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05 March 2013 @ 02:51 pm
The Road to Hell  
Characters: Barbara, Angel, Wesley, Gunn, Fred
Location: Angel's apartment, then Wolfram and Hart
Thread Status: Open to Angel first, then Wesley later.

Barbara had to admit, Angel’s digs were better than she had anticipated, and he looked damn good in a suit, which was also something she not expecting. Almost as soon as they got there Angel had informed her that before anything, anything else was done they were going to get some sleep. Barbara had looked at him as if he was kidding but he had just grabbed her by her arm and dragged her to his apartment and to his rather large bathroom.

"Take a shower." He had told her, his voice curt, serious. She had grinned and then pouted. “You tryin’ to say I smell big guy?”

"Yes." He had answered promptly, surprising hey. Well, that was rude. "Like cigarettes and Spike. It's disgusting. I'd like you to smell like....you. Just, you." He had then shut the door on her and she had looked at his bathroom between his jacuzzi bath-tub and his what could only be described as a porno shower. She had walked into the shower that seemed to be carved in the side of a cobble-stone mountain-side and around at all the shower-heads. She didn’t even know how begin to operate this and she contemplated asking Angel if he wanted to join her. She spent the next forty-five minutes in sheer bliss on the floor of the shower, three shower-heads spraying her with hot, massaging spouts of water. His shampoo and conditioner smelt like pomegranate, as did his body-wash. He even had apricot facial scrub. Even his bar-soap was a combination of honey and oatmeal, and when she was all clean and showered she felt like a virgin elfin princess.

Or, at least an elfin princess.

A half hour later, Angel would emerge from the bathroom himself bitching about the fact that she hadn’t put anything away and left her wet towels all over the floor, not to mention the fact that she had used up almost all the hot water. Of course that argument would be struck dead when he found her half asleep on his bed wearing nothing but one of his t-shirts.

He had kept her in his apartment while he went to work for the first two weeks, mostly waiting for the human blood to drain out of her body. He’d occasionally prick her finger and test to see if there was any trace of it in her system, cursing every-time there was despite the fact that he had hired guards to keep her from exiting the apartment without his knowledge, consent and supervision. She had felt like a prisoner and went a little stir-crazy the first few days until he had finally come home with a lap-top and an xbox to hook up to his flat-screen in the living room. Then he had given her a rush card and told her she had an allowance of five hundred dollars a month.

After that she stopped feeling so much like a prisonr and more like a kept girl. She wasn’t sure which one she hated more.

Introducing her to his colleagues wasn’t exactly easy, and he had spent many days talking to her about how to act, and what her new rules were. He had went to the lengths of typing them up while he was at work and laminating them.

"Did you make your assistant make a rule sheet for me?" She had asked, blinking at him.

He looked at her with a blank expression that told he obviously had not thought about what he had just done nor the repercussions of it. “They’re gonna find out now you know. It’s only a matter of time.”

"All the better that you read, and memorize."

Barbara flipped open the files and sighed, “Fuck man, really? This is like homework.”


Barbara sighed.

This is an agreement entered into by a Master and his slave. To state the boundaries in which the relationship shall function and be effective.

Article 1; CONTROL

1.01: The Master must have total control over his slave for a Master/ slave relationship to function. The Master must though respect that the slave has an option to say no, and face a consequential punishment instead. Master will give lead way to his slave as he see’s fit to handle daily life and situations. The slave, in this case, Barbara O’Connor, must realize that only through giving themselves to their Master entirely, in this case, Angel (Liam Callaghan) can they truly ever content within themselves. Slaves must trust their Masters completely freely by giving their heart, mind, and body over to them.
1.02: The Master and slave must also respect the right to be a slave/Master in private and not make her/Him lose face with family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, and such. In essence this relationship must remain as private as possible for slave’s sake as well as the Masters.
1.03: The Master and slave must keep in mind their is more than the D/s functions of their connection. A loving relationship full of happiness, friendship, and love will be the basis of this relationship. The Master/slave relationship must stay in tact for duration of relationship and will not stop at any age.
1.03.01: The roles of the slave are to be followed at all times and are as follows;
A The slave agrees to obey and submit completely to Master in all ways. There are no boundaries of place, time, or situation in which the slave may willfully refuse to obey the directive of Master.
B. The slave also agrees that, once entered into the Slavery Contract, her body belongs to her Master, to be used as seen fit.
C. All of slave's possessions likewise belong to Master, including all assets, finances, and material goods, to do with as he sees fit.
D. Slave agrees to please Master to the best of her ability, in that she now exists solely for the pleasure of Master.
E. Slave understands that all that she has, and all that she does, shall now move from right to privilege, granted only as He wishes, and only to the extent that He finds useful.
F. Slave renounces all rights to privacy or concealment from Master. This includes but is not limited to photography and video photography of slave, in any situation, to be used and displayed in any manner Master sees fit.

1.03.02 Safe-words

If slave feels that a situation is approaching a boundary unforeseen, slave may utter the safe-word "Yellow" signifying this. Master accepts the responsibility of assessing situations where slave calls the safe-word and will, to the best of His ability, make judgment on whether to modify the activity or stop activity entirely. Slave agrees to hold no ill will due to Master's decision. Master agrees not to punish slave for the use of the safe-word.

1.03.03. Slave's Veto

Slave, where appropriate, holds veto power over any command given by Master, at which time she may rightfully refuse to obey that command. This shall be signified by the safe-word "Red." Utterance of the safe-word "Red" necessitates immediate termination of activity, is considered a veto, and is grounds for termination of Slavery Contract.


2.01: The Master has to exercise the ability to lovingly retain the control that their slave must give over too them. As such punishments must be in place to deal with those slaves who would decide that their will supersedes that of their master.
2.02: Slave agrees to accept any punishment Master decides to inflict, whether earned or not. Slave agrees that severe punishment may be assessed for any infraction of the letter or spirit of this Slavery Contract, and will accept the correction gratefully. The form and extent of the punishment shall be at the Master's pleasure. He may punish her without reason to please Himself. Slave enjoys the right to cry, scream, or beg, but accepts the fact that these heartfelt expressions will not affect her treatment. Further, she accepts that if her Master tires of her noise, He may gag her or take other actions to silence her.

Article 3: CONDUCT

3.01: In keeping with the traditions of the Master/slave relationship, certain rules have to kept in place at all times, whether the slave/Master are together or not. These rules are both for the enjoyment of the Master as well as the function-ability of the relationship as a whole. Your Master has the following rules for you::
A. NO MURDER, DRINKING, OR HARM to any human, at any time is permitted. The slave must remain on a diet of bagged blood is not allowed to harm, murder or drink from a human at any time. The slave is also not allowed to toy with humans or bring any harm to their personal or mental state.
B. While at work the slave is under the constant supervision of all associates and must maintain professionalism at all costs. The slave is appointed to one Wesley Wyndom-Pryce as his assistant, reports will be made to the Master should any offenses occur.
C. The slave will wake up every morning and play with herself. She must take herself halfway to orgasm and stop; she is not under any circumstances permitted to go any further nor off entirely. This is the only time she is allowed to play with herself without asking. She must go to work horny everyday and only orgasm at her Masters approval.
D. The slave will follow all orders from her Master at all times. Punishments are non- negotiable.
E. The Slave will strive diligently to re-mold her body, appearance, habits, and attitudes in accordance with the Master's desires. Slave agrees to change the slave's actions, speech, and dress to express the ownership. Slave will always speak of her Master in terms of love and respect, and address Him appropriately (i.e. "Master", "Sir", "Daddy", "Keeper", etc.) when so directed.
F. Slave will answer truthfully and completely, to the best of the slave's knowledge, any and all questions Master may ask of slave. Slave will volunteer any information her Master should know about her physical or emotional condition.
G. When in the same room as her Master, slave will ask permission before leaving the room, explain where she is going, and why. This includes but is not limited to asking permission to use the restroom.
H. The slave will wear a token of her ownership at all time that will be presented to her by her Master at the sealing of his contract. Any removal of said token will result in severe punishment, up too and possibly including termination of the Slavery contract.
I. Any additional rules can and will be written by the Master as he sees fit and do not need to be added to the contract nor agreed upon to be valid.


4.01: The slave realizes that this contract is for LIFE. She has Given her Mind, Body, Heart, and freewill over to her Master to own, possess, control, and do with as HE see’s fit until her dying day. Her very life will be put into his hands. He will protect her, love her, cherish her, and she will be his best friend until death.

4.02 Master's Signature

I have read and fully understand this Slavery Contract in its entirety. I agree to accept this slave as my property, body and possessions, and to care for her to the best of my ability. I shall provide for her security and well-being and command her, train her, and punish her as a slave. I understand the responsibility implicit in this arrangement, and agree that no harm shall come to slave as long as she is mine.

Signature: Master :: Angel

4.03 Slave's Signature

I have read and fully understand this Slavery Contract in its entirety. I agree to give everything I own to my Master, and further accept His claim of ownership over my physical body, heart, soul, and mind. I understand that I will be commanded and trained and punished as a slave, and I promise to be true and to fulfill the pleasures and desires of my Master, and serve Him to the best of my abilities.

Signature: slave

Barbara blinked as she stared at the paper that lay before her, and then turned her eyes up toward Angel. His signature seemed to be glaring at her from the page in her head, blood red in color and scent. He had signed it with his blood. Nice touch, for a fucking psycho. "Are you fucking serious?"

There was no emotion there, he raised an eyebrow slowly.

"I am not calling you sir." She mumbled as she as she sank her fangs into her palm enough to break the skin completely and let the blood flow from the wound. "Angelus was so much easier, he wasn't all brainy and formal about this kind of thing."

"I figured having a few ground rules to start with would make this easier...not just for you, for my team. They're going to need to know they can trust you."

"This is what you call a few?" She sighed, "Well I guess it beats being stuck here all day, although kicking Sam and Spikes ass on xbox certainly has been fun."

There was a beat, a pause of silence between the two of them, and then Barbara bit her lip, and signed.

Barbara O'Connor

"I really hate lawyers you know."

"You shouldn't," Angel added softly, "You're technically going to be working for them now."
angelusdarkness: Angel smirkangelusdarkness on March 22nd, 2013 02:50 am (UTC)
"I really hate lawyers you know."

"You shouldn't. You're technically going to be working for them now."

Technically, when Angel had written up that contract, he'd only done it so that he could keep her under control while she was learning the ropes around the office. He never planned to have her keep it for more than a few months, maybe a year.. knowing her. Although, in the end, he knew that she wouldn't actually mind being completely underneath all the influence of the contract, it was just who she was, what she was made fore, and it would never change.

He knew that bringing her into the fold was going to be a little more than difficult, and he wasn't exactly sure how he was going to do it, because he had so many different personalities that she was going to have to get along with. One, you've got Wesley, the ex uptight watcher who has now turned into an extreme badass like Giles.. although he'd never admit that to his face, either of them actually.. that they were badass…


There was also Charles Gunn, who was like his hired gun in a way, he was smart, but he always had something hidden up his sleeve. He'd been picked off of the street, from a gang, and brought into Angel's Avengers when Cordelia was still around.

Cordelia… What he would like to say to her if she was still around. She'd meant so much to him, and they had become such close friends.. He wished that he could talk to her, get to know her even more so than he already had.. but shortly after he got back from Sunnydale with Barbara… she'd gone into a coma. He'd never told his spitfire that, even though she knew that something was wrong with him, and that he was sulking and brooding a lot more than normal.. but he couldn't tell her, not yet. She wouldn't understand, and probably not care.

There was also Winifred Burkle, Fred for short. She was the brain of the type.. the Willow. She was science, and very geeky, and there was always something going on in the shadows between her and Gunn, or her and Wesley. He wasn't sure who she would ultimately end up with.. he hoped Wes, but… one could only tell, no one but Cordy at times could see the future.

There was Lorne too. Now him, he could see Barbara getting along splendidly with. Not just because they both worshiped his feet.. but because Lorne was a demon, and he had to be the nicest one Angel had ever known. He cared, about everyone, and he owned his own little karaoke bar. Angel wouldn't have become who he had without Lorne. He was probably his best friend.

There was also his son, which he never wanted Barbara to meet… it was just way too complicated, and if he had to talk about him, he had to talk about the whole situation with Darla, and then Drusilla.. hell even Connor when he fucked Cordelia or the child that Cordy had; Jasmine. He shuddered at just the thought.. those were some messed up times.. and things were just about to get worse.

"They're just simple guidelines that you're going to have to follow for a while, until everyone gets used to you…" he paused, trying to think of what she could actually do in the office besides going out to fight the good fight with him. "You know, i've been thinking about what i could have you do while you're here.. there was so many options that I considered you in the role for… and then it hit me.." he grinned slowly, "I think.. you should be my secretary."

"…Your… secretary? You're fucking joking, right?"

"Not at all. I need someone that I can trust, and rely on. You've got a good sense of character and smell.. you can tell when someone's bullshitting to get their way in to kill me, or actually just talk. Even though I piss you off from time to time, and you and I both know.. you would be the one to ever kill me.. .you wouldn't let someone take that away from you.. unless it was Spike."

Clearing his throat, he got up from his desk and moved to walk around to the other side, leaning against it as he eyed her, sitting there on his couch, eyeing the contract. "How about it, Kitten? Wanna play boss and secretary?"
Barbara O'Connor: after all this timechaoticxbarbara on April 2nd, 2013 07:42 am (UTC)
Barbara blinked slowly as she looked up at Angel, at the half smirk that was playing on his lips. She raised an eyebrow as her own smile turned up the corners of her mouth. He had certainly been playful lately, which was a change from the last time she had seen him. Of course, Barbara had only seen Angel a few times since he had gotten his soul, one of those times was right after when he tried to come and pretend like everything was okay. It hadn’t lasted long and Darla had thrown him out, Barbara remembered waiting for him to take her with him, she really hadn’t expected him to just...leave her there...with Darla. Not after everything the elder vampire had done to her every-time she was left alone with her.

He had....and even though Darla had only taken her anger out on Barbara for a few days before she decided she was too tired to care she still felt abandoned. She hadn’t cared that Angel had a soul, and she didn’t care that he couldn’t bring himself to do all the horrible things he had done before. That was Darla’s hang up, it wasn’t every vampires, but she had just been pushed into the same horde as her and forgotten. Really, if it had mattered that much to him she would have gladly given up that part of her life. Yes it was an important part, and it was something she genuinely enjoyed because it was just in her nature, but there was something that was far more vital.

That had always been him. Soul or no soul, she never thought she’d get the chance to try and explain that to him. She had wanted too, and right after she sired Samantha and before they had really gotten into anything deeper than basic feedings she had tracked him down. He had been living in back alley-ways at the time and was generally depressing to be around if she was to be honest with herself. She hadn’t really cared even then, she had only wanted to pull him out of whatever slump he was in and try to get him to some sort of normal life. She had wanted him to meet Samantha, she had wanted alot of things. They fought that night, and Angel told her to get out of his life and not to come back.

He never even learned about Sam, she had gone back to the motel room where they were staying, grabbed her childe and started a bloody massacre across Europe before they finally boarded a ship and made their way to the states. She wanted to get as far away from England as humanly possible, and Sam wanted to go back to Canada for awhile, kill of some people that she hadn’t liked when she was human. Barbara had been more than happy to oblige.

This was what had made this whole ordeal so much easier for Barbara to try and wrap herself around. She viewed this as a second chance at proving to him, and to herself, that she wasn’t like Darla, or Dru. Life wasn’t all about the chaos that came with being a vampire, there was so much more out there. That was something that despite the fact that most of her time spent with Sam was indulging in the bloody orgy sport, she had tried to teach her childe. She was glad that if nothing else, that seemed to be something that had gotten through to her.

At least some part of Barbara would live on, and that was probably the best part. It was the part that Angelus had always tried to get rid of, to replace with something that was purely him. It wasn’t enough that Barbara had been created solely for his entertainment and that a large part of himself had been imparted into her personality. No, he wanted nothing left of her - he wanted everything that she was to be something of his own creation. It was the very thing that he could not beat out of her that was the reason she was sitting here today. It was irony at it’s best.

The next few days had been...well, interesting was the probably the best term for it. He had started taking her out of the apartment, which was a change from the fact that she hadn’t left since she had arrived in Los Angelos. He took her shopping for clothes because apparently fish-nets, anything from the clothing line ‘trippy’ as Angel referred to it were not on the list of ‘work appropriate clothing.’ She had gotten her messy, multi-colored hair all colored the same color, her original black, and her nails had been done. She found herself getting her hand smacked every-time she went to chew them.
Barbara O'Connor: lock me up insidechaoticxbarbara on April 2nd, 2013 07:43 am (UTC)
Angel had given her a credit-card with a preset limit which was basically her allowance, which she promptly spent on video games and alcohol. Angel had just rolled his eyes the third day of work when Barbara had asked for money because she really, really needed a coffee from Tim Hortons before she staked herself because she had to listen to one more moment of Harmony going on, and on, and on. Harmony was apparently being transferred to be Wesley’s secretary, much to the lawyers chagrin but in the meantime Harmony was 'training’ her if that’s what you wanted to call it.

About fifteen times a day she’d barge into Angels office with one thing after another. “Did you know she only knows how to type 30 words per minute?!”
Angel had blinked at her, obviously confused. "Is that bad?"

“*I* type eighty words per minute and *I’m* over a hundred years old. She’s barely a damn teenager.” She fumbled in her pocket for a pack of cigarettes. She had barely gotten two hits in before Angel was taking it out of her hand because technically she wasn’t supposed to be smoking.

His team hadn’t liked the idea, most of them were yelling within a few moments of finding out exactly who she was. It was Wesley that had figured it out of course, Lorne had come in asking who the vampire was and Wesley had looked at her with narrowed eyes. Obviously all his years as a watcher had come in handy because he instantly knew.
"She's THAT Barbara?!" And when everyone jumped at his sudden yelling, he quickly explained, in a very...graphic short summary about her past. At this point she had slunk and was half hidden behind Angel.

She knew it was going to take time to get used to alot of things, like not hurting humans and drinking her meals from a mug instead of a hot, freshly bitten throat. She had spent the last few months getting used to that and it still was a struggle. Having the now healed mark on her throat start to tingle and burn whenever the thought of doing something that Angel wouldn’t like entered her mind.

Getting used to office politics was going to be the harder of the two, who knew?