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28 February 2013 @ 07:00 am
Reckonings at hand  
Characters: Spike, Buffy, Samantha, Willow, Oz, and Xander
Location: Sunnydale, Slayer headquarters :: Buffy's house
Thread Status: Open to Sam, Buffy, Xander, Oz and Willow

Two months had past since Samantha Wild had come into Spikes life. Two months since her sire, Barbara had allowed herself to be whisked away to Los Angelos. They kept in touch, as promised, mostly Angel calling Spike more than anything else. It seems that Barbara was doing a good job of keeping him on his toes, much to Sam and Spikes delight. As such most of the time she wasn’t able to come to the phone to call herself. It had taken Sam some time to get used to how things were with her sire now, it was hard for her to accept that her sire was okay, that she wasn’t being hurt or traumatized in a way that she didn’t fully want.

So five weeks ago, three weeks after she had left, Spike had filled up the Chevy Impala Barbara had left for Sam, and bought a GPS for it. On a sunday night he had then put Sam in the car and told her to hit start on the GPS, she should be in Los Angelos within a matter of hours. Sam hadn’t wanted to go of course, at least not without Spike, but he had knelt by the car as she sat in the drivers seat and told her that he wasn’t letting her go, not by a long shot.

“You just need to visit.” Spike had explained, “I fully expect you back here by Wednesday night. No exceptions, or I’ll come hunt you down and make you regret not being more timely. You need to see for yourself that she’s okay. I need you here Sam, but you’re never going to be here if half of you is always with her. Go.”

"Can't you come with me?" Sam had whispered, hands gripping the steering wheel so hard her knuckles turned white.

“You know the slayer can’t spare both of us, not right now, and I can’t go for you. This is the only way...Trust me.”

He had stood there on the side of the road, leaned up against a tree as Sam eased her way back out of the drive-way and took off toward Los Angelos. Oz and Xander had been hanging about, part of Oz’s pack had just gotten back from a recent patrol, or hunt as they liked to call it. He had walked up to Spike then as he gazed out into the distance. Off toward fading tail-lights.

"You gonna be okay man?" Xander had asked after the dogs had decided to turn in for the night and Spike had turned toward him, eyebrow raised. Xander didn't care about Spike. At least not much. He had been the reason why his marriage had gone south, or well, sort of marriage, he had left Anya at the alter before Spike had done anything. That probably hadn't exactly helped the relationship. "Is she gonna be?"

“You know you’re the first person to really seem like they gave a damn about her,” Spike admitted, pulling a cigarette out of the inside pocket of his coat and lighting it. “Save for Red of course...”

Xander shrugged, “Wills understands that almost all of us are more monster than man, but that doesn’t make the man, or woman part in this particular situation any less relevant.”

“That’s very insightful whelp, did you come up with that all by yourself?” Spike had to admit, Xander’s sudden friendship with Samantha was unnerving and not something Spike supported. Xander hated all things vampire - well, all the vampires he had met thus far, then Sam comes bouncing in and suddenly Xander was all buddy-buddy after only two weeks of her going cold blood...errr no blood, as it were? Yeah. Spike wasn’t buying it.

Xander shrugged again. “When’s she gonna be back?”

Spike finally turned toward him, “When she’s done seeing that her sire being viciously fucked by Angel isn’t a bad thing. Just a bloody gross thing.” He had pushed past him then, his shoulder bumping into Xanders as he did. He might have put a little too much oomph behind that because Xander had lost his footing and fallen to the ground. He looked over his shoulder and thought for a moment of walking back and helping the boy to his feet but Buffy was standing at the door-way, arms crossed and he just didn’t feel like being the nice guy. Not today. He walked inside.

Sam had come back of course, right on time because she was the kind of girl that was smart enough to obey orders when directly given. Spike would be lying if he had said he wasn’t just a tiny bit disappointed, he had spent his time apart of her imagining what he might do if he indeed had to hunt her down. He had a few...delicious ideas up his sleeve, but they had scattered when she had walked in Tuesday morning just before the sun came up. Actually, just as the sun was coming up. He hadn’t been expecting her and the video game’s he was currently playing with Xander and Oz proved that.

She had raised her eyebrow at them for a moment, then glanced at the television. “Halo 4?” She had asked meekly before grabbing the last controller and squeezing between Xander and Spike on the couch. Oz had been sitting in a recliner and had just smirked quietly to himself. "Buffy gave us the night off..." Xander had mumbled, "...Guy time and what have you."

"But you’re pretty much a guy," Oz had added. Nothing was said about her absence that night.

Things had changed drastically since Sam had come, Oz being one of the changes of course. Followed behind him were a dedicated and loyal pack of wolves with just as much control over their inner-beasties as Oz himself had. At first Spike had been worried that now the house was going to smell like dog all the time, but Oz’s pack had helped out with that. It also helped that most of Sunnydale had been swallowing abandoning their homes and emptying the city, a foreshadowing of bad things to come was obvious even to the common-folk of the town. Oz had a few trust fund pups under his belt it seemed and they bought out three houses directly connected to Buffys. One next door, and then the two that shared a back-yard. Xander had knocked down the fences that separated the houses and put up a large privacy fence around the four of them to create one large yard.

He was currently building an obstacle course. Buffys home had become home for what were referred to as the Alphas. Buffy, Xander, Giles, Dawn, Willow and Himself. This was main head-quarters as it were. One of the home went to the wolves, and the other two went to the potentials who just kept showing up. Xander had offered to live with the potentials but the motion had been denied, Oz had been spending more and more time in Buffys house lately, as had two of the stronger wolves who preferred Oz’s company to the rest of their pack.

Things had been tense with Buffy and Samantha, Spike had had to put his reputation and life on the line saying that Sam could be trusted. He had waited to introduce her, a week and a half for the human blood to get out of her system, for her to gain some semblance of control of herself. He had wanted to give her more time, but time was something they were running out of and Spike knew if he was caught with her before he gave up the knowledge on his own it would only make matters worse. Sam still was not invited into head-quarters, nor the two potentials homes. Buffy had threatened Spike with inviting her himself with a stake through the heart, and he hadn’t doubted her.

As such, Spike had moved out the basement and into the wolves home with Sam, who had happily accepted her. They understood the monsters within the man, or woman, was it were and wanted to give Sam a chance to prove herself. The dog smell took some getting used too, but at least Buffy had decided to give Sam some benefit of the doubt, a chance to prove herself. As much as both of them seemed to hate every moment of kissing the slayers ass, ever since Sam had turned up, that had been their main mission, to get in good graces with her.
Daniel Osbourne: fearlessthe_wolfs_howl on May 21st, 2014 12:25 am (UTC)
Oz tossed a look over his shoulders, at dark clothes and colored hair and too much black eyeliner. At the group that whispered to each other in growls and snaps of teeth, to hands that touched and touched without fear of consequence. Who moved as one body, who beat as one heart. The family that Oz had never known; and the primal instinct he had thought he needed to run from. His pack. His brothers. His sisters. They had accepted this world Oz had given them without hesitation and without question. There was no why should we help them, there was no well why should we care. They cared because Oz cared; they gave him respect he still didn’t feel he out-rightly deserved and trusted him with everything. Their lives. Their missions.

It took nothing more than a glance of shimmering eyes and upturned lips, of crooked teeth and canines and chipped nail polish. He looked toward Willow; she was so much more then moon in his sky. A promise of power and a warning at the same time, no she was the whole sky. She was the constellations and the clouds and the wind. He knew why they hadn’t worked before; because he had tried to force her into limitations. Because Willow was fluid. When he had first found her she was innocence and first loves, and finding herself. He had left her during that most important time so how could he say anything when he came back and found her evolved into something that maybe didn’t fit with him quite as well anymore.

HE had wished her the best; packed up his heart and his feelings and tried to find happiness in a world that seemed bleak. He had loved in her absence, he had forgotten to remember her some days, some weeks, some months; but that didn’t mean that he didn’t stop loving her with each and every breathe that fell from his lips. Willow was a part of his DNA; she was in his hands that slid over skin to comfort, she was tucking hair behind his friends ears and wiping tears away with his thumbs. He was the growl and snarl of being pushed too far, and she was showing everyone that he was worth this. He was something.

Somehow the air had changed, and her scent came breezing back into his life. It was like a punch in the face; bringing him to his knees before he could even comprehend what was happening. The world came rushing back in a whirlwind of emotion and nostalgia. In the backyard of their camp he reached into the darkness and curled his fingers into hers. He was tilting his head in the shape of a question mark and asking her what she wanted to do.

All he needed as her word, and she’d have wolves howling at her sides ready to launch into battle. Their relationship was different now; it wasn’t all words and romance. It was knowing and distance and existing together rather than for one another.

It was new for Oz. He was rediscovering Willow; and at times it felt as though he had never touched her before. He was re-learning every angle at which her body bent. He was finding where her edges recede or protrude, pushing themselves against him. There was an entire world that he had yet to explore; and he measured it three quarters of the way up her thigh and fell, fell, fell into his doom. Lost in her quake.

Her lips were rocky mountains scraping the sky; but they were also the sweet tide rushing up against his shore and smoothing his sand.

He knew what she would choose. She would not let Buffy do this alone.

His eyes met hers. A beat spread between them; lengthening and stretching it’s muscles. “We can follow her.” He whispered. “She doesn’t have to do this alone.”

None of them did. Not anymore.