house.. Just to one up the slayer.

The relationship had ended sourly.

But for some reason, she kept him in her heart. So close to it that she would let him be apart of the good fight, and Sam was a little upset by that. She couldn't shake the feeling that Buffy was still in love with Spike, and that she would do anything to get him back. Well, maybe not anything, but that she wouldn't mind the vampire to be so close to her again.

The conversation had turned to her, but she was unable to tell him anything, because there were footsteps in the mansion, and they had belonged to her sire. There was only one set, and she took in a deep breath. She could feel the sorrow, and the pride, and the.. just pain… she didn't know what else was there, but she knew what this was going to be.


She turned to Spike and pressed a soft kiss to his mouth, her fingers gently tracing the skin over his cheekbones, down his cheek and chin before she was up and out of the bedroom before he even had a chance to blink. She moved down the hallway, and down the main staircase to see Barbara sitting by the fire. She took in a deep, unneeded breathe again and crossed her arms over her chest.

"How long are you staying?" she asked softly.

She knew that her sire brought her here for a reason. She knew, that that reason was either the fight.. or Spike. She also knew, that even though they loved each other dearly, and that they were family.. and best friends.. Sometimes when one had a different path than another.. they had to let them go. Because if you truly love something.. or someone.. you must let them go.
Barbara O'Connor: start overchaoticxbarbara on October 26th, 2012 01:40 pm (UTC)

Those bricks she had used to build up walls around her, they all seemed to crumble whenever Sam was touching her. She didn’t remember Angel - she didn’t remember Angelus. All she remembered was Sam’s fingers against her flesh, the smell of her hair, the taste of her blood at the back of Barbara’s throat. Sam was all she could fathom, it would be devastating for her to leave this, but she knew that this wasn’t a world she could stay in. This was just...story-time, dream-land. She had known that since the first time she had clamped her mouth around Sams and felt this euphoria, this escape. She knew this wasn’t real, it was a means to an end. Samantha had fought that truth for some time, so convinced that Barbara was her beginning and end, but Barbara had seen too much to ever be bright eyed and bushy eyed again.

She had to admit, it would have been nice had things been different, Sam could have been the missing puzzle piece but Barbara had a heavy heart, that Sam just could not lift. She was like a house of bricks, and it’s just what she was built from. So she had just kissed Sam soft, and left her bruised...the stars hung their hearts in a noose. Their relationship was formed on fickle feelings and all the wrong emotions. They couldn’t fix that, it was like they were a house of a sticks, and it was just what they were made of. For awhile they continued on, ignoring the truths and pretending. Barbara knew Sam would find the God-send that she needed, she hadn’t pictured Spike being that person, but she also never saw herself allowing another man to clamp a chain made of leather around her throat ever again.

Funny how things work out, at times. She wished she could stay here, as Sam’s fingers found places that only she knew existed, made Barbara mew out sounds no one else could, a certain tone that belonged to Sam, and only Sam. Oh my dear Sweet Samantha Barbara mused as her core tightened and her eyes fell closed and her body rose to the heat and friction Sam offered oh-so-willingly, if only she could stay. If only this wasn’t a dream. If only it wasn’t time for Barbara to wake up.

If only, if only.

She smelt Spike near, and his arousal, his cock and the heat, and she felt her pussy wetten and drip for her lovers. All thoughts of an angry sire drifting further and further from her attention, fading away to the edges of her mind..threatening to tumble into darkness. Her reality clouded, blurred and lost reason, logic and color...she was so far away...so so...

The feel of Sam’s hand slipping inside of her caused a tremor of pain and an explosion of pleasure that she snapped back to reality with a rush of breathe and whimper. She felt her insides tear in ways they had torn a thousand times before, and it felt like the first time all over again. Her vision was a fury of red and tears and pink, oh sweet pink, tender pleasure. Oh, the ability to see the pleasure through the pain was such a magnificent truth. It was something she had taught Samantha more about. Her fingers had trembled and she didn’t dare to strike too hard. She just didn’t have the gumption. She couldn’t ruin such a pristine image. She wondered if Spike would guide her through such journeys. After all, the boy had learned at Daddys knee just as well as Barbara had.

Spike had always said girls looked better with tears in their eyes. Her eyes met his, and she knew, felt it in her core as well as Sams fingers and hand, threatening to tear her asunder. She could oh so easily in this position. She felt the flare of heat rise to her cheeks, and she knew. He would show Samantha such terrible things, such terrible, wonderful things, her eyes flicked toward her childe.

And Samantha, her dear, sweet, darling Samantha. She would come close to combusting, she would accept each one, not only willingly, but happily. In a way she never would have been able too under Barbara’s practiced hand. Sam would give Spike a run for his money, would make him remember days when he was nothing more than William and doe eyes. They would be a collision, ever bending, ever twisting and crashing together....

She almost wished she could be around to witness it.
William Pratt: remember?railroadxspike on November 7th, 2012 12:26 pm (UTC)
Samantha had learned well it seemed, and Spike was soon also learning that every new moment he spent with her he was learning new and wonderful things about her. She was more like him than like her sire, and more than her sires sire, which brought him a great deal of pleasure. As far as sexual aspects go Spike was more of a switch than anything else, and there was very defined lines as far as the preferences of their family. Angelus had been a top, always, Drusilla had been a bottom, as had Barbara, both of them getting off on that euphoric rush that came from being beat and choked and humiliated. They co-existed in that wonderful sub-space Spike had visited more than a few times in his life.

Spike couldn’t choose just one side, he was much like Darla in that aspect, who was the one who had taught him in private behind closed doors what it meant to be what he was. She had seen herself in him and she had taught him both sides of the fence. She had taught him how to read body language, how to inflict the most amount of pain with a whip or a flogger, she taught him so many wonderfully wicked things that he could do to little squirming girls and little squirming boys. She had taught him as her equal - on their victims or friends, and she had taught him on his own body because she said she just didn’t get to do it enough with Angelus and all. He could never see the beauty in the break down - he could never release control. He probably never would be able too. He had always been amazed how expertly Darla had been able to read all the members of her family. After all, most of the time, she seemed very disinterested and very unattached.

Maybe this was all just a game to her - he supposed it hadn’t really mattered. His teachings under Darla had been what kept Drusilla so satisfied with him, and what kept Barbara sane through her weak moments. Spike was very comfortably as a top - it was something he could do well, and enjoyed doing well. Spike was very much a sadist.

However, Spike in the same moment, was also a huge masochist. He was not like Angel, he was not threatened by powerful women but in fact very drawn to them, attracted by them. Therefore, seeing Sam take to the opposite side of things - to the role as dominant as fluidly and naturally as she had taken to be a submissive did nothing but cause his attraction to her darken and grow. She was a mystery that he was dying to unravel, ever the riddle, he knew he would spend years trying to figure her out. She would do the same to him.

His eyes met Barbara’s as the scent of blood filled the air, he knew it was probably dripping down her thigh, Sams nails and hands having torn her apart their way in. It made his mouth water, even more so when Sams mouth found Barbara’s clit and her haunting stare left his and she drifted into herself. She had said so many things with her eyes - asked him to promise so many things but there was a primarily question there. He had to take care of Sam - he had to take her to places she couldn’t. She understood that she was useless in many aspects and that’s why Sam needed Spike. It was also why Spike needed Sam.

This was going to end messy, Spike could feel it, but he could do nothing to stop it. He was helpless and powerless in all of this. As helpless as Barbara was. As fucked as she would be when Angel finally made his way back here...

He briefly wondered if his focus would be only on his new little claimed prized, or if he would leave an imprint on Spike and his sweet Samantha. It was odd, but the idea of Angel punishing Sam...and himself...it caused him an immense amount of anger, but an even larger amount of arousal. He couldn’t think for his cock any longer, and before he knew it he had pulled Sam’s hips to him as she feasted on Barbara’s secret garden, he buried himself in her slick, wet heat without checking to see if she was ready or willing. It didn’t matter, all that mattered was being a part of this - just one more time...

Before the family was torn asunder.