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31 May 2012 @ 04:34 am
Characters: Spike, Sam, Angel, Barbara.
Time: Early morning - Afternoon.
Location: Cemetery - Spike's Crypt
Thread Status: Open to Angel, Barbara and Sam.

The sewers weren’t exactly the most classy way to travel but for Vampires during the day, it was one of the only ways they could get anywhere. He was glad that Sam seemed just as used to it as he had. Darla had always hated it of course, as had Drusilla who took so much after her beloved if not completely crazy grandmother. He smirked a bit at the memory, Darla had always hated when Dru had called her that, but Dru never even seemed to notice.

Barbara though...Barbara had never acted like the two of them. Full of herself and above what she was. She reveled in even the darkest and most disgusting parts of what they were, it was hard for Spike to believe she had been a very good human. She made too good of a vampire, with those mean little eyes and that little pout that was always begging for more. Spike wanted to smack the ever living shit out of her half of the time, it was probably why he never really blamed Angelus for doing just that.

Not really anyway.

He glanced toward Sam who was dodging the less sanitary areas without much thought or care. She had her head turned upward slightly and Spike knew she was scanning the area for her sires scent. He wondered if she knew she was doing that or if it was so practiced by now that it was just habit. He saw alot of Barbara in her when it came to devotion to her sire, but he was pleased when he saw that was where the similarities stopped. Barbara had obviously knew where she was weak, Spike could respect that. He knew Barbara could only run so far but she’d never be able to outrun himself, hell Spike couldn’t either. So, she had done the second best thing, she had made a little monster in her image with all those bad parts polished right out.

He felt a half-assed version of bittersweetness. Spike had long stopped feeling sorry for her, for Dru, for everyone. It just wasted time, and as a Vampire, you have much more than your fair share of that on your time. He flicked a cigarette to the side and heard it sizzle as it hit moisture. He did a half jump across the small stream that had separated himself and Sam and was thankful it was much cooler in the sewers than above them. He slung his arm over her shoulder and when she raised her eyes to him, he only quirked a curious eyebrow at her and smirked in a way that made her drop her gaze. He grinned when he saw that small, sweet smile of hers even as she tried to hide it from him.


They paused at a fork in the road - one that led toward the mansion Angel once inhabited and that Barbara had forced them to move too immediately and to Spikes old crypt. He glanced toward Sam as if telling her silently to make her decision. It was a test sort of, to see just how much willpower Barbara had allowed her little one to grow used too. Sam hadn’t hesitated and they were walking toward Spikes crypt. He was pleased at her lack of hesitation, and the fact that she picked the least likely place for her Sire to be. He half wondered if this was a half-cocked form of rebellion or if Sam just genuinely wanted to be alone.

Their walk was brisk and silent but it was a comfortable form of silence Spike hadn’t felt in a long time. He reveled in the feel of her body underneath his arm, and he would be lying if he wasn’t taking this time to really take in the merchandise. His eyes scanned over her body, the upturn of the right side of her mouth, the serious attentive look of her sharp eyes, the bounce of her breasts with each step she took. The movement of her hips along with her legs, perfectly in-sync, Spike had to bite his lip and cursed himself when he found his pack of cigarettes only had one left. He threw the empty pack to the side and lit his last one and hoped it would be enough until he could get more.

He had been so occupied with Sam, thoughts of her in various levels of sexiness and poses and scenes that he hadn’t noticed the overwhelming smell until it was too late. Sam had flipped open the wooden door at the top of a ladder that gave Spike access to the sewers from his home. They had crawled into the lower level of his crypt and allowed the door to fall shut before the smell hit him like never before. His eyes and nose burned and he glanced toward Sam in a half-hopeful attempt that she hadn’t noticed the smell. He didn’t see her disgusted reaction, the same that was mirrored in his but it was easy to see she had noticed his and was looking at him with wide, curious eyes.

She had only smelt her Sire, her sire and someone else that she didn’t recognize but was very curious as to why this smell was offensive to Spike. Her eyes narrowed as Spike tried to avoid hers and shrugged him off when she started toward the stair-way to the upper level. Fuck, fuck, fuck, was all Spike could think as he followed her.

They hadn’t noticed Spike and Sam, or if they had - they hadn’t cared. Spike and Sam stood there, completely silent as they stared into the scene taking place in front of them. Angel’s hand was around Barbaras throat in a bruising grip and his other was around her waist, pressing her body hard against his own. He was looking down at her with crazed dark eyes, contempt and anger and obsession. She was looking back up at him in a look that Spike knew all too well. Complete and utter devotion, adoration, want, need, sickening controlling and fucked up love. Their mouths weren’t touching but they were damn close. He could hear Barbaras labored breathing, could smell her disgusting arousal on the air. He glanced sideways toward Sam and she was still looking very curious. It was obvious that Barbara had been with others in front of Sam, but there was something new here. Something Sam hadn’t seen before.

Maybe it was Barbara being the bottom.

Yes, it was probably that.

He reached over and let his fingers find her hand and slowly let their hands clasp onto one another. She looked toward him and she knew instantly what Spike knew. That this was Barbaras secret, this wasn’t something new.

That that man was her sire.

Well they very well couldn’t stand here forever now could they?

Spike cleared his throat and smirked a bit without looking at her when Sam jumped noticeably. “Not breaking up a happy reunion are we? Don’t mean to intrude or anything...well no wait. This is my place, I don’t care.”

This should be fun....
18 October 2011 @ 02:17 pm
Characters: Angel and Barbara.
Time: Evening - Early Morning.
Location: Cemetery - Spike's Crypt
Thread Status: Closed.

Angel arrived back at his little apartment, where him and the rest of Angel Investigation liked to hang out. The rain dripping from his hair and his leather jacket. He was absolutely drenched. It hadn't stopped raining for two days, since Buffy had arrived in town to do her deed, which was to kill Faith. Now, if Angel was smart he probably wouldn't be so wet, because he would have come back to the hotel just after Buffy had left, and made sure that Faith was alright. But he didn't leave right then.. He waited.

He waited outside the jail, listening to her during the night, and when it was daylight.. he had the shade from the clouds and the trees around the jail to continue to make sure that she was alright. He was just so proud of her. She was doing the right thing, and he knew that she had it deep down within her, but he had to admit, he was shocked that she actually did it.

As he walked toward his kitchen to get himself a bite to drink, he flipped over a chair that had been knocked over during the previous scuffle and walked past his answering machine. It was beeping, so he pressed the button as he passed it, going into the fridge to grab a cold bag of O Negative blood. His favorite.

'You have one new message. Message one; Saturday 9:58pm. came the female voice on the answering machine. But what came after it... was nothing. There were no sounds, no voices, just.. breathing. And then it hung up with a few seconds. Frowning, Angel moved to his phone to check and see who was the person to have called a day ago.

Not a lot of people had his number, and normally they left a message for him. Wesley, you could normally hear his glasses being cleaned as he spoke.. he really was like Giles, but he could see a change in him that would surprise everyone else around them. He just didn't know when. Cordelia would have called, and she would have left him a long message about him screening her calls and ignoring her. Such a typical woman. But... There was the people in Sunnydale...

Immediately his heart sank.

Was something wrong? Did Buffy not make it back okay? Was she hurt? Why wasn't anyone leaving a message for him. And his fears were confirmed when he saw that it was Rupert Giles on his caller ID that called at 9:58pm on Saturday.

Tossing the blood bag onto the sink, he immediately went to his bedroom to grab a few things. He had to get to Sunnydale. Immediatley. Even if it was to just make sure that everyone was okay. He was okay with sulking in the shadows and watching, making sure that everyone was still alive and breathing. Unlike him. He knew that Faith was in good hands right now. She wasn't going anywhere. Wesley would take care of Cordelia, that he was also sure of. But, just to let them know so they wouldn't worry, he left them a little note saying that he had gone to Sunnydale, and he would be back when everything was finished.

He then grabbed the bag that he had reached for earlier, turned off the lights in his apartment, and left, shutting the door behind him. He was glad that he couldn't get sick.. He didn't have to worry about bringing a change of dry clothes or anything. He just needed the clothes on his back, some blood from time to time, and to get there as soon as possible. Which meant, he was taking the bus. Thankfully, he'd arrive while it was still dark. It would work.

About five hours later, give or take a few minutes for stops, Angel arrived in Sunnydale california.

Stepping off the bus into the dark, he looked around and took in a deep, un-needed breath. "Well, I'm back... again." he said to himself, but breathing in again, he caught a scent... a familiar scent that he hadn't smelt in quite some time and it had him a little more than perplexed. He looked around, and noticed the Local Coffee Shop, tilting his head he moved toward it, catching a better whiff of the scent before following it out of Downtown Sunnydale and into the Graveyard.

It couldn't have been anyone of the Scoobies. They're scents were all permanently stuck in his mind, and normally the only one out this late at night was Buffy, and even then he knew it wasn't her.

As he continued to follow the scent, he caught two others that were in the air. One, he didn't know at all.. and the other... He frowned, a scowl on his face. The other scent was Spike. But... If the three were all together... Did Spike have children that he didn't know about? But then, that wouldn't make much sense.. The unknown scent wouldn't be so familiar to him.

Shaking his head, he continued to follow the one scent, noticing that Spike's and the other were faint.. That meant that they were nowhere near the cemetery... but the one was still around. So, as he followed it, he neared a small little crypt and he tilted his head a little more. Getting closer and closer... He wasn't sure if he wanted to open the door, or peek in a window to see if he knew who it was...

But just as he neared the door, something inside him clicked... And he instantly knew who it was. The scent was so strong on the other side of the door, that it was completely recognizable, he couldn't mistake it for anyone else's but hers. She always had a scent that drove him wild, was one of the reasons he'd been so attracted to her in the first place.

He was a little more than surprised that she was here, in town, with Spike... but even more because she wasn't running. Surely she would have caught his scent by now.. maybe all the death in the crypt and ... Spike and his little groupies... was blocking it. Good. He'd get a chance to talk to her without her running away. To apologize... Basically... Well, he didn't know what he was going to do. But it was now or never. So reaching out, he pushed the crypt door open without any fuss and saw her standing there. All in her red headed gorgeousness, spinning around to see who was at the door.

"Hello, Kitten."
03 July 2011 @ 07:34 pm
Characters: Oz and Willow
Time: Mid-afternoon
Location: TBD
Thread Status: Open to Willow
Oz gripped the steering wheel with sweaty palms and yawned for the fifth time in twenty minutes. He had been driving all night, and all the day before, and all the night before that. He hadn't stopped, the only time he had gotten any rest were the moments he went through the drive-through of a fast food restaurant, and when he stopped to use the bathroom. He was fueled only by his coffee, sugar, and energy drinks. His hands were shaking as he put his hand beside him in a small paper bag and fished out another five hour energy without looking. He used his teeth to rip the plastic off of the tiny bottle and then to unscrew the cap without having to take both hands off the steering wheel, he slammed back the shot in one drink and threw it into the back-seat of his van. He shook his hand to try and rid himself of the tired feeling plaguing him and shuddered a bit at the taste the five hour energy left in his mouth.  

He felt both a sense of relief and bitterness when he drove past the 'Welcome to Sunnydale' sign. Every-time he thought he was never going to come back here, something happened that would pull him back. It was always centered around the same thing.  


Always her.  

He had been in New York when he got the news. He was a part of a semi-popular local band there now, they played mostly dive bars but they had a following of sorts. During the day he worked in a shitty little office playing tech support for a printer company. It wasn't a bad way to do things. Their bands following had no idea that all of the bands members were werewolves. He really didn't know exactly how he had happened about his band-mates. He supposed it had been the same way he had come across Veronica. His stomach clenched as the thought of her skittered past his mind. He hadn't come across all of them at once, one here, and another there. Outside of the five members of his band were two others who acted as roadies for the band. Together they had learned how to control their animals, with the help of the talisman Oz had found and the combined strength and knowledge of everyone involved. They called themselves Bumps in the Night, their band, each other. It fit them well Oz supposed.  

Pack life had treated him well, and he glanced up at the photos in his sun visor of them, a small smile flickering across his face. He was still as reserved and quiet as he had always been. He supposed that would never change, no matter what his life was like.  

They got the news of the coming days, and news of it starting in California. Oz knew where it was starting without even having to ask. His pack wanted to come with him, but he couldn't let that happen. He told them he had to do this on his own. Told them to hold down the fort while he was gone, he'd be back. He hoped. They told him they wanted to get a change of scenery anyway, he told them he'd go first, and make sure things were clear enough. Only then would he bring them along. They had smiled of course, and hugged him and told him they would miss him and they'd see him soon, but he knew as soon as he left that he probably wouldn't be back. They knew it too.  

He was driving toward his death. Oz was always supposed to die in Sunnydale, it was just something he didn't want to admit. Even now.  

He didn't want to die of course, but he didn't mind in the same moment. He knew that Willow was out of his reach now, and that was okay too...but he couldn't let her go out like this. He told his pack he was just coming to see how things were, and to say goodbye if he could, but really he was coming to die, even if it wasn't at Willows side. He briefly wondered if Tara was still around, the thought made his heart race but it was something he had accepted with a peace of mind.  

Oz was really in a better place now, not like the last time he came here.  

He hoped Willow was in a better place now too.  

He wasn't sure where to start looking for her - so he went to the only place he could think of. Buffys old house. He'd start there.
03 July 2011 @ 07:23 pm

Characters: Spike and Sam
Time: Evening
Location: Outskirts of Sunnydale
Thread Status: Complete

Spike came down from grabbing a new pack of smokes to quite a surprise. He was dangling a bottle of jack daniels limply in his fingers and found Sam standing alone waiting for him. He glanced around, and when he didn't find Barbara anywhere in sight he turned toward Sam, and raised an eyebrow. He didn't ask, but she knew the answer to his question anyway.

"Uhm....B-Barbara is being w-weird tonight. I think she's having trouble getting used to a new town...getting used to staying in one spot. She went off on her own but she...she told me to uhm, stay with you tonight." Spike tilted his head to the side at the sight of a pink tinge that warmed the otherwise pale features of Sams face, and he couldn't help but smile at the nervous way she spoke or wrung her fingers. She barely looked him in the eyes, and he lit a cigarette as she continued. "She said to uhm, take you outside of Sunnydale to h-hunt. To h-help you. Not that you need my help or anything!"

Spike took a moment, allowing her words to sink in and digest in his brain a bit. He also seemed to enjoy watching the look of panic and fear cross the younger vampires features. Hell, why did she have to be so damned bloody adorable? It was almost sickening...and he couldn't get enough of it. He almost wanted to torture her a bit more with his silence but decided against it. He knew that she would be a nervous wrack all of tonight anyway, at least until he was able to make her feel a bit more comfortable, so why add insult to already obvious injury?

"She said all that huh?" He asked, grinning a bit when she stumbled over her reply and he held up his hand to her. "No worries pet, it sounds like fun to me....though you need to relax a bit, I'm not gonna bite you or anything so put down your guard a little bit." He reached into his pocket and pulled out the keys to his car. "Right. We'll drive outside of Sunnydale, just because we can walk forever doesn't mean we have too...we'll go on foot from there once we find a nice spot for some hot....dinner. Shall we?" He asked, he put his hand on the small of her back and steered her toward his car that was parked along side of Barbaras. He almost wanted to take hers for a test drive, but decided against it.

Not tonight anyway. 

Once they were on the road, and the windows were down, the radio cranking out the Sex Pistols at an incredibly high volume, Sam seemed to calm down a bit. He reached between them and pulled out the bottle of Jack Daniels and pushed it into her hands. "Drink!" He yelled over the sound of the stereo and he laughed when she looked at him as if he was a lunatic. Maybe he was.

"Don't question it! Just drink! It'll help you. Trust me I'm alot older than you are."

He had to laugh at the look that crossed her face as the alcohol burned down her throat. She looked as if she was ready to puke at the very taste of it, but she drank it none the less. "That'll put some pepper in your step won't it?" He asked as he took the bottle and took a big drink himself. 

He turned down the radio some so he was able to hear her a bit better, she was so damn quiet. "Don't you drink normally? Man I remember when Barbara used to drink damn near everyday, drive Angelus crazy she would. Annoying little twit as she was, but she was a hell of a lot of fun. I suppose shed tamed herself a bit?"   

13 April 2011 @ 09:11 pm
Characters: Buffy and Angel.
Time: Nighttime
Location: One of Sunnydales many grave-yards
Thread Status: Complete.

Buffy pulled her arms around her body as she made her way silently through the graveyard. Her body was humming but she wasn't sure why, maybe because it had been tired around these parts for the past, well, two days really but it seemed like forever in Sunnydale time. She felt restless but that could have been caused by a countless other things. Faith seemed to be hitting it off with the girls better than Buffy ever seemed too. She wasn't sure why that bothered her, it wasn't like Buffy was ever the most popular girl in school. It wasn't true what they said, being thin and pretty and blonde makes your life so much easier.  

It certainly hadn't helped Buffy much, then again she was sure most girls that looked like her weren't also the slayer.  

She put her hands in her pocket and looked up at the stars as she walked. It was eerily quiet tonight wasn't it? She wasn't sure she liked it. I mean, it wasn't as if she wanted to be looking down the barrel at some massive big bad that would make a genocide look like a bad episode of CSI, but a little action might be nice. She wasn't look to this kind of silence, especially when she was patrolling, it gave her too much time to think.  

Too much has been happening lately and it all seemed beyond her reach. She wasn't sure she was gonna be able to stop it this time. The thought unsettled her in a way she didn't like. Sure, alot of people could say she was putting her best foot forward but was she really? She had a house full of girls she could barely afford to feed let alot prepare. Prepare...prepare for what exactly? The war, or just the end? Would it really matter? 

Would it even be close to enough? 

Faith upped their chances of course, having two actual slayers on the same team certainly tipped the scales, but it wasn't a real difference. That was starting to dawn on her, slowly but surely the truth was beginning to set in. With every girl she buried, she came closer and closer to the truth she couldn't avoid any longer. Everyone tried to put on their best face, but they couldn't deny it either. They were all terrified, and it was rightly so. If something big didn't happen, they were all going to die, one by one.  

The first was toying with her - picking off her so called soldiers off one right after the other and laughing at her attempt to control what was coming. If she wasn't dealing with the first then she was dealing with all of the other dramatics of life. Dawn going to high-school...and God...she was taking such a hard road. Buffy couldn't understand her sometimes, maybe it wasn't as easy being normal when your sister was a slayer. Her being the new schools guidance counselor certainly didn't help, but at least it paid the bills better than the double meat palace did. Xander helped as much as he could, handed over whatever he made to help the cause. Buffy wasn't sure Xander liked living in that house, I mean I'm sure the flocks of females were certainly a plus but it really wasn't fair, everything he was giving up. He had just gotten that supervisor position, it paid a lot of money. He didn't need to live there, hand over all of his wages, but he did anyway.  

When he wasn't doing that, he was fixing whatever was recently broken in their house. These days that seemed to be everything.  
She wondered how much better her friends lives would have been if they had never met her. She wondered if things would ever get better for them. She knew that this was her destiny, it was something she had accepted a long time ago, but it didn't have to be theres.  

Buffy stopped short, her thoughts coming to a screeching halt when she sensed movement near by. Her hand gripped the stake in her hand, finding a more comfortable and sturdier grasp on it as she chewed on her lower lip. Finally, something to take her mind off of everything. Her eyes widened, scanning the darkness that clung to the air, she focused every sense and every cell in her body on this moment, and she swung her body in the direction she needed to be facing, stake at the ready.  
Angel stepped into view, Buffy sighed and lowered her stake. Well this was a surprise, though not a bad one, a distraction was a distraction.  

"And here I was thinking it'd be a vampire free night." She quipped smoothly. "Never one to disappoint are you?"
19 February 2011 @ 04:01 pm
Characters: Barbara, Samantha and Spike
Time: Late evening
Location: Sunnydale, California
Rating: To be determined
Thread Status: Closed.

It had been such a long time since Barbara had seen anyone from her family outside of her own offspring. She had spent the last seventy some-odd years with her sweet Samantha. She had been a handful at the start, it took her quite some time to accept herself for who she was, to truly dwell into the darkness that now kept her living. After many fights, and many nights of worrying and tracking, and training, Sam had become quite the vampiress. One that could match her sire in strength, speed, and skill.

She kept her past a secret from her childe for as long as possible, it became increasingly difficult after they came to America. Barbara had come face to face with her sire after so many years of not being around him. He was eating rats in the ally and stank of garbage. It disgusted her, but what disgusted her more was the way Angel looked at her with anger in his eyes, as if he could still tell her what to do. He sent her away, telling her to stay far far away from him. She didn't want to leave - despite what he had become, she didn't care, she'd find a way to make it work but he didn't want to hear anything about it. He told her if he ever saw her again he'd kill her. She told him he wasn't her sire anymore, and left with Sam. Angel...as he liked to call himself now, knew nothing of her childe, she never got the chance to introduce them.

Samantha, however, was not one to accept things as she was given them, after much pestering and knowing she would never let up, Barbara gave her just enough pieces from her past as would satisfy her curious childe. She spoke very little about her relationship with her sire, but more about him as a person, about Darla, Drusilla, and finally William. He seemed to hold Sams interest. Barbara ran into Drusilla before anyone, and learned the truth about her and Spikes relationship. After spending some time with her, she was able to track down Spike through the grape vine. Drusilla seemed more interested in...well being Drusilla than in anything else. Spike spoke about alot of things - about how much he had changed, about the chip in his head, and about how he was fighting for the white hats now despite the fact that he still had the craving for the darkness. It reminded her briefly of Angel, Dru told her about them too. She heard he set her and Darla on fire, that had made her happy, for a moment.

She wasn't sure why she made the decision that she did - but she told Spike she was coming. He told her not to come, she told him she was coming anyway. Sam didn't like the idea of switching to bagged blood for the time being, but once she learned that William would be there, she was a bit easier to convince. Barbara knew that her childe had a fascination with the vampire, she had researched whatever Barbara hadn't willingly given her. Sam and her had hit a rut lately and they needed a change, and she knew that a change in scenary wasn't going to be enough this time. Maybe this would, besides if the world was going to end she wanted to be on the front-lines. Even if that met fighting for the white hats.

That was where she was headed now, driving quickly across the country towards California. Barbara missed her family, but knew she couldn't have many of them. They would never be as they once were, but maybe Spike would be. Maybe he would be enough. He seemed to be going through something quite terrible and tragic and Barbara was sure it was not about Drusilla, or that stupid chip he seemed oddly at ease with now. Her responsibilities to her family came first, if he needed her, she would come to him.

Perhaps, he would have a bit more information on Angel, but she didn't like to hold her breathe.

She slowly passed the sign that welcomed her to Sunnydale, and nudged Sam awake in the passenger seat grabbing the map from her childes hands. She looked at it as she drove slowly then looked over at Sam with a smile. It had been awhile since the two had had a place to settle down in.

"This is it, I believe. Sunnydale, California. You still in for this? It's now or never baby."
04 February 2011 @ 07:17 pm
Characters: Barbara and Samantha
Time: December 15th 1932, Late Evening
Location: Toronto, Canada
Rating: To be determined
Thread Status: Closed

Barbara crouched down in the shadows of the light as she peered over the city from the roof-top where she was hiding. Tonight was the night. Finally. It had been so long, she had been so careful in her selection, she didn't want to make a mistake in this decision, not again. The guilt of her past choices rose briefly in her chest, but she shook her head and shook the thought of her head. 'You're a big girl now' She told herself, 'You don't need any ones help. Any ones approval. You're a big girl now.' With a slight nod, she moved across the roof-tops slowly after her prey.

Her choice this time was a girl, a bit taller than her but not by much. Her hair was long and dark and it shimmered with the moonlight. Her eyes held such an innocence, she could almost feel her teeth hurting from the sweetness of it all. It was almost a shame to douse such a flame so early in life, during such a happy time of the year for human, but the deliciousness was too good to pass up. She made her selection carefully, she had spent months studying her. Never introducing herself, never getting too close, but always there. She would often times find her girl looking over her shoulder, as if she was being watched. She would follow the girl home each night, it was so much more than studying her. She was keeping her safe, protecting her until she was....just ripe enough to pluck. When Barbara knew she was ready, when she knew her girl was ready. Tonight, they were both ready.

She studied her life, her hobbies, and the way her friends and parents treated her. Sometimes it made Barbaras heart ache to see her cry, or see her in pain. She would flare with anger and rage and want to take her right then, away from her life forever, but she knew she had to wait. She had been so patient, but now the wait was over.

It was late in the evening, the girl was heading home, her boots causing some clicks as she walked along the cobble stone of the streets. The snow drifted down gently that night, covering everything it touched with pristine perfection, with innocent white. Barbara moved to the side of the roof top and fell silently into the night. She hit the ground on her feet, her hand helping to break her fall. Nothing but the soft crunch of snow gave her away. She moved from the ally where she had fallen to follow behind her prey. Her selection. The girl would have to walk through the park to get home, this is where Barbara would take her. This is where Barbara would have her.

She focused all of her energy on this girl, narrowing in on her. Targeting her. Her heart beat was Barbara's heart beat, her breathes were her own. She was so close, yet so far. She could already taste the sugar on her tongue. Her mouth watered and her skin was flushed. Just when she felt the girls heart beat calm into a natural beat, she made herself known, in the center of the trail directly behind her. Her human face in tact.

"It's a little late don't you think?" She asked, grinning a bit when she saw the girl jump, her heart pound like thunder in her ears, threatening to burst out of her rib cage as she spun around, eyes wild. She calmed a bit when she took in Barbara's appearance. She didn't give off the feeling of danger, not right off the bat anyway. She was so small, with such big innocent eyes it was hard to see past them. "Little late for a girl like you to be out this late....unescorted."