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22 September 2012 @ 11:38 pm
Time to say goodbye.  
Characters: Samantha, Barbara. Then Spike and Angel.
Time: 3 AM
Location: Angel's Mansion.
Thread Status: Open to Barbara at first. Followed by Spike, and then Angel.

Sam sat there for the next hour, her eyes searching her lovers as he spoke to her about … everything that had happened between him and Buffy the vampire Slayer. Some of the things.. she never could imagine him doing, but others.. she was unable to repress the growl of jealousy that erupted through her clenched lips. But, she had to keep her calm, she promised him that she would.

He told her about how the dream had started with him being obsessed with always wanting to kill her. To get another slayer in his notch of kills in his bedpost.. but it turned into something else. The obsession changed and he became.. in love with her. The dream… it had changed everything. His heart. His mind. his body. His .. well, mini-him. He had tried to get her to be with him, but nothing had ever happened.

She turned him down at every turn and every corner. That was.. until she had died.

Buffy died saving the world - ugh - for the second time, and Spike had been utterly devastated. Her heart admittedly hurt at the idea of Spike being so heart broken, and she had curled up into his side, trying to be comforting as he talked. She felt better when he had wrapped her up in his arms, holding her close to him as he continued to talk. He told her of how Buffy just wanted to feel.

During a very… very terrible little couple of days where everyone was singing. Although, Sam admitted that she would have loved to be there.. she would have loved to hear him sing.. She was sure that it was.. heavenly and sinful at the same time. His voice just did that to her regularly.. she couldn't wait to hear him sing to her one day. But anyway. After all the singing.. they had kissed. And their relationship began.

She, of course, was ashamed of being with him. She kept their relationship a secret, and he continued to sleep with her whenever he wanted to, and whenever she wanted to as well. They brought down buildings, literally.. and it made Sam want to destroy an even bigger building then an already condemned house.. Just to one up the slayer.

The relationship had ended sourly.

But for some reason, she kept him in her heart. So close to it that she would let him be apart of the good fight, and Sam was a little upset by that. She couldn't shake the feeling that Buffy was still in love with Spike, and that she would do anything to get him back. Well, maybe not anything, but that she wouldn't mind the vampire to be so close to her again.

The conversation had turned to her, but she was unable to tell him anything, because there were footsteps in the mansion, and they had belonged to her sire. There was only one set, and she took in a deep breath. She could feel the sorrow, and the pride, and the.. just pain… she didn't know what else was there, but she knew what this was going to be.


She turned to Spike and pressed a soft kiss to his mouth, her fingers gently tracing the skin over his cheekbones, down his cheek and chin before she was up and out of the bedroom before he even had a chance to blink. She moved down the hallway, and down the main staircase to see Barbara sitting by the fire. She took in a deep, unneeded breathe again and crossed her arms over her chest.

"How long are you staying?" she asked softly.

She knew that her sire brought her here for a reason. She knew, that that reason was either the fight.. or Spike. She also knew, that even though they loved each other dearly, and that they were family.. and best friends.. Sometimes when one had a different path than another.. they had to let them go. Because if you truly love something.. or someone.. you must let them go.
Barbara O'Connor: abandonchaoticxbarbara on December 11th, 2012 06:52 pm (UTC)
This was an unfamiliar feeling for Barbara. Shame, but what exactly was she ashamed of was the question. Was it the way her body reacted when Angel’s hands were on her, hard and forceful with such promise. The way her nipples hardened and her clit throbbed and she felt her body responding in every which way she had been trained to do since the day Angelus’s fangs had slipped into her throat and ripped the soul from her body. Was it that she was displayed like such a proud little whore in front of Spike and Sam that made that shame flicker inside of her and flare up like the starts of a mighty fire....or was it something else? Was it the way Sam was looking at her, or was it the way that beneath everything else she could smells Sams interest. Despite Barbara’s best efforts Sam was still very much an off-shoot of herself, and this scene? This was right up Barbara’s alley, and she had to admit, it unnerved her to have Sam here. She had always wanted to separate her from this.....from who she really was and all she was born to be.

It was odd the way Barbara never considered what her life would be like had Angelus never showed up, for better or worse, he had given her a gift that day, that was something she had never questioned.

Well, something that she had never questioned more than the one time she had. Maybe he was just as bad, with the dirty little things he did to her in the dark, but at least she was more readily prepared to handle it, and at least he saw her as something more worthy of whatever it was her father and brothers viewed her as. At least she was worth something to him, even if it wasn’t a fairy-tale ending, it was better than the grave that would be unmarked if her family had been allowed to give her one. Angelus had taken her body away from her family, and Spike had told Barbara later that Angelus had taken her body because he didn’t think they deserved to even mourn her. It was those soft moments that had kept Barbara around in a real sense of a way despite everything else.

She only wished Angelus would have ever been able to say them to her, but that wasn’t him. Maybe that was Angel....Maybe Angelus sired her to lead her to her real prince. Part of her wanted to see how this played out....and maybe she still would, but a bigger part of her was telling her to bail out, to safe word if there was ever a thing between herself and Angelus. Which their wasn’t. This was getting too intense, her core was getting too tight, and Sam and Spike were not a part of this, and why did she ever think it was okay to involve them?

She felt tears spring up in her eyes and she bit her lip because it threatened to tremble without it. She was scared....scared in a real sense of a word and a terrible way she couldn’t even begin to fathom. No, no, no, this was wrong, this wasn’t what she wanted....Angel, not Angelus. Angel. Angel. Angel. Angelus would fuck Sam. Angelus would fuck Spike and make her watch. Angel wouldn’t...couldn’t.... He’d tie Barbara up and laugh at her misery but he’d never do that...She had to get Angel back because it wasn’t that she couldn’t handle Angelus, it was that she didn’t fucking want too.

A realization snapped into her brain and the prickle that had extended into a hot flash of pain in the side of her throat had edged into a dull ache and she had been too wrapped up in herself and this to notice. She didn’t have too, because she hadn’t handed herself over to Angelus had she? No, no, same body but it’s the soul and the heart that makes all the difference. She remembered when Angel had tried to order her around, just after he came back and pretended to be her sire, and she remembered how it hadn’t worked, and her knees hadn’t buckled but she hadn’t told him because it frightened her, and it would make Darla suspicious. It was before she knew anything about how to break that bind, before she had tore Angelus’s control out of her very veins. She wondered if he had felt it, behind that barrier.

One way to find out.
Barbara O'Connor: Ball and chainchaoticxbarbara on December 11th, 2012 06:52 pm (UTC)

“Stop,” She whispered at first, and Angelus seemed to pay no attention to her, which was just his style, so she growled and repeated herself, this time louder. “I said Stop.” That got his attention. “This isn’t your game Angelus.” Oh, she got a reaction out of that one, she stood still and tall when he walked toward her, hand going to her throat, she caught his wrist. He was predictable, he couldn’t break her grasp. She was stronger than she had been. She was just...full of surprises...

“You weren’t invited to play....or weren’t you informed?” She stared straight up into his eyes, something that at one time she would have never dared to do. Normally she wouldn’t toward her master, but this man was not her master, not the man she had signed herself over toward. He was not her owner. He was holding her owner at gun-point, and a dog always protects their master.

“I want Angel back,” She growled, “I know your control is slipping, you were only let out to teach me a lesson, maybe Angel’s afraid of his own desires, maybe he just doesn’t know any other way, but their not a part of this.” Her eyes flashed toward Sam and Spike, “I don’t intend on flaking on whatever it is I deserve sweetheart, but I have boundaries now, and those two? Are just on the other side of them.”
William Pratt: one of those daysrailroadxspike on December 11th, 2012 06:53 pm (UTC)
Spike had seen this all before, and he didn’t blink at all at first. In fact, he merely lit up a cigarette and leaned back against the couch with a slightly bored look on his features. None of this was in the danger zone, at one point this was all normal. Angelus had always gotten off on those hostage type situations, especially when he played with his own toys. Drusilla and Barbara and himself, hell sometimes even Darla. He didn’t even blink. Not when Angel’s fingers had laced through Barbara’s hair and yanked her to her feet. He had merely put his hand on the small of Sam’s back because he felt her tense but he knew that this was okay. Barbara could take this, she was built for this.

Hell, she was probably even craving this. For a moment she had looked back at Angel with adoration in her eyes, but only for a moment and then it was gone in an instant. Her walls were back up, she was more guarded than Spike remembered. Time did strange things to people, vampires were no different. Looks like the little kitten has grown more than just her fur. He had to admit he was a little happy about that.

The lust and fear mingled in her eyes as Angel pulled her against his body, and a dream like sigh fell from her lips seconds before a gasp of fear. It felt unreal how familiar this sounded, and how strange it still sounded after all these years. It still felt bizzare how those sounds felt together, for Angelus it had always been a game for him with Barbara, with Dru too. Dru had been his first go at this sort of thing, he had been more careful with Barbara. He had made sure to rip the soul out of her before trying to drive her insane. It went a little bit better the second time around but it was still the same game. They hated him, but they couldn’t keep from loving him....like a father figure...

In a creepy type way..

He watched with nothing more than a raised eyebrow as Barbara’s shirt came open, and then Angel’s hand went down her pants. He looked over at his new girl as he smelt the lust suddenly mingle around her, he glanced toward Barbara then back at Sam and took a long hit off his cigarette. It was a good thing he wasn’t the jealous type, well, about girls anyway. Nah, Sam could have all the pretty little girls she liked. He barely heard what Angel was talking about because let’s face it, Spike never listened when Angel talked, but more importantly he knew how Angel worked.

...He knew how Angelus worked, and mind games were the number one thing he did to fuck with you. If Barbara’s reaction when Angel shoved her away was any indication of the damage that could be done if one was to listen to his poisonous words Spike was glad it was a defense mechanism he had learned early on. At least mostly. He was only human after all, well, partly.

Spike felt as if he wasn’t really experiencing this, at least not really. I mean this was Angel standing before them, not Angelus, and so he would play, maybe indicate things but he would never...he wasn’t the type to really involve anyone else. He was all talk....

It was then he smelt the salt. His eyes snapped up toward Barbara’s and he saw the tears, and he was, confused at first, but only for a moment and then he moved to concerned, and then guarded. He looked back toward Angel, and a growl ripped from his throat. “That’s not Angel,” He whispered to Sam, “and she knows it.”

This was not good...